"Declaration of Leaving the Teacher to Discuss Wu" - Chiang Kai-shek

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Newspapers in Guangzhou, Changsha, Hankou, Shanghai, and Beijing, as well as compatriots from all walks of life in the military, agriculture, industry, and commerce, all of whom are well aware:

On the day of his inauguration, the needs of the national revolution, the purpose of the revolutionary war, and the aspirations of the Northern Expedition of the Zhongzheng were briefly outlined before the Chinese people. In other words, the struggle between the people and the warlords, between the revolution and the counter-revolution, and between the Three People's Principles and imperialism has reached the final stage of the decisive battle. Why did Gu want to ask Wu for today's teacher? What is the evil of Wu thief? Since its defeat in the Opium War, China has been ravaged and exploited by international imperialism for more than 80 years. In the early days, the foreign powers invaded China and directly oppressed the mainlanders by force. With the rise of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, the Qing dynasty knew that the Han nationality could not be insulted, and its domestic policy began to use the Han to control the Han, and the imperialist's policy towards China also used China to contain China. Later, Zeng Li's army was defeated, but he used Gordon's British soldiers to eliminate the revolutionary forces, because the Manchu Qing Dynasty was intimidated by the imperialist power and adhered to its policy of "preferring to give friends to domestic slaves", but Tubo won the favor of imperialism and did not hesitate to give gifts to the people of the country. and the Xinhai Uprising, when our party led the people and established a republic, Yuan Shikai used treacherous means to steal the throne: he thought that he was from the Qing court, but he did not know that the demands of the revolution originated from the people. In the moment of stealing the throne, they adhered to the wisdom of the Qing Dynasty, colluded with imperialism, and entertained themselves by arrogating their names, vainly wishing to take the Beiyang warlords as the center of politics, flattering the foreign powers externally, dominating the people internally, knowing that they were lackeys of imperialism and sinners of the Republic of China, but in order to consolidate their own interests, they had a lot of care; because the imperialists took advantage of the wisdom of the Manchu Qing Dynasty to control the Han Dynasty with the Han Dynasty, and then turned into a conspiracy to use the Beiyang faction to control China with China. Since the Republic of China, from Yuan Duan to Cao Wu, they have been inherited in the same vein, and they have not been replaced. Wu thieves resurged, but they sought to maintain the fate of Beiyang orthodoxy, in order to preserve the rights of individuals, although the country was destroyed and the species was destroyed. Since the Beiyang faction succeeded the Manchu Qing Dynasty to dominate the Beijing government, the alliance between the warlords and imperialism was strengthened, that is, the country and the people were increasingly invaded and oppressed, and the demands of the Chinese National Revolution became more urgent, and the destruction and suppression of Wu Peifu became more and more serious. After the May Fourth Movement, stimulated by the European War and hinted at the rise of the oppressed nations in the world, the national movement gradually spread among the peasants and workers, and all the people united for the liberation of China. However, the Wu thieves not only did not support and encourage the anti-massacre of the Jinghan Road Workers, so that the imperialists were afraid of the national consciousness in recent years and did not dare to unscrupulously exert their authority, but even the Wu thieves committed suicide to enlighten the countrymen, so the imperialists did not hesitate to be jealous, and decided to use force to suppress China, which was regarded as a great shame in the history of the revolutionary movement in our country. Today, the people of the whole country are not except for Wu thieves, and they have no courage to chill imperialism. Today, Wu Thief will hold a tariff meeting again. At the tariff meeting, the former Wu thieves rebelled against Duan Qirui. Wu thieves not only wanted to prolong China's civil strife through imperialism, but also wanted to increase the burden on our people and add another layer of protection to the unequal treaties. In particular, they took advantage of the authoritarian traditional thinking of the Chinese people to advocate retro, rebel against the trend, spread rumors and red disasters, and prevent the people from using idols to establish authority, and use famous religions to help treachery, in order to create a whole system of the world, so as to unify the country by force, so that the corrupt Confucians, bureaucrats, soldiers, and politicians who were outdated in the general era combined to form the remnants of the Luoyang-style corrupt forces at the end of feudalism, and regarded them as the center of reactionary thoughts. He colluded with foreign enemies and cut off the country's power; he loved the people and broke the embankment and slaughtered the people; he often supported Cao Kun, who bribed and stole the country, as the head of state; others such as killing Xiao Yaonan and murdering him as a reward; accepting rebel generals from the southwest to reward civil strife; being stubborn and insidious, and being poisonous and disorderly, he was not only a thief in the new era, but also a sinner in the old society. And Wu thieves have been in the Han Dynasty since they fled to this day, and they have forged their names and issued orders indiscriminately, and there is no basis for them at the beginning, and the northern government that was bribed to become a government was stolen by the Beiyang warlords, but it is still a piggy parliament, and the people of the world and a department are defrauded. The Cao Kun Constitution and the bribery of the president supported by Wu Thief are not only opposed by the people of the whole country, but also by Zhang Zuolin, who claims to be cooperative. It is the thief himself who relies on it, and now he has nothing. Revolutionaries, Wu thieves hate revolutionaries. And so are the people