Two or three things about actor Matsushige Toyotomi

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Two or three things about actor Matsushige Toyotomi

Friends who like to watch Japanese dramas should not be unfamiliar with Matsushige Toyotomi, even if they don't know this name, they usually recognize this face with a bang, it is him.

The so-called golden supporting role, Matsushige Toyotomi is definitely one, but in the past few years, because of "Lonely Foodie", it is not good that inokashira Goro's reputation is bigger.

In fact, I also learned the name Matsushige because of "The Lonely Foodie", although I had seen many of the films and television works in which he participated before that, and I always thought that he played very well, but I never wanted to know about this actor, and I didn't even remember the name.

Until "Lonely Foodie", he became the male protagonist, and naturally remembered the name Matsushigetoshi.

People always have some subconscious snobbery, even if it is the top competitive stage, as long as there are one, two or three, we will naturally forget everyone except the champion.

Do you know who Buzz Aldrin is?

He was the second man to land on the moon, just a few seconds behind Neil Armstrong, but few would remember him.

Speaking of Matsushige, a while ago I just finished watching the ninth season of "Lonely Foodie", and one day I accidentally found that he actually published a book, and there was Chinese edition, so I quickly bought it and read it.

Two or three things about actor Matsushige Toyotomi

The first half of the book is a short story, the theme is somewhat like the whimsical world of actors, not much better, but because I know that the author is him, I have some unique interest.

The second half of the book is a series of essays, and for me, this is the focus of this book, to be able to see what "Goro" sees, hears, thinks and thinks outside the stage.

About The Lonely Foodie

He wrote that "the eighth season has been filmed. After eight years of filming, there are more than 100 restaurants that have been introduced.

Those shops were found by the crew on their own feet and stomach bags. Rejections were often initially due to low visibility, but more recently because shopkeepers were worried about the chaos that would come with the broadcast. Nowadays, tourists from all over Asia flock to the store with travel guides, so even if I encounter a store that I want to revisit once, I can only sneak back again while the show has not yet aired, and there is no other way. ”

Although Goro's setting is not to dip alcohol, director Kenji Mizoguchi is so drunk that he always finds a restaurant with first-class drinking dishes, and outside the camera, "God knows how many times Goro Inokashira, who was set up as a poured cup, shouted 'Bring the beer!' during filming. ’”

And just the day before the eighth season was ready for the communication meeting, director Mizoguchi died suddenly, and "Lonely Foodie" even considered ending there, but fortunately, it was finally topned by the assistant directors, and then there was the eighth and ninth seasons, and Goro's civilian food journey continued.

And since "The Lonely Foodie" became popular, it seems that eating out has also brought some happiness troubles, he wrote

"'Did you really eat all those meals?' I've heard this question hundreds of times. Yes, I'll eat it all when I come to the table. ’

I went into a food house and found that the portions were particularly large. After a few suspicious bites, I saw that the shopkeepers were sneaking up on me from the back room, like aliens in the movie. I don't know how many years I can still live up to the owner of the shop when I am nearly a year old. ”

About childhood

From junior high school onwards, Matsushigetoshi liked to drink milk, and his height began to grow from then on, and by the third year of junior high school, he had a height of 187, which frightened him so much that he would never dare to drink milk again, and his height in college successfully exceeded 190.

Until recent years, someone accidentally told him that he felt that his height had shrunk, and he went to the hospital to check and found that the intervertebral disc was worn badly, and the height did return to 187.

In his time as a young actor, this height really brought a lot of trouble, there was no suitable role, and there was no suitable costume, until many years later, the tall actor gradually increased, and finally began to feel at ease.

About memorizing lines

He wrote, "When my generation was young, whatever we remembered was written. Write the lines on paper, carry them with you, recite them repeatedly, check them from time to time, and consolidate your memory. If the copy is not used, it must be written on the paper with the pen of your choice. Probably because of the influence of the background of the times, the act of copying "board books" is linked to memory in our hearts...

I was an immodest student, and it was normal to ask a friend to borrow notes to copy during the recent middle and final exams. Although there are many friends, most of them who will seriously copy board books are girls. At that time, a font called 'round body' was very popular among girls, which was the so-called 'cute girl body'.

I copied more, and my words became round. To this day, my costume pocket is still stuffed with folded lines, and it is written one after another 'pretending to be a cute girl'.

I had to clutch the scary handwriting and try to recall the lines. ”

About hair

In the middle school era, due to the rules of the school in that era, the boy had to keep his head, he could not finally grow long hair until college, originally expected to finally have a hairstyle that matched the identity of punk youth, and as a result, the hair was long, and he first knew that he was a "self-roll", so he began to fight with this curly hair for decades, carrying a hair dryer, curl comb and secret hair wax three-piece set at any time to cope with the hairstyles needed by various characters.

"But recently, I stopped dyeing my hair for a certain work and watched my hair almost turn white. What surprised me even more was that those white hairs were actually straight.

It's too late to straighten it out now. ”

In addition, there is a small discovery that makes me feel that Mr. Matsushige is kind to a few points, it turns out that he is also playing "Dragon Quest 11", and instantly understands the rationality of celebrity endorsements.

After reading the whole book, the images of Matsushigetoshi and Goro in my mind gradually coincided, and I always felt that in addition to not drinking, Goro was simply Matsushigetoshi's true performance.

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