Twin brothers escort China-Europe train: family reunion is the New Year

Twin brothers escort China-Europe train: family reunion is the New Year

China-Europe freight dispatcher Song Chongwu. Photo by Li Lujie

  Jinhua, January 30 (Reporter Dong Yixin) "We all have shifts during the Spring Festival holiday, and we eat dumplings with colleagues every year to celebrate the New Year. Song Chongwu, a China-Europe freight dispatcher working in the Yiwu Operation Department of Jinhua Freight Center of China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd., "ridiculed" in an interview with

  Song Chongwu and Song Chongwen, twins, both joined the railway system in 2010. At present, Song Chongwu is mainly responsible for organizing the transportation scheduling of China-Europe trains at Yiwu West Station, and Song Chongwen is responsible for repairing and managing the gantry cranes for loading and unloading containers of China-Europe trains.

  Because the goods of the China-Europe Express are sold overseas and are not affected by holidays, they are still shipped normally during the Spring Festival holiday. The data shows that during the Spring Festival holiday, Yiwu West Station sent 18 China-Europe trains and 24 return trains, and Jinhua South Station sent 5 China-Europe trains and 10 return trains.

  "From joining the company to now, I can clearly feel that the shipment volume of China-Europe trains is increasing, and almost all of our stations are 24 hours a day, and several people in one post work in shifts." Song Chongwu said that the freight dispatching post is equivalent to the "brain" of the freight station. It is necessary to grasp the loading and unloading progress of the goods in a timely manner, so that the upper situation is issued and the lower situation is reported, and it is also necessary to contact and dock with the station driving, aircraft affairs and other departments, do a good job in picking and delivering the goods on time, loading and unloading, and ensure the safe and punctual operation of the train.

Twin brothers escort China-Europe train: family reunion is the New Year

Song Chongwen, the head gantry crane driver responsible for repairing and managing the loading and unloading of China-Europe train containers. Photo by He Jincheng

  According to him, it takes about 70 minutes to load 100 TEUs of goods onto the China-Europe train. After the loading operation, the staff also needs to contact the docking department in time to pick up and hang the operation, safely pick up and send the China-Europe train to the arrival and departure line outside the station, and wait for the engine department to start and send it to the world. The whole process is intertwined, and once you get to work, you can't be idle for a moment.

  "My brother and I are both birail workers. My lover Zhuoli is a passenger transport officer at Hangzhou Station, and my sister-in-law He Lihong is an employee of the cargo center. Although we have different types of work, we belong to the same railway system, understand each other's nature, especially during the busy Spring Festival, we all support and encourage each other. Song Chongwu said.

  Song Chongwu and Zhuo Li bonded because of the Spring Festival. In 2011, he was temporarily seconded to Hangzhou Passenger Section to help. On the train between Hangzhou and Chongqing, Song Chongwu and Zhuoli bonded and finally entered the marriage hall.

  "My wife and I work in 'four shifts', which means one day shift, one night shift, two days and two nights off. Considering that the usual rest time is not fixed, we have settled our home in our hometown of Hefei, Anhui, so that parents can help take care of their children. Song Chongwu said that in order to spend more time with their families, the two also applied to the unit to adjust the schedule to "the same frequency."

Twin brothers escort China-Europe train: family reunion is the New Year

The cargo loading site of the China-Europe train at Yiwu West Station of the railway. Photo by Dong Yixin

  It is reported that it takes Song Chongwu 10 hours to travel back and forth from his place of work, at least 4 or 5 times a month, and he has insisted on such a long-distance commute for 11 years. In the past 11 years, he and his lover have hardly watched the Spring Festival Gala together due to work, nor have they gathered together for Chinese New Year's Eve dinner.

  "Railway work is like that, we are much happier than many people who go out to work. This year's New Year's resolution is the same as last year and the year before last, I hope that the family is healthy and the children study well. Song Chongwu was quite optimistic and full of expectations when talking about reunion, the future and other topics. (End)

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