Sun Haiying and Lv Liping, who "moved overseas", have gone astray and can't come back!

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Such a pattern has formed in the mainland entertainment industry: there are many people who have made a lot of money at home, but have turned around and emigrated abroad, including many people known as old drama bones. After all, the actors' salaries are very high, and after they go abroad, they can live a worry-free life, and today I am telling you about an old drama couple.

Sun Haiying and Lv Liping, who "moved overseas", have gone astray and can't come back!

Sun Haiying and Lv Liping, as veteran actors in the mainland entertainment industry, lived overseas for many years after their retirement. Some time ago, Lv Liping spent her 63rd birthday in the United States, and she posted on her social media: She has been very happy so far.

When Sun Haiying and Lv Liping were exposed, after the recent situation in the United States was exposed, it attracted the attention of many netizens. When Lv Liping married Sun Haiying, she had already divorced twice, and after the two of them got married, in order to stay away from the noisy environment in China, the couple chose to settle in the United States.

Sun Haiying's friends revealed on their social platforms: Usually, he and Sun Haiying and Lv Liping often go to the golf course to play, and also posted their group photos under this article. At this time, the majority of netizens were surprised to find that Sun Haiying's figure was obviously blessed, and his posture had changed, and his state was like an ordinary old man.

Sun Haiying and Lv Liping, who "moved overseas", have gone astray and can't come back!

In the photo, Sun Haiying is wearing a sportswear, tanned skin, and a thick beard on his face, at this time, Sun Haiying's image is like a scruffy uncle. The two people standing next to him seemed to be his juniors. In this way, the majority of netizens complained: How did Sun Haiying become like this now?

Recalling the period when Sun Haiying developed in the Chinese entertainment industry, not only his face was beautiful, but his image was also clean and neat, and his current life seemed to be completely self-indulgent, and he did not pay attention to his external image at all. I don't know what happened to Sun Haiying after he went to settle in the United States?

In the early years, Lv Liping was also a big beauty in the entertainment industry, and after two consecutive divorces, Lv Liping met Sun Haiying, their wedding was very low-key, and gradually their husband and wife began to fade out of the entertainment industry. Some netizens believe that the house where the two of them live in the United States as actors must be a luxury villa.

Sun Haiying and Lv Liping, who "moved overseas", have gone astray and can't come back!

From the dynamics sent by the husband and wife, we can see that although the house is very large, but the decoration is extremely simple, not as netizens imagined, living a very luxurious life in the United States, but very frugal, before that it was exposed, they were rummaging through garbage near their residence.

In early July this year, Sun Haiying posted another news, accompanied by photos of the mainland's landscapes, and wrote: "I really want to go back to China to see, but life is too difficult now." From this dynamic released by Sun Haiying, I learned that I now have the idea of returning to the motherland.

The United States has some restrictions on foreigners who live for a long time, so Sun Haiying will express such feelings on his social platform. Later, netizens found that there seemed to be a problem with the position of their husband and wife, and after mentioning their husband and wife with netizens, netizens would be disgusted.

Sun Haiying and Lv Liping, who "moved overseas", have gone astray and can't come back!

Before going to the United States, Sun Haiying had been maintaining his social account, but sharp-eyed netizens found that Sun Haiying was listed as a person prohibited from speaking on his social account. The main reason for this is inextricably linked to some of his remarks.

Sun Haiying has been labeled as "admiring the outside world", not only that, Sun Haiying's actions have also risen to the point of attacking other artists. Even Feng Xiaogang, a well-known director in the mainland, did not escape Sun Haiying's complaints, and Sun Haiying even said that the film directed by Feng Xiaogang was worthless.

Following her husband's thoughts in the future, Lv Liping also posted on her social platform. At this time, the majority of netizens were surprised to find that Lv Liping was already in the camp with Sun Haiying. Japan once committed heinous crimes on the mainland, and after Ampere's assassination, Lv Liping even publicly commemorated Ampere.

Sun Haiying and Lv Liping, who "moved overseas", have gone astray and can't come back!

In this way, their couple's actions caused a boycott from netizens across the country, and netizens left messages under the social platforms of Lv Liping and Sun Haiying: I hope they can live abroad forever and not return to the motherland. What is even more incredible is that although the couple lives in the United States, they have not obtained a US green card, which may be that some of their conditions have not yet reached the level of applying for a green card.

In the data, it can be found that Sun Haiying and Lv Liping are still Chinese nationals, and if they completely get a green card issued by the United States, it means that they gave up the motherland that gave birth to them. At this time, some netizens sighed: It's a pity that these two old drama bones.

The two of them won many honors as national first-class actors, but the final result was that the two of them emigrated overseas. After the recent situation of the couple was exposed, netizens were surprised to find that their overseas life was not as good as people imagined.

Sun Haiying and Lv Liping, who "moved overseas", have gone astray and can't come back!

When the two of them rummaged through the garbage cans in the villa area, they were wrapped up very tightly for fear that someone would recognize them, but some sharp-eyed netizens could still recognize their identities at a glance. For this matter, Sun Haiying and Lv Liping did not deny it, but thought that those who posted the article "salty turnips and worry lightly".

Later, Sun Haiying said on his social platform: He has a good life in the United States, and so far he has no regrets. I don't know if the two of them are cocooning themselves, or if the eldest husband can flex and stretch, and he has been reduced to scavenging for a living.


As a Chinese, no matter what happens, don't forget the land that gave birth to you. Is it really good to be flattering? Are you superior when you go abroad? While you enjoy the convenience of the motherland, please do not forget how much the motherland has paid behind this, and hope that those Chinese who have emigrated overseas can awaken the conscience in their hearts.

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