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"My family is very weak [e-sports]" Author: small package paper

"The Cold Beauty and His Aberrant Husband" Author: Clothed Tourist

"Who said that the shark man is not on the cat recipe" Author: Yunshan intentional

Tweet | "My family is very weak [E-sports]" by small package paper fake little white flower x big tail wolf

"My family is very weak [e-sports]"

Author: Small packet of paper


收藏数:2.1w 字数:70w


Ji Sizao, the god of the middle laner, kicked into the door of the World Championship in the last second, and before he finished the championship, he wore into a bronze rookie with the same name and surname as him in the next second.

The rookie was dressed in pink hair and flowers, sleepwalking in the canyon online and was killed as a monster, but offline he was facing the male god and opened his face: "Ah! The wild king's husband is so handsome! The wild king's husband begs for the positive sun!"

The male god didn't stop, walked straight by, and didn't give a superfluous look

Ji Sizao, who just came through:.

"Perhaps, I said I had amnesia, did anyone believe me......"

[Question: Will my wife fan be stabbed off by fans when she goes to play e-sports?


It didn't take long for Ji Si to rush to the first place on the national service list, stepping on three kills and jumping on the spot, and returning to the city on the spot, killing the whole league for a while crying and shouting Dad:

"What about that rookie pit, forced ATM, mid-laner brainless little fool? Who is this Lord Yama who tortured and killed the whole canyon and stepped on the corpse of the enemy?"

Ji Sizao pursed the corners of his lips lightly, watching the major giants throw out trial invitations one after another, and he didn't have time to carefully select-

was captured by Captain Yishenyan and brought back to the team.

Ji Sizao: ?

"Wait, this captain, you...... Wild King Husband?!"

Lu Beichen raised his eyes and glanced at Ji Sizao, only to see that the person's long eyelashes were slightly curled up, his thin shoulders trembled slightly, and he was gently shaking in the wind against his gaze, like a delicate and innocent little white flower.

Competing fans exploded: Isn't this your bewitching and fanatical wife fan?!

Lu Beichen:.

Oh, my long-coveted genius midlaner turned out to be my wife.

Ji Sizao: QvQ

[Question: Wife fans and people playing e-sports in the same team really won't be stabbed by fans?


Later, Lu Beichen calmly opened the microphone: "Stay away from him." ”

The fans hadn't nodded yet, so they saw Lu Beichen leading by example and taking the lead, being the first person to be 'eight zhang away' from Ji Si.

How far is it? Including but not limited to: Ji Si bowed his head early and he bent his waist, Ji Si early lowered his eyes and he wore a mink, Ji Si early pursed his lips and handed hot water, Ji Si early together: he untied his wide clothes to warm the bed, massaged his legs and boiled Chinese medicine......

Fans: ??? this is what you said was 100 million points away from him?!

Lu Beichen:.

My wife is weak and can't take care of herself.

The whole e-sports circle:!

Your wife is still abusing the spring in one pick and five!

Only Ji Sizao's eyes were red, and he was angry, and he didn't forget to turn into a hurry, and the king trembled his fingertips and typed on the screen again:

[Question: Is it true that wife fans will not be knifed off by fans if they become real wives?

The fake white flower is really a drama essence by X big tail wolf vinegar attack

Ji Sizao (mid single) X Road Beichen (Jungle Attack)

·1V1, double clean, HE

Overhead world, no prototype

League of Legends terminal game, the game version is not exactly according to the current version

The race line and the daily line are both parallel, and there will be game content

Tweet | "My family is very weak [E-sports]" by small package paper fake little white flower x big tail wolf

Artist: Demon Refining LY

"The Cold Beauty and His Aberrant Husband"

Author: Clothed Tourist


Favorites: 7225 Word Count: 42w


Heterotopic planes are polluted, distortions are rampant, and human history ushers in an era of catastrophe

Publicly available information: Some human beings are unable to capture images of distortion with the naked eye, and the aberrant feeds on humans and has a brutal temperament

In the Shanhejin community, Captain Song of the seventh detachment of the Special Administration Bureau lives, and the nearby residents are relatively relieved

Captain Song is noble, trimmed eyebrows and handsome eyes, has good skills and strong ability, and has killed countless deviants, although his personality is a little colder, and he doesn't like to talk much

But this does not prevent the residents of the community from wanting to introduce their daughters to him

Captain Song's neighbor's child tilted his head and said suspiciously: But Brother Song is already married

Xiao'er joked, no one cares about it, who doesn't know that Captain Song is single

The child is wronged, what he said is true, every time Brother Song comes back from work, he will say to the family, "Husband, I'm back", he has heard it several times

