Fake winter vacation homework and throw it in Paris? "News" is a joke, this disease can be cured!

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After less than two months, the once uproarious "primary school student Qin Lang lost his winter vacation homework in Paris" ushered in a reversal finale.

According to the report of the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau on the 12th, in order to attract fans and drain traffic, netizen Xu Moumou (female, 29 years old, online name "Thurman Cat Cup") and colleague Xue Moumou (male, 30 years old) jointly planned and fabricated a series of video scripts of "Picking up the lost homework book of primary school student Qin Lang", and then purchased the winter vacation homework book online, took selfies with mobile phones, made related videos, and spread them to multiple online platforms, causing a bad impact. At present, the public security organs have imposed administrative penalties on Xu, Xue and their companies in accordance with the law.

Fake winter vacation homework and throw it in Paris? "News" is a joke, this disease can be cured!

Police report

First, let's review the whole thing:

On February 16, the Internet celebrity "Mao Cup" first fictionalized that he accidentally got the winter vacation homework thrown by a first-grade elementary school student named Qin Lang in Paris, and said that he would take the homework back to China and return it to Qin Lang's children.

Fake winter vacation homework and throw it in Paris? "News" is a joke, this disease can be cured!

The Internet celebrity claimed to have brought Qin Lang's winter vacation homework back to China

The absurd thing is that some netizens actually relayed fraud, claiming to be "Uncle Qin Lang", posting videos and live broadcasts, and the operation was fiercer than a tiger, which made "Qin Lang's family who lost his winter vacation homework respond" rushed to the hot search again.

However, under the questioning of netizens and the media, "Mao Cup" once posted a video emphasizing the truth of the incident, claiming that he had been in touch with "Qin Lang's mother", posted a screenshot of the so-called WeChat, and said that the other party was unwilling to appear on camera.

Fake winter vacation homework and throw it in Paris? "News" is a joke, this disease can be cured!

"Cat Cup" once said that he contacted the other party's mother

It wasn't until the police intervened in the investigation that everything came to light.

"Uncle Qin Lang" admitted that his posing account was banned, the video was taken off the shelves, and he was administratively punished by the public security organs. "A cup of cat" and colleagues were also punished accordingly.

Behind these bottomless fraud and drainage is the sick thirst for traffic of Internet celebrities.

In addition to Qin Lang's winter vacation homework incident, there is also "tourists spend 30,000 yuan to charter a yacht from Sanya to Zhanjiang", which was later confirmed that there is no such route at all; the hot search "woman is very 5 months pregnant belly to get married", which was reported by the police to be a fake purchase of pregnant belly props directed and acted; and "asked by strangers to accompany the wine", it was later confirmed that it was planned by the team and posed for fakes......

For a long time, in order to pursue high traffic and maintain the so-called "personality", many Internet celebrities have upgraded their fictional jokes into a set of industrial chains, first deliberately fabricating exaggerated plots, stimulating public emotions, creating confrontation, and then responding to the heat up, so as to harvest the second wave of traffic, gain a lot of attention and fans, and start the road to making money with goods.

However, such a bottomless fraud will make netizens gradually lose their trust in real events after being deceived again and again, which will have a greater negative impact.

Last year, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) issued a Notice on Strengthening the Management of 'Self-Media', which specifically mentions this phenomenon – "self-media" publishing content containing fictional plots and plot interpretations, and website platforms should require them to mark fictional or derivative labels in a conspicuous manner. Website platforms are encouraged to label disputed information with controversy, and limit the flow of relevant information.

For these fake videos that are fraudulent and chase traffic without a bottom line, we must crack down on them severely. Not only should netizens improve their ability to identify and prevent being used by Internet celebrities without a bottom line, but platforms also need to play their own responsibilities and strengthen self-discipline and supervision, so that such videos will lose the market, and such pathological Internet celebrities who are thirsty for traffic will completely lose traffic.

Source: China News Network

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