The production fee of the popular work "Lonely Foodie" is exceptionally low Matsushigetoshi and his good character

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The production fee of the popular work "Lonely Foodie" is exceptionally low Matsushigetoshi and his good character

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The addictive TV series that airs late every Friday night is back! The popular food documentary series Lonely Foodie Season 9, starring Japanese actor Toyotomi Matsushige (58), will officially air in July.

The drama tells the story of the protagonist of the grocery import industry, Goro Inokashira (Matsushige), who comes to a business trip to the restaurant he wants to go to enjoy the food. In the play, his appearance of eating alone has deeply attracted many audiences, making this drama also enjoy the praise of "Next Meal God Drama" on the Internet, becoming a popular series of dramas that give people the fatal temptation of 'late night overeating'.

But in fact, the behind-the-scenes production of this show is extremely simple. The first surprise is the low production cost, generally speaking, each late-night TV series costs at least 8 million yen (equivalent to about 470,000 yuan), but...

According to a relevant person from the production side, "The total production cost of a drama is about 2 million yen (equivalent to about 120,000 yuan), of which Matsushige's salary is about 300,000 yen (equivalent to about 10,000 yuan), and the remaining 1.7 million includes the salaries, editing fees, expectation fees, transportation costs and other expenses of the extras and directors and other staff." One of the secrets of low production costs is that no art sets are required for all location shots, and the staff's box lunches are also provided by the restaurants where they are filmed. By the way, Matsushige's salary should have been around 200,000 yen (equivalent to about 12,000 yuan) in the first season, and it seems that every season will rise a little. ”

However, it is difficult to shoot the ninth season of a TV based on the low production cost alone, and behind this is actually the good character of the actor Matsu Shigetoshi and his serious work attitude.

According to people familiar with the matter, "Matsushigemoto adheres to a principle, that is, every time he shoots, he must eat all the dishes. In fact, he himself is not a big stomach king, several years ago he basically did not eat breakfast to shoot, the past two years he has not eaten since the day before the shooting. In addition, no matter how many matsushige he wanted to reshoot, he gladly accepted it without complaint, and he would eat all the food every time he reshooted, without showing the slightest reluctance.

The production fee of the popular work "Lonely Foodie" is exceptionally low Matsushigetoshi and his good character

▲ The ninth season of "The Lonely Foodie"

■ He will also go to the restaurant of the filming site again to express his gratitude

In addition, one of the highlights of the TV series - Uncle Goro's inner monologue - was also recorded locally at that time.

A relevant person on the variety show said: "It is said that he immediately went to the radio car to record when he had just finished eating and had not forgotten his feelings. Of course, such an approach will also save a lot of production costs. ”

Moreover, the production team has never had a dispute with the restaurant in the filming location so far.

The crew said: "Our staff are very careful, but the most careful is Matsushige Himself. He would also go to the restaurant at the shooting site to thank him after the shooting, but of course the store and our staff did not know about it. Because in fact, although the loose hair in the TV series is completely black, he is usually a white hair, and he wears glasses and hunchbacks, so he basically does not notice. He will show up at the checkout after eating and say 'very delicious' to the store. ”

Although the show aired late at night, each episode maintained a rating of around 5% and was TV Tokyo's treasure show. At the moment of the spread of the new crown epidemic, the ninth season may break the ratings record after the broadcast.

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