Chinese Movie 2021, Game on the Spire

Author: Vernica

Editor: Li Chunhui

Source: Entertainment Hard Candy

In 2021, the total box office of domestic films will soon rank first in the world. Moreover, the global film box office TOP5, Chinese films accounted for three seats. But this good news, most domestic filmmakers do not have time to take care of.

The epidemic has lasted for two years, and the two-eight effect of the film market has become more and more obvious. What seems to be the only lively Chinese film market in the world is nothing more than the carnival of a group of people at the top of the pyramid.

This year's domestic film box office TOP10, the champion "Chosin Lake" 5.7 billion box office and the tenth place "Famous Liwan" 700 million box office, a difference of nearly 5 billion. The median fifth-place "Fury Case" also grossed only 1.3 billion, and the difference with "Chosin Lake" was nearly 4.4 billion.

Chinese Movie 2021, Game on the Spire

Judging from the data of Maoyan Professional Edition, 437 movies have been released so far in 2021, 53% of the movies have a box office of not more than one million, and 75% of the movies have a box office of not more than 10 million. Moreover, among the films with a box office of less than 10 million, there are many well-known creators. For example, "Super Me" starring Wang Continental, "Swim Until the Sea Turns Blue" directed by Jia Zhangke, "Memory Cutting" starring Guo Caijie, and "Fan Sister Romance" starring Yan Ni.

According to such a lineup, the box office is not more than 10 million, and the film recovers the box office does not exceed 4 million, how can it make money. Even "Summer Future," which ranked 19th at the box office this year, sold 389 million, not necessarily made money, let alone most movies.

If it is only the disparity between rich and poor, it will be reversed. The pyramid structure of the content industry has always been so, and the so-called healthy spindle-type ecology is just a platform-based enterprise. The problem is that the chances of counterattacking from the bottom of the pyramid to the upper layer are becoming increasingly slim because the head circle layer has a tendency to solidify. Behind the box office TOP10 movies, the main creators and production companies have almost formed a fixed team and genre model.

The first type is the main theme of the blockbuster, either Bona or the "national brand" Chinese film led, starring ace Wu Jing + Zhang Hanyu is never absent, such as "Chosin Lake", "Chinese Doctor", "My Father and I"; the second type is Chen Sicheng's "Detective Chinatown" IP + Wanda production of the fixed team; the third type is the Hong Kong company Yindu / Emperor, etc., producing good action films / spy films / police films, such as "Anger • Serious Case" and "On the Cliff".

Chinese Movie 2021, Game on the Spire

The 5 billion animation film "Nezha" and the 4.6 billion science fiction film "The Wandering Earth" seem to be only a flash in the pan.

The five majors have become three, and the "crying film" has risen to the upstart

The new five private companies recognized by the film industry earlier are: Bona, Huayi, Guangguang, Wanda, and Beiwen. According to this year's production pattern, it is time for the big five to rearrange again. The "Big Five" became the "Big Three", and the candidates for the new upstart rose.

Chinese Movie 2021, Game on the Spire

Bona, who has accurately grasped the pulse of the times, has bound the Hong Kong director to package the main theme blockbuster in recent years, and has achieved fruitful results. This year, "Chosin Lake", which gambled on a cost of 1.3 billion yuan, won the first report card in film history, and faded into the first of the five. Moreover, director Liu Weiqiang, who withdrew from "Chosin Lake", also made "Chinese Doctor" to collect 1.3 billion box office, so Bona won two seats in this year's box office TOP10.

Boehner was followed by Wanda, mainly because "Detective Chinatown 3" held up its 4.5 billion box office. Wanda, which is deeply bound to Chen Sicheng, also squeezed out Hengye Pictures this year and won the first production position of "Manslaughter 2" supervised by Chen Sicheng. It seems that Wanda can also rush another performance in the New Year file.

The light that has been doing small cost trading, this year there is no cartoon dark horse, but there are also small volume dark horses. For example, the romance film "Your Wedding" makes the light net income of no less than 200 million. The "Surging Crowds" bet on the Spring Festival file opened low and went high, and although the final box office only received 700 million, at least the light returned to the book. What may really lose money is the main theme film "Revolutionary", in which Guang Guang first dabbled in the main theme film of the gift, starring Zhang Songwen, Li Yifeng, Tong Liya and other star casts, only in exchange for 136 million box office.

