Thank you for the warmth, the "Iron Lady" has carried a home with love

author:The famous city of Suzhou

Grocery shopping, cooking, medicine delivery...... This is the pattern of life that Hua Min has repeated for ten years.

The only daughter is severely disabled, her husband is seriously ill in middle age, and she has difficulty moving, and fate has hit her again and again, which has never stopped this "Iron Lady". In the Cuiyuan community of Shuangta Street, Suzhou, it is such a disabled woman who supports a family, but she says: "Thanks to the kindness and warmth around her. ”

Today (May 19) is the 34th "National Day for the Disabled", helping the disabled is the theme of this day, and for Hua Min, it is another ordinary day surrounded by love.

"This is a dish for tomorrow, it must be washed in advance, and I will go to get the medicine tomorrow." 66-year-old Hua Min was choosing vegetables in the kitchen at the moment, and after choosing for a while, Hua Min ran to the bathroom again to put bath water for her daughter, she laughed at herself for being a "spinning top" who couldn't be idle.

Thank you for the warmth, the "Iron Lady" has carried a home with love

I can't see that Ren Min, who works well, is 66 years old, and she is the most "healthy" person in the family.

In 1986, Hua Min's daughter was born, and she was found to have mental retardation when she was about four or five years old, and was diagnosed with severe mental disability at the age of 15, unable to grow up, go to school, and work like normal children.

Thank you for the warmth, the "Iron Lady" has carried a home with love

This news was undoubtedly a bolt from the blue for Hua Min and her husband Zhang Peiquan, however, fate did not seem to pity the family.

Within a few years, Hua Min's husband was diagnosed with Crohn's disease, and he was in and out of the ICU three times, and he was rescued many times by intestinal perforation and intestinal obstruction. "Every rescue is in the middle of the night, so I prepared an emergency kit, put it downstairs, and carry it as soon as there is a situation." Hua Min said.

This slim and slender "wealth disease" also has a terrible nickname - "immortal cancer", which can basically only eat liquid food, and once you consume too much, it is life-threatening.

A few years before and after the diagnosis, Zhang Peiquan had been hospitalized, unable to eat for 3 months, relying on a machine to inject nutrient solution from the nose, hanging three bottles a day, making him lose weight from a strong man to less than 100 catties, and basically lost his ability to work.

The loss of a husband's labor force means that the pillars of a family have collapsed. For countless nights, Hua Min was full of despair when he thought of the pressure and burden of life he would face in the future, "At that time, I really didn't dare to imagine my future life, just like a bottomless black abyss, without a ray of sunshine, and even made me desperate and breathless." ”

Thank you for the warmth, the "Iron Lady" has carried a home with love

However, misfortune struck again, when her daughter was 28 years old, she was diagnosed with a paraanal cyst, and Hua Min took good care of her daughter for surgery. However, not long after the surgery, she was diagnosed with Crohn's disease.

Krohn also causes anemia, low white blood cells, poor appetite, and her daughter was hospitalized six times a year. "The situation has been stable in the past two years, and I have an injection every two months", but because her daughter is mentally disabled and unable to stand upright for a long time, Hua Min can only dispense the medicine back and inject her daughter at home.

Now her daughter, who is almost forty, still can't take care of herself, but Hua Min didn't complain. "She was born to me, and I am willing to take care of her for the rest of my life."

Thank you for the warmth, the "Iron Lady" has carried a home with love

Hua Min herself is also a third-degree physical disability, with inconvenient legs and feet, but she worked during the day for decades before retirement, went to work during the day, bought vegetables and cooked after work, took care of the children, and her husband, and she took care of all the big and small affairs in the family. ”

As her daughter grew up, Hua Min grew a lot older, and there was more gray hair on her head than her peers.

The father and daughter's Crohn's disease made Hua Min also have a headache in terms of eating. Both father and daughter are allergic to rice, and vegetables and grains with roots cannot be eaten. In order to ensure nutritional intake, Hua Min juices grains, vegetables, and fruits for her husband and daughter. However, because her daughter is allergic to eggs and milk, she can only buy Ansul (enteral nutrition powder) to supplement her daughter's nutrition.

Changing light bulbs, connecting water pipes, repairing electricity meters...... The very simple things in the lives of ordinary people are "difficult to climb to the sky" for Hua Min's family.

A casual conversation with a neighbor in the corridor made Hua Min unload his guard and begin to accept the kindness around him, "Fortunately, with Mr. Jin's help, I call him every time I have difficulties." Mr. Jin in Hua Min's mouth is a young grid member in the Cuiyuan community, who is usually engaged in home appliance maintenance, "Like the more difficult ones at home, as long as I can help, I will help." Mr. Kim said.

Thank you for the warmth, the "Iron Lady" has carried a home with love

More and more people are lending a helping hand to Hua Min's family, and Jiangsu Mingren Law Firm, a community co-construction unit, has also donated medicine condolences to Hua Min's family, hoping to reduce their financial burden, "If necessary, we will provide them with legal help." Zhang Ji, a senior partner of Jiangsu Mingren Law Firm, said.

Such an "Iron Lady", with everyone's enthusiastic help, felt the warmth, "I wanted to grit my teeth alone and just live like this, I am really grateful for the help brought to us by the community and other caring people." Hua Min said excitedly.

It is reported that up to now, there are 145,000 people with disabilities in Suzhou. This year, the Suzhou Disabled Persons' Federations at all levels, in collaboration with relevant departments, organized 152 activities to help the disabled, bringing tangible happiness to the disabled in difficulty.