Declaration of the National Revolutionary Army's Northern Expedition

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The Chinese Kuomintang sent a declaration of the Northern Expedition for the National Revolutionary Army

-- Adopted and published by the Central Executive Committee on July 4, 15th year of the Republic of China

The hardships of the Chinese people are extremely severe today: the peasants who speak of their blood and sweat have been plundered by the soldiers and bandits, and have made special contributions in advance, and they have no end in their efforts, they have worked hard all year round, they have not been able to have enough to eat, they sell cattle in their fields, and they have become unemployed. As for the peasants in Zhilu, Henan, Jingzhao and other provinces and regions, the soldiers and bandits passed, the village was in ruins, the old and weak died in the ravines, and many were captured in the prime of life, the men were cattle and horses, and the women were raped. In other words, the workers can only prolong their lives by working all day long, and they have no surplus funds and little security, and they are at risk of losing their work every day, and when disasters come, they will inevitably become hooligans; at this time, they will not be able to do business, they will have no land, and they will not be reduced to coolies, so as to gradually consume their lives, and they will become starving. In other words, the merchants and the people are oppressed by the foreign merchants selling foreign goods and trafficking in local goods, and the internal exploitation by warlords and bandits, heavy taxes, and overt robbery and covert extortion. In the realm of speech and knowledge, teachers are constantly in arrears of salaries for a long time, and they are worried about sobbing in vain, but they are unable to pass on their wisdom; scholars are cut off from their funds whenever they are plagued by bandits, and they are unable to enter their studies; even if they are intelligent and intelligent, they will inevitably be worried about losing their jobs; as for the provinces of Zhilu, Shandong, and Henan, schools have been closed every year, primary school teachers have been reduced to coolies, and many young students have starved to death, not to mention the fact that they have no worries. However, after joining the army, not only did they still have no livelihood to support, but they were driven to death by the ambitious warlords, and they were so enthusiastic that they did not need to save the people in the face of the Yasukuni disaster, but instead used it to slaughter the people and fight for the fame and wealth of the warlords. As for the entrepreneurs who run the industry, they used to be the wealthy in society, but today they do not sell well, have no profits, the factories are closed, the costs are sluggish, that is, they are barely open for business, and they are trapped in exorbitant taxes and cannot support them, that is, they do not surrender to the warlords, that is, they beg for foreign merchants, and not only do they no longer own their business, but they also lose most of their capital. All in all, in today's China, with the exception of a few warlords, bureaucrats, compradors, and chaebols, the people of the whole country are worried about being old and weak when they enter the country, and they have no place to start a business and earn a living. The economic aggression of imperialism and its exploitation are enormous and have not been stopped for decades. He is the creditor and I am the debtor, he sits without hard work, and I am the cattle and horses all day long, he is the master of the economy and exercises the full power to command and command, and I am the slave of the economy and occupies the position of being driven to it. Imperialism exploited China's shortcomings economically, and even more politically, it used all kinds of traitorous warlords, resulting in crimes that are difficult to describe in writing. The imperialists have not only enabled the warlords to steal political power, but also caused the warlords to steal and sell the country; even though the warlords have forever engaged in the struggle over the wall, causing our people to suffer from the swords, they have even more instigated the warlords to oppress the revolutionary movement and hope that our people will never have the day of self-determination; even if the warlord-style politics leads to banditry, the bandits have become warlords, and the warlords have endless life and suffering, and the people have endless hardships. It is no wonder that the Chinese peasants cannot be satisfied with the villages, the workers cannot be satisfied with the city, the merchants cannot be satisfied with the travel, and the intellectual circles cannot be satisfied with the school buildings. As the intensity of imperialist aggression deepens and the tyranny of the warlords intensifies, the hardships of the Chinese people throughout the country will naturally become worse day by day. After years of warlordship in the north, the government in Beijing no longer exists, and the people of central and northern China have no good government but also no evil government, and they are unable to reduce the existing suffering, nor can they alleviate the rate at which new suffering is increasing. In the past, it was not difficult to turn thousands of miles of land into ruins, and tens of thousands of people into worms and sand, which were nothing more than political and economic slaves. At this opportunity, our party is familiar with the causes and consequences, and is well aware of the root cause of the hardships of the Chinese people, the traitorous warlords of imperialism and its tools, and the only need for China at present is to build a unified government. The establishment of a unified government will be sufficient to resist the intimidation and oppression of imperialism on the outside, and to put an end to the scourge of warlords on the country and the people. If a unified government is not established, external disasters will become more and more serious, internal strife will worsen, and the hardships of the Chinese people will be as deep as water, like fire and heat, and the Chinese people will have no problems.

Our Party has always advocated the use of peaceful means to build a unified government, and to build a government of the Republic of China that should be built by the Chinese people themselves, and a withered people's livelihood that cannot withstand the scourge of civil strife. Therefore, when the prime minister went north, he earnestly convened a national conference to solve the situation and call on the whole country. The imperialists incited the warlords again and became more ferocious. To this day, the idea of convening a national assembly for peaceful reunification has not been realized, and the traitorous warlord Wu Peifu, with the help of the British imperialists, has resurrected himself and wants to follow the wisdom of Yuan Shikai and take a large amount of foreign debt to destroy the movement of national independence and freedom. The imperialists directly helped the Wu thieves to oppress the Chinese National Revolution by taking advantage of the benefits of increasing their income through tariffs and money and armaments, and indirectly sought to permanently control China's tariffs, thus plunging China's economic life into a place of no return. Seeing that the forces of the national revolution were expanding day by day, and that it was difficult for them to succeed in their cunning scheme of betraying the country and borrowing money, the Wu thieves went all out to attack the base areas of the national revolution, causing the bandits to disturb Guangdong and gathering their henchmen to invade Hunan Province. At this point, the party can no longer bear it, but it cannot but be out of one way to become a teacher. Our party dares to solemnly declare to the people of the whole country that the general cause of all the hardships of the Chinese people lies in the aggression of the imperialists and the tyranny of the traitorous warlords, their tools. The only need of the Chinese people is to build a unified government of the people. The experience of the past few years has proved that the imperialists and traitorous warlords are in fact an obstacle to peaceful reunification and the enemies of the revolutionary forces; therefore, if the forces of the imperialists and traitorous warlords are not overthrown, not only will there be no hope for the construction of a unified government, but the revolutionary base area, to which the Republic of China has only hope, will be attacked by the imperialists and traitorous warlords. In order to realize the only needs of the Chinese people, to unify the building of the government, and to consolidate the base areas of the national revolution, the Party cannot go out of its division to eliminate the forces of traitorous warlords. The party asks for the people's life, eliminates traitors for the country, succeeds or fails, and does not hesitate to make any sacrifices. In order to abide by the policy promulgated by the Prime Minister, the Party will fulfill its duty, and the purpose will be certain, and it will live and die. May the people of the whole country who are sympathetic to the doctrine and political program of their own Party on a daily basis change their usual sympathy, and then sympathize with the teachers of their own Party, sponsor their own teachers, and take part in the battles of their own Party; then the overthrow of the warlord forces will be more rapid, the building of a unified government will be more secure, and the success of the national revolution will be more and more imminent.

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