"Loneliness" with positive energy Interview with the hottest "foodie uncle" Matsu Shigetoshi

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"Hello everyone, I'm Matsushige Toyotomi, I have Weibo, not fake." Along with this Chinese introduction, Matsushige mischievously grimaced.

During the 9th Beijing International Film Festival, Matsu Shigetoshi, the actor of Goro in the popular Japanese drama "Lonely Foodie", which has broadcast the seventh season, attended the opening ceremony and opened Weibo, which has more than 100,000 fans in just two days.

In the spotlight, Matsushigeto, who became popular because of "eating food", ate silently for seven seasons alone, spanning seven years.

But before ushering in the highlight moment of his life, this drama actor-turned-uncle has played the role of "non-protagonist" most of the time in his acting career of more than 30 years: he is sometimes a serious detective, sometimes a non-committal but sheltered back from the wind and rain; or a poker-faced butler... It was not until the age of 49 that he starred for the first time, and at the age of 56, he completed his first starring role in a movie.

"I became famous because of "Lonely Foodie", and today I brought my own film works to the North Film Festival, which for me was something I never dreamed of before. I myself am more casual, I did not deliberately want to set a kind of goal, I cherish fate. In an exclusive interview with each reporter, Matsushige said frankly.

"Loneliness" with positive energy Interview with the hottest "foodie uncle" Matsu Shigetoshi

At the age of 56, he starred in a movie for the first time

Sitting opposite each reporter, he has gray hair, wears black-rimmed glasses, is tall and thin, although he is 56 years old, but it does not affect the handsomeness and intimacy of the uncle at all.

"Loneliness" with positive energy Interview with the hottest "foodie uncle" Matsu Shigetoshi

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Matsushige Toyotomi, who has participated in more than 100 film and television dramas, brought "Mr. Pita, congratulations on your wife's pregnancy!" This is his first film role.

"In my mind, there is no difference between starring and supporting roles, although most of the actors have played supporting roles for more than 30 years. But this time as a leading actor, there is no particularly big difference in terms of roles. However, in terms of itinerary, I spent more time with the crew members and communicated more. Facing the identity of the lead actor, Matsushige said easily.

Before starring in film works this time, as a well-known Japanese actor, Matsushige's works mainly focused on the field of television dramas, and he had starred in a series of well-known dramas such as "HERO", "Blood Monday", "Don Quixote", "Late Night Canteen" and so on, and was mostly remembered by the audience for his serious and calm image.

However, although it became popular because of "The Lonely Foodie", before that, Matsushigeto's career has always been up and down.

Matsushige Toyo, who was addicted to punk rock in high school, initially dreamed of becoming a behind-the-scenes producer in the film and television industry, but was impressed by the wonderful performances of stage plays and decided to embark on the road of acting. In 1982, Matsushige was admitted to the Acting Department of the Faculty of Literature at Meiji University, and after graduating from university, he joined Yukio Kanagawa's troupe, quit three years later, interrupted his path as an actor, and became a regular clerk, working for several years before returning to the screen.

In a conversation with every reporter, Matsushige also admitted that he was confused about the profession of actor. "Whether I can go on as an actor or not, I didn't understand until I was in my 30s, I came by relying on my enthusiasm and dedication to actors." 」

Fifty and knowing the destiny, for Matsushige Toyotomi, the brilliance of the actor is becoming more and more prominent. However, the uncle's life is quite "Buddhist", for the future plan, Matsushige Feng bluntly said that he is more casual, did not deliberately set a kind of goal, "I cherish the fate."

"Loneliness" with positive energy Interview with the hottest "foodie uncle" Matsu Shigetoshi

Acting is a lonely job

"Are you particularly curious about Woro still eating?" Before the interview, a fan had excitedly told every reporter.

On the last day of 2018, TV Tokyo's short drama "Lonely Foodie Chinese New Year's Eve SP" aired, and the man who ate a full seven seasons and was named Goro ate a movie in a row.

Anyone who has seen it knows that "The Lonely Foodie" is not a Japanese drama in the traditional sense, but almost a complete food group. Not only in Japan, but also in China, there are also a large number of loyal audiences who love to watch Goro eat and drink spicy. The Douban score of the drama is 9.3 points.

