Burmese wild elephants got lost and strayed into the village, and several houses were destroyed

author:Chinese monarch of Burma

According to news from Myanmar's Rakhine State, on the morning of August 6, a wild elephant broke into the village of Xiedibin in Radaidang Town, Rakhine State, destroyed six houses and fled.

A villager in the village told me that the wild elephant entered the village at about 6:30 a.m. on August 6, and due to its huge size and rampage after entering the village, the houses near it were more or less damaged, some roofs, some wells, some fences, some toilets, and some kitchens were damaged.

Villagers said that after entering the village, the wild elephant who went crazy also used elephant trunks to pull a villager, but fortunately, the villager ran fast and was not injured, and the consequences were unimaginable. Fortunately, this wild elephant came in in the morning, and there were not many people on the village road. If it is noon, it is dangerous, there will be many pedestrians on the road, and children.

After discovering the wild elephant entering the village, the villagers worked together to drive it away, and then the wild elephant went to the direction of Mt. Bayu.

It is said that the wild elephant, on the afternoon of August 5, came out of The Mountain to look for food, walked to Ansi Slope, east of the village of Xie Di Bin, and returned. On his return, he took a fork in the road and entered the village of XieDibin.

Xie Di Bin Village is a large village with 800 households located 3 miles away from Mt. Kayu, where few wild elephants have entered the village before.

On July 7, the branch of Pang Duobin Senior High School in Budidang Town was damaged by the intrusion of two wild elephants. The school's toilets, doors, windows, walls were damaged, and the pump cables were broken.

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