The tail of the crane in the five is Huayi. Last year, it relied on the scenery of "Eight Hundred" to save the market, and this year's only results were "Midsummer Future". However, according to its publicity volume, coupled with the deep implantation of vibrato, the box office only received 389 million, at best, it can only return the cost. Other films produced by Huayi were completely destroyed, such as "Railway Hero" starring Zhang Hanyu and Fan Wei, which only grossed 134 million, Zheng Kai starred in "Beyond" with 142 million, and the animated film "Rock Tibetan Mastiff: Blue Light" only had 410,000 box office.

Chinese Movie 2021, Game on the Spire

Beiwen, which is deeply in financial crisis, has long since withdrawn from the "New Five" seat. The original record worth mentioning, "Hello, Li Huanying", has long been attributed to others, Ruyi + Cat's Eye has won the largest income right in the form of guarantee, and Ruyi Pictures has thus become the hottest movie upstart company this year. However, the success of the guarantee is not a film company's actual performance talk, and Confucianism also needs to control the work to correct the name.

Like Ruyi, there is also Lian Rui, who is in the "crying film" family film, which has risen rapidly this year with "Your Sister". Lianrui is a company that started out as a publisher and became famous by releasing "Mermaid". Previously, due to the release of "The King of New Comedy", it was the first to apply to China Film to stop the key to "punish" the theater, which triggered heated discussions in the industry.

Lianrui previously participated in the project, the main control project began to exert force in the past two years, the "Send You a Little Red Flower" released at the end of last year won 1.4 billion box office, in the main control of the main investment of family affection to light volume films, Lianrui is a way out.

New director, all dependent on actors to change careers?

Hard Candy Jun has just discussed that there are more and more rich second-generation new directors in the industry, and directors seem to have become a profession that ordinary people can't reach ("This Year, Who Still Makes Movies"). The emergence of new directors this year also further confirms the judgment of hard candy jun, almost all of which are popular actors who have changed careers.

There are three new directors in this year's domestic film box office TOP10, namely Jia Ling, Zhang Ziyi, and Shen Teng. Jia Ling's film "Hello, Li Huanying" based on the story of her own mother became the annual box office runner-up this year, and Zhang Ziyi and Shen Teng directed their debut short films in "My Father and Me" respectively, which is considered to be on the passing line at the box office and word-of-mouth.

Chinese Movie 2021, Game on the Spire

Coupled with Wu Jing, Xu Zheng and Chen Sicheng, who have achieved fame, there are 6 directors with actors in this year's box office TOP10. In name only, they seem to have firmly grasped the wealth code of Chinese films.

Of the 16 starter directors in the variety show "Director Please Advise", 6 are well-known actors, hosts, and singers turning directors. The four producers also praised the advantage of the actor to director in the show, because he can use people's strengths, and those who do not know how to act cannot be directors.

The so-called near the water tower, the actor to director is more advantageous is the network resources. As long as actors are in the entertainment industry and make good use of the "flowering period" to accumulate network resources, they can pave a "retirement" road for themselves - after turning the scenes, being a director and producer is a matter of pushing the boat.

In the industry, well-known directors Zhou Xingchi, Jiang Wen, and Er Dongsheng are all actors. There are also many female stars who have successfully transformed into directors, such as Zhao Wei, Xu Jinglei, Zhang Aijia, Chen Chong and so on. Hard candy jun can not help but advise: the industry is still struggling to find a needle in a haystack to choose what new director, it is better to directly persuade the actors with their own topics and attention to turn to directors?

In fact, since the success of Zhao Wei's directorial debut "To the Youth We Will Eventually Pass Away", the market has set off an "actor director fever". Zhao Wei also supported her good friend Su Youpeng as a director, and the two works directed by Su Youpeng, "Left Ear" and "The Dedication of Suspect X", were commercially successful.

In 2018, Rene Liu directed her own song IP adaptation of "Later Us", which won 1.3 billion at the box office, and there was a wave of "singer director fever". Wu Kequn directed "Write Poems for You", while Guang Liang set up "Unfinished Fairy Tales".