"Loneliness" with positive energy Interview with the hottest "foodie uncle" Matsu Shigetoshi

Image source: Douban

In fact, when he just received the script of this play, Matsushige Feng could not help but suspect: "An uncle went to the point to find a restaurant to eat, and then ate alone, who watched such a film?" "But unexpectedly, this episode, which was broadcast at 24:00, has received more and more popularity.

"Some parts of the whole play are really eating, and there are also a few parts that are acted out. Between true and false, the audience has more attention and curiosity about this drama. You can pay attention to it, and you may have new discoveries when you look at it. ”

In a meal of food, this drama has achieved the 7th season, and the Douban score of each season is above 8.5 points.

"The first time I heard that a sequel was going to be made, I was very surprised, and I was also a little uneasy, because it is not necessary to make a sequel and it will go on for a long time." How to let the audience have a new discovery and freshness in each sequel is a problem that Matsushige Toyotomi asks to think about and break through, and it is also the basis of the sequel.

The reason why the identity of Goro Gourmand in the play is not simply because of the pleasant flavor of the cuisine. Instead, it cuts from the "loneliness" and truly shows a free and decent attitude to life. Such an uncle who eats and eats every day, he does not care about the voice of the outside world, does not care about the eyes of others, just focuses on the food in front of him, and the pleasure of eating for one person is fully reflected in him.

Regarding "loneliness", Matsushige Toyotomi has his own understanding, and in his view, loneliness also has positive energy. To a certain extent, the profession of an actor has a lot in common with loneliness.

"The profession of actor does not belong to any company or organization, and it is important to be called to perform by TV dramas, movies, and drama crews, and to have a good relationship with other actors, but in the final analysis, it is still a lonely job." But I don't hate this loneliness, loneliness does not equal loneliness, it is the freedom and independence that a person has. ”

In Japan, you can't discuss the remuneration in front of the actors

"Loneliness" with positive energy Interview with the hottest "foodie uncle" Matsu Shigetoshi

The film starring this time tells the story of the infertile male protagonist and his wife actively preparing for pregnancy, in the film MatsuShigetoshi plays an infertile male protagonist, and the film was screened in advance during this year's North Film Festival.

"I want to present this relatively heavy topic through the method of film and television through the method of sunshine and humor." Not too preachy, not too frivolous, I hope more viewers understand this group. The film director said.

In conversations with each reporter, the filmmakers introduced the investment behind the film. In Japan, the cost of a film is divided into two parts, one part is the pure production cost of the film, and the other part is the film printing cost and publicity cost of the film.

The combined cost of the two parts of the film is 150 million yen. This is relatively low in Japan. High-cost films in Japan cost about 300 million to 500 million yen. ”

Regarding the box office, it is reported that the box office revenue of 2 times the film production cost is the most conservative for the film. "If it can't reach 2 times, the film can't get its cost back, so the current box office of the film is conservatively estimated at 300 million yen." The producer gives such a number.

Different from the domestic film and television industry, every reporter is also very curious about the situation of actors' salaries in the Japanese film and television industry. At the scene, talking about this topic, Matsushige Joked that he wanted to cover his ears, and the producer explained with a smile: "In Japan, in the case of actors, you can't talk about cost and salary. ”

"Everyone's appearance fee is calculated according to the film's budget." For example, a producer, such as a star in the same coffee position, can get 10 million yen for a crew with a high budget, but if he goes to a crew with a low budget, he will also receive 1 million yuan. "Not only are the actors paid like this, but the salaries of directors, cameramen and other staff are also like this, framed according to the total budget."

Compared with recent years, domestic actors have set up their own studios and film and television companies with their own advantages to gradually participate in film and television drama investment, but this situation rarely occurs in Japan, and the director told every reporter: "In Japan, there is basically no such situation that stars open their own studios. The producer also agrees with the director that in his view, making a movie is as high risk as opening a restaurant, "everyone will still hug and warm up in the way of a production committee."

From the actor's point of view, Matsushige also admitted that "investing in movies by myself cannot happen here." In his opinion, being excavated is a very honorable thing for an actor. "As an actor, it's not that I want to play something, it's that someone comes to me and tells me that I can challenge a role."

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