I have also seen Brother Song smile brightly in the room, especially warm oil


"Husband, I'm out. ”

Song Jing put on his uniform and turned back to the house

There was a gust of breeze in the house, Song Jing closed his eyes in enjoyment, as if enjoying his lover's kiss, he smiled: "It's dangerous outside, don't go out today, wait for me to come back and bring you [dinner]." ”

In the afternoon, the residents of Shanhejin saw Captain Song coming back with a large bag of meat, and the smell of blood could be smelled five meters away

"Captain Song, you eat meat again today, your dog has a really big appetite. ”

Captain Song smiled, and there was a rare trace of tenderness on his always cold face: "Yes." ”

The Special Administration Bureau has a tacit secret, everyone knows that Captain Song once had a very loving lover, who was the first vice captain of the seventh detachment, but they also knew that Captain Song's lover died

Song Jing also has a secret

His lover is dead, but his lover is back

This time, he won't let anyone separate them again

The appearance is cold, but the cut is sickly and delicate, and it is attacked by the bad people of the vs shadowy bad race

The following are the must-see [highlights]:

[Attack is outside the person, don't look at him by human standards, the personality contrast between the human and the outside of the human period is huge, and the passionate pet wife and big dog become a bad species]

[Copywriting is a sick and delicate bridge, and I can experience it myself. Attacking the opposing camp but loving each other, what is written is to overcome the nature of struggling to love this, and to be able to accept it and then come in]

[There will be a copywriting plot, but it doesn't enter the copywriting plot from the beginning, and it starts with his husband's death]

[The background is the future overhead, without any mapping, don't pull up the association, don't substitute into reality]

Tweet | "My family is very weak [E-sports]" by small package paper fake little white flower x big tail wolf

"Who said that sharks are not on the cat recipe"

Author: Yunshan intentionally


收藏数:2.3w 字数:30w


Tingqi is a long-haired orange cat.

He was picked up by the senior brother and taken care of by the sect, and every day he either nested under the corridor to bask in the sun, or sneaked to the Demon Palace to find a merman to beg for a bite to eat.

There's no way, the merman is probably also in the orange cat's recipe, and he can't walk when he smells it, and he squats next to the merman's tail every time, staring at the merman and drooling very unproductively.

The merman pulled his tail away with a cold face, and the little orange cat had no choice but to coax the merman to catch some fish for him.


It wasn't until the demon rope was tightly wrapped around Tingqi, and the sharp tip of the knife was against his heart, that Tingqi realized in a daze that the senior brother had picked him up and raised him softly, just because he had a rare innate spirit bone on his demon.

The innate spirit bone can restore the elder brother's crippled spiritual root to its original state, so the senior brother picked up the seriously injured stray cat demon and raised it as a life-saving medicine, and now, when it is time to harvest, that's all.

The elder brother's expression was complicated, but the hand holding the knife was still handed out steadily. He whispered, "...... Don't blame Senior Brother. Senior brother wants to live. ”

Tingqi's throat moved, and he said bitterly: "Senior brother......"

He wanted to say, Senior Brother, there is still one last point left, he can completely cross the innate spirit bone into Senior Brother's body, and pay off the life that Senior Brother saved.

However, before he could say anything, the blood suddenly splattered.


The sun set, and the little orange cat that was supposed to sneak into the Biluo Hall to beg for dried fish to eat was nowhere to be seen.

The man in the seat was handsome and unparalleled, but his sharp eyebrows and eyes sank.

After waiting for a few more incense sticks, the Xuanyi man's eyebrows showed a secret irritability, and he couldn't help patting the shark tail irritably, and said to himself: "It shouldn't be...... How could he not come. ”

The female demon protector, who has always been silent, looked down at the crispy little dried fish in her arms that was warm with spells, and her heart sank inexplicably.

The sunset at the entrance of the palace gradually disappeared, and before the demon palace was completely plunged into darkness, a messy figure fell in.

The man on the throne raised his eyebrows, and after a while, he pretended to have a cold face and said, "It's so fun outside? I don't even want fried dried fish, it's so ...... to stay outside."

The little orange cat, covered in blood and messy hair, stumbled two steps and fell silently.

In the dim light, a bloody paw print stretched from a distance to the feet of the little orange cat, who was out of life.

The faces of everyone in the Demon Palace changed suddenly.

1. Cats attack x sharks suffer

2, the little orange cat's natural spirit bones did not fall into the hands of the senior brother, the senior brother will enter the crematorium (physics), and the little orange cat is a group pet cat in the new home, and the ending is he

3. There is a GL to the deputy CP, and there is not much content

4. The article is not long

Tweet | "My family is very weak [E-sports]" by small package paper fake little white flower x big tail wolf


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