But at that time, this "star director fever" spawned more bad films, which were criticized inside and outside the circle. Than how to jiong "gardenia blossom", Cai Kangyong "eat eating" love", Liang Jiahui "late night canteen", Huang Lei "Trouble Family", Xiao Shenyang "Raptor across the river" and so on.

Xiao Yang, who has now become a first-line actor in the movie because of "Manslaughter", was once famous for his self-written and self-directed network work "Old Boy". However, in 2018, the official directorial work "Weather Pre-explosion" was launched but the box office reputation failed miserably, and Xiao Yang stopped directing the barrel and returned to his role as an actor. Most "star directors" end up loving the feathers after trying one or two failed. They really can't afford to ruin the reputation of the actor for the sake of the director's profession.

Now the industry has risen to turn actors into new directors, perhaps because after the "star director fever" subsided in the past two years, there have been successful cases of serious directors such as Huang Bo and Wu Jing, which have rekindled hope in the industry.

After Wu Jing, Yi Qianxi was not enough

"Chosin Lake" broke the box office record maintained by "Wolf Warrior 2" for 4 years, and some people joked that "only Wu Jing can surpass Wu Jing". The film starring Wu Jing with a total box office of 24.5 billion yuan has become a well-deserved shoulder handle for Chinese films.

#Wu Jing movie has been scheduled until 2030 # once became a hot search topic. In the first two years, the "successors" of Wu Jing, who were hotly discussed in the circle, were Huang Jingyu, Ou Hao, and Du Jiang. But this year, these three "successors" have no film works, and there are TV drama works broadcast, and it is not known whether they have changed the career development route.

Chinese Movie 2021, Game on the Spire

Judging from the situation this year, Yi Qianxi, who has gained popularity and popularity, seems to be more like the "successor" of a quasi-movie brother. A friend in the industry revealed to Hard Candy Jun that although There are not many projects that Yi Qianxi has disclosed at present, there are many big projects looking for him, and many first-line directors have named Yi Qianxi to star. At present, the new films released by Yi Qianxi include "Three Words" directed by Lou Ye, and the partner actress spring and summer, Li Xian and Zhang Yu's positions can only be relegated.

Previously, the "traffic xiaosheng" used by director Lou Ye starred only Jing Bairan and Zhao Youting. Another big director who wants to invite Yi Qianxi, the male protagonist of a previous play is Peng Yuyan. Yi Qianxi's unique style of a man who has just matured but has a sense of youth seems to give him a lot of character plasticity and can successfully stand out from the idol male actors.

The development trajectory of Yi Qianxi has envied many movie students. After Li Xian became popular in 2019 with the blockbuster drama "Dear, Loved", he slowed down the pace of taking over the drama and turned to more film projects. However, whether from the commercial or acting point of view, there has never been a work that justifies its name;

Chinese Movie 2021, Game on the Spire

Liu Haoran became popular with the "Detective Chinatown" series, and the TV series "The Best of Us" that he once starred in was also a hit, which could have been amphibious development. But now he is mainly focusing on film projects, and the drama projects are almost rejected, as if he has set up a "movie student" personality. This year, Liu Haoran and Zhou Dongyu starred in the partial literary film "Flames on the Plain", which seems to be intended to justify his acting skills.

However, the invitation letter of the big director did not turn on the heads of Li Xian and Liu Haoran after the 90s, and they were preempted by Yi Qianxi after the 00s. Hard Candy Jun can't help but think of Hu Ge, Huang Xuan, Li Yifeng, a group of post-80s students, who took a lot of effort to get a first-line movie resource, but did not think that the back waves of the Yangtze River came so quickly.

Yi Qianxi is not without homogeneous competitors. For example, Wu Lei, who played Wu Jing's son in "My Father and Me", has made great strides in transforming into a tough guy this year, whether in movies, TV series, advertising, and magazine image positioning.

Of course, the transformation of tough guys regardless of age, only look at the industry trend and personal quality. Zhu Yilong, who starred in the movie "Peak Explosion" and the TV series "Rebel" this year, also has a tough tendency.

Movie cafes and TV drama cafes are really a step away. Some people ascend to the heavens step by step, and some people approach step by step but miss it. Many movie cafes do not even go to variety shows and reality shows in order to establish people, and do not register social accounts such as Douyin. Hard candy jun is happy to see the little students rolled in, and the film circle needs fresh blood to activate.


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