In "Love Myth", there is no love

8.3, this year's highest-rated domestic movie on Douban finally appeared!

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Ma Yili plays Miss Li.

The person played by Xu Zheng is called Lao Bai.

The two were introduced by a friend and made an appointment to watch a play. During the banquet, Lao Bai was sleepy, but Miss Li was moved to tears.

At the end of the play, Lao Bai was still playing tai chi and saying" "Let's go", and Miss Li directly said: "Go to your house!" ”

Gloria, played by Ni Hongjie, is Lao Bai's art student.

A group of people in the big night were drunk at Lao Bai's house, and everyone else was gone, but Gloria chose to stay overnight and slept directly with Lao Bai. After finishing the matter, he gave Lao Bai 20,000 yuan and told him not to think about it too much, just to buy his paintings.

Wu Yue plays Lao Bai's ex-wife Bei Bei.

The reason why the two divorced was because she put a green hat on Lao Bai.

But she was even angrier than Lao Bai, saying, "Didn't I just make the mistake that every man makes?" ”

This is the three male-female relationships in "Love Myth": the three heroines are very strong, courageous and independent, but they are the old whites of the camp, passive and cowardly.

Rather than saying that "Love Myth" is about the story of how to pursue love and how to choose in the face of three equally divorced women, it is better to say that these three divorced women reject love and refuse marriage.

In this movie named "love", there is actually no love.

Or to put it mildly: it is just a story of a group of dashing men and women, under the guise of love, not for marriage, but for happiness.

But as a director, Shao Yihui, born in 1991, is that she did not puncture anyone, let alone criticize anyone.

She despises doing this, not only because no one is qualified to judge the choices of others, but because she has a more intelligent means.

She masks this fact with the crispness, numbness, itch, pleasure and sweetness in the name of love, as well as the reality, alertness and humor of people in middle age, so that the audience does not feel that the sacred thing of love or marriage has been violated.

It is not to offend anyone, nor to please anyone, but to focus on the trivialities of life within two kilometers of Yongkang Road in Shanghai, where every middle-aged person is single, either divorced like Lao Bai, Miss Li, Gloria and Bei Bei, or like Lao Wu played by Zhou Yemang, or a shoemaker played by Ning Li, who actively chooses not to marry.

This position is made clear at the beginning of the movie: Miss Li, who has been lingering in Lao Bai's house for a night, sneaks away the next morning when Lao Bai prepares a loving breakfast, sneaks into dress, and runs away in high heels.

In "Love Myth", there is no love

On the surface, she doesn't want to accept a relationship on impulse.

Inside, she was confused about such things as love.

She was an advertising producer, married and divorced from an Englishman, took her daughter with her, and lived in her mother's house. Her life has trivial and messy chai rice oil and salt, and bad contact with incandescent light bulbs, there is a mother's chattering aggressiveness, and the child does not cooperate with the learning state.

She also wants love, so the daughter tells Lao Bai that there are other men around her.

But she was clearly rejecting all men, otherwise she wouldn't have smoked by the window in the middle of the night.

When people reach middle age, their marriages are broken, there are not many things that can be grasped, but the shackles of reality are overlooked.

She is rational most of the time, but the occasional sensuality always gets her deeper and deeper.

She is restrained most of the time, but when desire strikes, she will also have difficulty sustaining herself.

In "Love Myth", there is no love

That's why she took the sketch portrait that Lao Bai gave her and said: When she was young, she would definitely be touched by the man who painted for herself, but now she definitely won't.

In domestic movies, especially in domestic love movies, most women are in a state of "needing to be needed".

But "Love Myth" is not superstitious about this kind of mold, it is more feminine, more independent, more lifely, and more dashing.

In "Love Myth", there is no love

Just like Gloria played by Ni Hongjie, she looks full of charm, rich and idle, and there is no shortage of men. But in fact, her teasing, charming, charming, and beautiful is not to release some kind of signal to the men around her, but she is such a simple, cute, innocent person, and even these are the guises for her to hide her loneliness.

This is also why in the scene at KTV, when she acted very guilty and wanted to do something for her to make up for it, she turned around and sent Lao Bai away, first almost flirtatiously telling him not to think about it, and then closing the door and looking desolate.

The rifts and hardships behind her glamour came out at once.

Only such a person with a true temperament can provoke the speech that imprisons women in traditional society, and the audience will not feel offended.

At the first highlight of the film, at the dinner, three women with ghost fetuses are talking about each other. Bebe said: "A woman is incomplete in this life without children."

In "Love Myth", there is no love

The first to fight back was Gloria: "This is a deception, I can also make up this." A woman who has not lived for herself in this life is incomplete. ”

Miss Li followed: "A woman who has not earned a million in her life is incomplete."

But don't think that Bei Bei who said "a woman must have children" is traditional and conservative, absolutely not, she just rushed into that atmosphere and tried to prove that she was lao bai's wife's angry words, otherwise she would not have said the words that made many people laugh when lao bai was looking for her:

"Didn't I just make the mistake that every man does?"

In "Love Myth", there is no love

This is the greatest charm of women as directors, because she can better experience women's confusion and convey them in just the right way, and at the same time make people realize in a smile that most of the traditional values have an ulterior dark side.

That's why Lao Bai would say, "I'm ashamed of a male Chinese director, when Miss Li and Gloria joke about the female figures in Chinese films."

They're just writing about what they think is female.

Turning a blind eye to the real plight of women.

Of course, the gist of "Love Myth" is not to express the dilemma of women, or even if it is involved, it is only to serve the purpose of "love and myth are not credible", because the provocation of these women to these dilemmas is to prove that they have long recognized this reality, so they have the courage to pierce its hypocritical side.

Perhaps the director felt that the audience might not see this, or did not want to believe it, so he arranged for them to sit together and watch the CD of Fellini's "Love Myth" in the relics of the old Crow. In order to amplify the absurdity and antics of this thing, Shao Yihui arranged two details that look extremely funny at first and are actually intriguing.

The first place: "Love Myth" in the DVD player is actually a pirated CD;

The second place: everyone looked drowsy, so they applied hand cream one after another.

From the true reproduction of the myth itself as inferior as it was, to the impatience and drowsiness of doing other things, it is all about saying a problem: in this mystery about the "myth of love", there is actually neither love nor myth.

Even if there is, it may not be able to catch it.

That is to say, director Shao Yihui and her "Love Myth" are actually intended to be beyond words.

It also proves from this side what a good movie is.

The really good movie is that it can hide another story behind the surface of a seemingly clear story.

If you can understand the story behind it, you can definitely enjoy greater pleasure and shock, because that is the truth.

And even if you can't understand the other story behind it, it won't prevent you from enjoying it in this superficial story.


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