Talk | Messi still hasn't figured out why Chinese fans are angry

Talk | Messi still hasn't figured out why Chinese fans are angry

Written by | Horsen

编辑 | Jarrett

The "Messi Hong Kong trip" incident, which has been slightly calm in the past few days, has once again stirred up a wave of discussion today because of the clarification video released by Messi himself on Chinese social media.

But after listening to this two-minute and twenty-second video, I believe that the first thing that comes to most people's minds is only two words - "That's it?"

It's not that Messi's attitude is insincere, in fact, Messi can personally record and post the video on Chinese social media, which is enough to show how seriously the football king attaches to this matter.

But let's take a look at what exactly is said in the video released by Messi?

Talk | Messi still hasn't figured out why Chinese fans are angry

First, emphasize your fate with China and express your love for China.

Second, not playing is not for political reasons, but because of injury.

Thirdly, the impact of the injury was already felt in the Saudi friendlies, which worsened in Hong Kong but improved a bit in Japan.

Other than that, there's nothing else.

To be honest, if this is the only PR method that Messi's team has come up with after so many days of fermentation in the storm of public opinion, then it has to be said that this crisis PR can hardly be called satisfactory.

From the video, we can see that the focus of Messi's own explanation is always that "I didn't play because I was injured", which also means that Messi, or Messi's team, still doesn't seem to realize that the "Messi's Hong Kong trip" has caused the anger of onlookers and the most fundamental reason for the fermentation of public opinion.

Not because "Messi didn't play", but because "Messi didn't take care of the emotions of the audience and made them feel disrespected".

Note that there is a very clear difference between the two.

When we look back on the "Messi Hong Kong trip" incident, it is obvious that although there were all kinds of moths at the game site, it was Mr. Huo Qigang's two sincere long articles that finally fermented the matter on the Internet to the point of being out of control.

And Huo Qigang's two long articles refer to only one core content, that is, "respect".

Messi can't play, it's okay, whether it's because of injury or whatever, it's acceptable.

The reluctance to engage with Hong Kong's chief executive is understandable, after all, politics is risky.

But refusing to interact with the fans at the scene is undoubtedly disrespectful in the eyes of good-looking Chinese.

Talk | Messi still hasn't figured out why Chinese fans are angry

We don't discuss the truth of the matter, nor do we discuss right and wrong, just judging from the video released by Messi, the thing that fans are most concerned about and need him to explain the most is actually not "why didn't he play", but "why I don't want to spend a little time after the game to comfort the fans on the spot".

In fact, this is not so difficult that it cannot be explained, after all, Messi's usual style of doing things his own way makes him rarely participate in the interaction with fans after the game, and even he can deduce that because he did not play, he should not steal the camera of his teammates and so on......

However, there is still no explanation for this in Messi's video.

Of course, there may also be the issue of contracts that the people who eat melons, the question of why Suarez did not play, and the issue of contradictions with Beckham, and all the other accusations, speculations or conspiracy theories...... The root cause of this is Messi's attitude towards fans after the game, as long as this point is solved, all other attacks will naturally be solved, and there is no need to defend himself.

Therefore, in the author's opinion, Messi's video can't calm any controversy and speculation related to this matter at all.

Those who believe him will choose to believe it if they don't need this video, and if they don't believe him, this video does not provide any fresh attack bullets.

Messi's trip to Hong Kong was a purely commercial operation, and in the end, Messi failed to play, and in the end, the worst was just out of business considerations.

And when the matter fermented, many speculations about this matter have become more and more outrageous, and even have a bit of a desire to add guilt - such as the most typical "Messi dedicates his name to Jewish capital", the person who made it up is really daring to make it up, and the person who believes it is really daring to believe it - from this point of view, although the video released by Messi, although it seems that he didn't say anything, the act itself is enough to express a certain attitude.

"I love China. ”

"Football, let politics go away. ”

This may not be enough for the fans who have been ignored in Hong Kong, but for the majority of Chinese fans, Chinese capital and the Chinese market, it is a very sincere and sufficient attitude.

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