Outburst! Jeremy Lin is no longer a foreign aid

author:Big Dream Basketball Diary

Jeremy Lin rose to fame with the Knicks, who rose to fame by coming off the bench against the Nets on Feb. 24, 2012, with 25 points, 7 assists, 5 rebounds and 2 steals. At that time, it was called Lin Crazy by fans, and then Jeremy Lin also played a few seasons of good balls, but due to the impact of injuries, he slowly faded out of the NBA.

In 2019, Jeremy Lin came to the CBA with the aura of the NBA and joined the Beijing Shougang men's basketball team, after all, Jeremy Lin's Chinese identity is also a countless circle of fans in China, no matter where he goes to play, he can play the away game as his home.

After all, after a major injury, coupled with age, Jeremy Lin also appears to be a little weak in the CBA, last season, Jeremy Lin averaged only 13.7 points per game in Beijing Shougang, plus 3.6 rebounds, 4.4 assists, 1.4 steals, shooting rate is less than 50%, three-point shooting rate is only 39%, if a domestic player plays such data, it is still very good, but as a foreign aid, such data is reasonable to appear somewhat unqualified.

When Jeremy Lin first joined the CBA, many fans said that he would become a planning player, not occupy the place of internal and external support, and wear the national team shirt to go out for the country. But the latter has not responded.

It is reported that there are several teams in taiwan's P+ league that are trying to sign Jeremy Lin. Kenny Kao, general manager of the Kaohsiung Steelman Men's Basketball Team, also said that they have talked to Jeremy Lin about joining the franchise, and there is no accurate information on whether Jeremy Lin has joined the Taiwan P+ League.

If Jeremy Lin really joins the Bay Area league, he will join as a Chinese, which means that he will no longer wear the title of foreign aid, whether it is in the CBA or the Bay Area League, The popularity of Shuhao will not be bad, after all, Taiwan is also a province of China, support Shuhao's praise!



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