Absolute zero test gameplay analysis: ACT, meat pigeon, two-dimensional, surprising

author:Wind and dust Game

A PV broke through 10 million hits, Miha tour "Absolute Zero" in May after the first exposure of the players to arouse the warm attention of players, August 5, the game finally opened the first test, suddenly detonated the enthusiasm of players, dominating the whole network hot search. From the perspective of major live broadcast platforms, the anchors in the mobile game area are all bursting liver trials, such as douyu has a heat of 5 million, which is extremely rare in the mobile game area.

Overall, "Absolute Zero" is another collection of Miha's technical strength, whether it is the overall art style or the gorgeous team system, as well as the in-depth creation of Rougelike gameplay, you can see that the completion of "Absolute Zero" is quite good.

ACT battles are gorgeous and refreshing, and the big moves and special effects are super-burned

As an ACT mobile game, in addition to the most proud plot of Miha Tour, the most important gameplay of the first test is dungeon level. Players will face different levels, various monsters and bosses with different stunts, and the cool character design with gorgeous battle system makes it quite refreshing to play.

The 11 characters opened this time, from the black long straight royal sister to the one-eyed Lori, the grumpy bear uncle, the high cold wolf brother, each character has its own set of combat system, the close-up of the ultimate skill perfectly shows the character characteristics, and the big recruit tail has a gorgeous pause, which has a sense of immediacy of a movie blockbuster.

The "imbalance system" in battle can accumulate the imbalance value of the enemy through combos or special skills, and when the imbalance value is full, the enemy can launch a combo attack when the enemy enters the falling state, at this time, it can summon teammates to launch a series of unique combos to cause huge damage, release the linkage move more teamwork honor, visual perception is also more intense.

Pigeon is cool to play, with both strategic depth and fun

"Absolute Zero" innovatively combines the meat pigeon element with the chessboard, first of all, the screen display is quite cool, and then it is to trigger random events by taking small squares, such as triggering the plot and fighting monsters to complete the route step by step, which is very random.

The existence of the skeleton chapter makes the meat pigeon chessboard almost built into a complete build-in build-in build system, such as there will be a rest area for players to return blood, the store will occasionally have a bullid for blood return, there may be a return of blood when giving gifts, and so on, all of which add a touch of fun to the strategy.

Of course, the first test feels that the meat pigeon gameplay needs to be further improved in the random map and depth, and it is estimated that there will be new content added in the subsequent version.

UI design and scene details have reached a new height, and the two-dimensional force is full

The technical house saves the world, and the technical power of Mihayou is extremely perfect in THE UI design and scene details, and many players praise its screen expression.

The UI is silky and scary, the scene is integrated, the character modeling is exactly the same as in the propaganda PV, without the slightest crotch, the modeling accuracy of each character makes the mobile phone party ecstatic, I believe that many people are on the road of picking husbands and wives, and there are many players who call for a change of mobile phone.

As for the details, the rendering fineness of the lighting and shadows in the game has retained the high level of Mihayou, and a video store has left an indelible impression on the player, it can be said that "Absolute Zero" has once again allowed us to witness the strength of the technical house.

Through the analysis of this test gameplay of the editor, do you think that "Absolute Zero" is worth looking forward to?