What is the difference between field snail and Fushou snail, and how to identify it?

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I guess everyone has eaten snails! Stir-fried with a mixture of chili peppers and sour shoots, plus some screw vegetables, the taste is not to mention more than a top. Because of the delicious taste, in the southern supper stalls, fried field snails are also a must-order delicacy. If there is no fried snail, then the supper will lack the soul.

In addition, among the snail powders that remain high on the food list, the credit for the field snails is also very large. Because among the raw materials of snail powder, the most important condiments are field snails and sour shoots. Because of their delicious taste and strong taste, they have achieved snail powder, which has made snail powder famous, and its reputation has spread throughout China and even abroad.

However, among the snails, there is a kind of snail that is very similar to the field snail, but they are not liked by the Chinese people. Even if they are rampant all over China, the Chinese people hate them very much and will not eat them easily. Although they are not "animals" protected by the state, they are "poisonous", so the Chinese people avoid them.

What is Fushou snail?

Fushou snail is a mollusk of the family Conchaceae that resembles a field snail in appearance. It has a spiral-shaped shell, which varies in color depending on the environment and age of the snail, has a glossy color and several fine longitudinal stripes, and protrudes from the head and gastropods when crawling. The head has 2 pairs of antennae, the anterior antennae are short, the posterior antennae are long, and the base of the posterior antennae has an eye on each lateral side. There is a thick lung straw on the left side of the snail, the shell is thick, the shell is 7 cm high, the juvenile shell is thin, the suture line of the shell is sunken in a shallow groove, and the shell umbilicus is deep and wide.

Fushou snail prefers to live in fresh water with fresh water and abundant bait, and often inhabits shallow water areas near ponds. Wide-ranging diet, is a plant-based food based omnivorous snails, mainly eat duckweed, vegetables, melons and fruits, especially like to eat sweet food, but also love to eat animal rotten meat in the water. It is native to tropical and subtropical regions of Central America, such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Widely distributed in More than ten countries such as North America, Asia, and Africa, it has become a worldwide invasive alien organism.

Why is it said that Fushou snail is poisonous?

You would never have imagined that there are more than 6,000 parasites in the body of a Fushou snail, and if people eat it, what it will become.

1. Eating "snail" poisoning and death

19-year-old Li Xin in Ningxiang County Qinyuan Spring Hotel as a vegetable clerk, one day after the guests left the store, Li Xin saw that the guests had leftover snail meat, so she wanted to taste it, ate a few in a row, did not expect to feel dizzy after eating.

After a while, she was still vomiting and her whole body was shaking, and after the workers took her to the hospital, she was diagnosed with food poisoning after being examined by a doctor. Under the treatment of doctors, Li Xin's condition improved, so she returned to the place where she lived.

Unexpectedly, after going back, Li Xin felt uncomfortable again, although he also went to the hospital that night, but eventually died due to ineffective rescue.

2, eat "snail" children are gone

In the summer of 2017, when a pregnant woman in Beijing returned from a trip, she ordered a "field snail" tooth beating festival on the side of the road due to her stomach and mouth hunger. I didn't expect that soon after eating, she would feel unwell when she came home, accompanied by a fever, and the whole person had no energy.

At first, she thought it was just a symptom of pregnancy, so she didn't think much about it, thinking that it would be good to take a break. However, the situation became more and more serious over time, so she had to go to the hospital for a check-up.

After passing the examination, I learned that she was infected with "Guangzhou tube roundworm disease". Due to the need to use drugs in the process of treatment, although her life was saved, the child in her belly could not be saved.

3, eating "food" led to more than 100 poisoning

In 2006, The Huangsi Store of the Shu Dynasty In Beijing developed two new dishes, called "Fragrant Mouth Snail Meat" and Cold MixEd Snail Meat. Originally, there was no problem with the name of the dish, and the raw materials needed were also precious conch.

However, the boss hated that the conch was too expensive, and the sales were not good, so he planned to replace the conch with a Fushou snail, because the price of the Fushou snail was relatively cheap, so the price was reduced by half when they sold.

He did not expect that the behavior of this move made the business in his shop extremely hot, and just when he was happy, the patients in Beijing Friendship Hospital told him that they had eaten the so-called "conch meat" here to cause poisoning.

At first, only a few people were poisoned, and as the more people ate, the more people were poisoned, and finally there were even more than a hundred people poisoned. The reason why they were poisoned was because they were infected with "Guangzhou pipe roundworm disease", which shows how harmful Fushou snail is.

In foreign countries, why does Fushou snail become a fragrant feast?

As we all know, India is a magical country, and in this country, cattle are their gods, and they don't eat pork, so the poor people are basically malnourished, most of them are yellow-faced and muscular.

Since they do not eat beef and pork, and can not afford to buy other meat, then these breeding fast, and do not need to buy Fushou snails have become a delicacy in their mouths, don't ask them why they are not afraid of the poison of Fushou snails, one is poverty, the other is that they even dare to drink the water of the Ganges, and they will be afraid of you Fushou snails!

How to distinguish between field snail and Fushou snail?

Now that it is the season to eat delicious snails, everyone must learn to distinguish between Fushou snails while enjoying the delicacies. Because Fushou snail contains a large number of parasites, once the infection is serious, it is likely to endanger life safety.

From the appearance point of view, the size of the Fushou snail is larger than the field snail, in terms of structure, the tail of the Fushou snail is relatively short, the cover head is flat, the whole resembles the shape of the disc, the field snail and he are not the same, the tail is cone-shaped, and the cover head piece words and deeds.

In terms of color, the Fushou snail is yellowish and the field snail is bluish brown. The taste of the snail is relatively tender, the color of the egg is the easiest to distinguish, the snail is transparent color, Fushou snail is a very girlish pink.

In terms of preferences, Fushou snails like to eat sweet foods and animal bones and flesh in water, while field snails like to eat young stems and leaves of aquatic plants, algae, bacteria and organic detritus. Of course, if you really can't distinguish between them, then you must cook them at a high temperature for a long time before you can eat them, and washed tableware and other items must also be disinfected at high temperature before they can be used again.


Because the harm of Fushou snail is really not a joke, so when we buy field snails, we must learn to distinguish, and never buy Fushou snails home.

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