who are held hostage by Wu thieves. Therefore, strictly speaking, Wu Peifu is a traitorous criminal. The imperialists used it as a tool to borrow money and help weapons, and conceal it as a back-up, giving instructions and indulging mastiffs. Therefore, the Beiyang faction represented the imperialist conspiracy to control China with China, and then changed to Hunan to control Hunan, Sichuan to control Sichuan, southwest to control the southwest, and provinces to control the poisonous plan of the provinces. Woohoo, Wu thieves created chaos and calamity to the country, killed their compatriots, as for this extreme, it is not enough to hide its guilt if it is really meat-eating. ...... The former generalissimo instructed our people that "the purpose of the Northern Expedition is not only to overthrow the warlords, but also to overthrow the imperialism on which the warlords depend", and "not only to overthrow Cao Wu, but also to make people rise up without Cao Wu". Now that the Wu thieves have created chaos and done evil, they have reached a full profit, the party is a revolutionary plan, and the government is a self-defense plan, so they have to go out to fight the thieves. This army has served as the vanguard of the national revolution, and the Zhongzheng has fulfilled the great trust of the party and the government, fulfilled the legacy of the generalissimo to fight for thieves and eliminate evil, fulfilled the duty of revolutionary soldiers to save the country and the people, asked for the lives of the people, and had the unshirkable duty to kill thieves for the country, without hesitation. Now he has led the National Revolutionary Army to concentrate on Changyue, and will join forces in Wuhan and Jingjing Central Plains on the same day. I hope that the people and gentlemen of the state, in recognition of their dedication to the people and the crime, will work together to save the country and work together. It is important to know that the freedom and independence of the country cannot achieve its goals without revolution, and the interests and happiness of our people cannot be guaranteed by non-revolution. Beiyang orthodoxy has become the end of the crossbow, imperialism has now collapsed, the abolition of unequal treaties has now become the universal demand of our people, and the desire for freedom and equality in China is the efforts of the people. At the turn of the nation's survival and the turning of the times, it is hoped that all sectors of the country's agriculture, industry, industry, students, and soldiers will unite under the Three People's Principles, regard revolution as the responsibility of all the people, regard Marxism as the only good way to save the country, and unite with the outside world to appease the country. As for the aim of the revolution: to eliminate the remnants of feudalism, to break with orthodoxy, to eradicate the warlords and the imperialism on which they depend, and to actively follow the declaration of the generalissimo in the thirteenth year of the generalissimo's march to the north, to convene a national assembly as soon as possible, so as to produce a unified government of the Three People's Principles, abolish the unequal treaties, and restore the foundation of freedom and independence of the country and the nation forever. The theory of the autonomy of the provinces has long been a talisman for warlords to cut off their possession, and the theory of protecting the territory and relieving the people is nothing but synonymous with supporting the army and defending itself. Pushing his intentions is nothing more than rebelling against the revolution in the name of prolonging the lives of his special class, and finally seeing its collapse and suicide. Whoever uses this righteousness to discuss is true, Zhongzheng will never dare to hear about it. As for the soldiers of the North and the South, they are all the backbone of the country, and except for those who are willing to be enemies of their own army and are stubborn, if there are those who have lost their sincerity to righteousness, turned their backs, and are unwilling to sacrifice to the warlords, or who sympathize with the revolution and do not have the poisonous scheme of Chinese imperialism to kill each other with China, all of them will be regarded as comrades and will be safe and secure together. The only way to go out today is to woo Wu, that is, because Wu thief is the orthodoxy of the Beiyang warlords, the lackey of imperialism, and the obstacle to the national revolution. The invincibility of the armed forces of the people and the indestructibility of the army of the individuals are the infallibility of the army, which is also beneficial to those who look at the past history of the warlords. The warlords regard the army as their personal property, and the National Revolutionary Army is the army owned by the whole people, respecting the will of the people, obeying the people's orders, taking the people as the foundation, and taking the doctrine as the basis. However, the military personnel of the whole country will unite as one, participate in the revolutionary front, jointly resist the humiliation, and achieve the goal of the party's prime minister to save the country and save the people. In the course of the revolution, if we can shorten the period of war and alleviate suffering, we will not be left behind. Only revolution is not thorough, appeasement is turned to nurturing traitors, and eliminating evil without exhausting everything is enough to cause chaos. Adhering to the will of the former generalissimo and bearing the great trust of the party and the state, the Chinese National Revolution is not completed for a day, that is, the responsibility of the Central Committee is not completed, and the suffering of 40,000,000 compatriots is not removed, that is, the responsibility of the Central Committee is not resolved. Fight my spear, tart the beetle of the other country, sacrifice my life, and save my livelihood. If the people of the country do not want the nation to perish, but regard the interests of the country and the nation above the interests of their own and political parties, they should no longer be able to do so.

On August 16, the 15th year of the Republic of China, Jiang Zhongzheng, commander-in-chief of the National Revolutionary Army, was in Changsha.

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