Bruce Springsteen: A rock star and a rock hero

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"I want my music to be identity music, music that explores meaning and the future."
Bruce Springsteen: A rock star and a rock hero

Springsteen debuted in 1963, formed his own band in 1971, and evolved into the E. Street Band in 1973.

In 1975, his new album "Born to Run" reached number three on the charts, and he himself became a world-recognized rock star, and in 1984, the record sales of the album "Born in America" helped him to the throne of rock superstar.

Springsteen has won 1 Oscar, 2 Golden Globes, 1 Tony, 1 Grammy, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Record sales exceeded 120 million copies, surpassing Madonna, Bon Jovi, Bob Dylan and others, tied for third place with "Elvis Presley" for the number one album singer.

He is the "Top 100 Influential People" of Time magazine and the "Most Outstanding Artist of All Time" of the authoritative American music magazine "Rolling Stone".

Bruce Springsteen: A rock star and a rock hero

With his poetic lyrics, strong musical appeal, and overwhelming expressiveness on the spot, he became a rock star who was popular all over the United States, and also became an epoch-making rock hero with an awesome heart.

"My hero is the ordinary person who keeps the world running."

Springsteen's music moves people with poetic lyrics and emotional expressions, and Springsteen divides his musical style into two categories: one is a sad, tender slow song, such as "The River", and the other is an impassioned, heart-pounding war song, such as "Born in the U.S.A.", known as the "second national anthem of the United States".

Some people call his musical style "blue-collar rock", and Bruce himself is also known as the "workers' emperor", which is highly praised and very close to Springsteen's original creation.

This cool old man has been using a magnetic romantic voice to issue a powerful cry to the world, as if the old Ji Futuo, Zhi has been thousands of miles.

Bruce Springsteen: A rock star and a rock hero

We sweated during the day

On the streets for the crazy American dream

At night we drove through magnificent high-rises

From the self-destructive machine

Escape from the cage and head to Route 9

- "Born to Run"

Bruce Springsteen: A rock star and a rock hero

Springsteen has always sung for ordinary people and spoke for the disadvantaged.

In the 1960s, he formed an orchestra that blended whites and blacks, which was the only orchestra in the United States at that time; in the 70s he created "River" to pay tribute to the hard workers who were still struggling during the economic depression in the United States; in the 80s he created "Born in the United States" to reflect on the Vietnam War, and the heavy voice brought heavyweight repercussions; in the 90s he created "Streets of Philadelphia" in solidarity with AIDS people, and the voice of public welfare he has been singing on the road...

Through his songs, Springsteen cares about the people at the bottom, cares about the labor of workers, cares about the spiritual life and real survival of the people, opposes racial discrimination, and reflects on the state system, and his songs are known as the "second national anthem" of the United States.

He received the U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom, which Obama personally presented: "His work has reserved a place for everyone, showing that no matter what class of origin, they have the right to speak."

Blood, attitude, passion!

The body of more than 60 years old, the scene of tens of thousands of people, physical exhaustion can still burst out such a big force!

We have to sigh, music can really shock people's hearts!

Bruce Springsteen: A rock star and a rock hero

A tribute to a cool old man, an epoch-making musician, a rock hero, a tribute to the blood and emotions that have been dedicated to us.

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