"Is this picture cool? I slapped it with my ear! ”

author:Ping An Jilin

Take a look at these photos below

Can you find anything special?

"Is this picture cool? I slapped it with my ear! ”

You might not think of it

These photos were taken by the person

Actually, it came from a group of blind teenagers

May 19 of this year

It is the 34th National Day for the Disabled

We want to take you closer

This group of blind teenage photographers

"I love to shoot the rain

I used to like to take pictures when I could see them

Especially when it's raining

Shoot that kind of thing from a tall building

Photographs of the misty city between the world"

Mention taking pictures

Song Haiyang in the third grade of Guangzhou Qiming School

There was an expression of excitement on his face

"Is this picture cool? I slapped it with my ear! ”

In Haizhu Lake Park in Guangzhou, Song Haiyang photographed the blooming rhododendrons with the assistance of volunteers.

After the age of 12, because of retinal detachment

And Song Haiyang, who gradually lost his eyesight

I'm glad I've seen the world

"I have a good sense of color and shape."

Song Haiyang likes to take pictures

He said that taking pictures would make him happy

"Because I found out what I was shooting

It's not as bad as it seems

And the photos taken can make the people who look at it happy

That's great."

"Is this picture cool? I slapped it with my ear! ”

12 visually impaired students from Guangzhou Qiming School who participated in street photography practice

Like Song Haiyang, he loves to take pictures

There are many visually impaired students


Teacher Wu of Guangzhou Qiming School

and Guangdong Vocational College of Foreign Languages and Arts

College student volunteers

With 12 visually impaired students

Let's go to Haizhu Lake in Guangzhou to carry out outdoor street photography practice

Everyone is following the footsteps of spring

Feel the breath of spring

"Is this picture cool? I slapped it with my ear! ”

University student volunteers visit Haizhu Lake with visually impaired students.

"Is this picture cool? I slapped it with my ear! ”

Visually impaired students take pictures of each other through smartphone accessibility features and voice-over voice prompts.

During filming around the lake

Wu Mingxuan, a visually impaired student, was overjoyed all the way

He almost filmed what he encountered

Every flower and every leaf

Wu first touched the flowers with his hands

Then place your phone an arm's length away from the flower

Point the camera at the flower

I finished the shooting very skillfully

"I photographed the redbuds and was very happy"

"Is this picture cool? I slapped it with my ear! ”

Perceiving nature in a sea of flowers, visually impaired students carried out photography creation with the theme of "spring".

"Is this picture cool? I slapped it with my ear! ”

While taking pictures, the visually impaired students also touched and smelled the flowers.

There was talk and laughter along the way

Wu Mingxuan will take the initiative to take photos of himself

Show Zhang Mingxi, a volunteer who accompanied him

Zhang Mingxi told him

The scene he saw and encouraged him:

"I'm not necessarily better than you"

"Is this picture cool? I slapped it with my ear! ”

Visually impaired students show photos of flowers.

Fang Weihui, a girl from the second grade of junior high school

I also took a serious picture of a daisy on the side

"I'm totally blind

In the past, I had to ask someone to shoot anything I wanted to shoot

And I'm socially afraid

I want to learn how to shoot by myself

Don't want to bother people."

Xiaofang told reporters

She loves to shoot close-ups of flowers

"Is this picture cool? I slapped it with my ear! ”

After checking the distance from the flowers, the visually impaired students took pictures while listening to the prompt sound.

"I'll shoot wherever the sound is

I'm pretty sure of my judgment of sound."

He has been taking photos for 6 years

Kang Jinyuan, a sophomore in high school, said

When I was in the fifth grade of elementary school

I have joined the photography interest group

"I didn't think about it so much when I was younger

I just think that blind people can take pictures, which is very handsome."

"Is this picture cool? I slapped it with my ear! ”

Kang Jinyuan is "touching" the weather and recording the moment of rain with his mobile phone.

Non-Visual Photography Group at Kai Ming School

The person in charge, Mr. Guo Feng, told reporters

Activities for visually impaired students to try their hand at photography

It started in 2014

It's been 10 years now

"Hope visually impaired students

Express yourself through this form of creation

also let more general public

Get to know the hearts and minds of our visually impaired students

Construct a visually impaired student

Communication with the public"

Guo Feng said

With the help of photography

Visually impaired students can exercise their courage

So as to better integrate into society

Get out there and learn about the world

"Is this picture cool? I slapped it with my ear! ”

Students practise taking solo shots of each other at arm's length apart.

Teacher Wu, who participated in the teaching of non-visual photography, said

Non-visual photography is the most significant

It's to get students out there

Don't always stay in a closed place

"Is this picture cool? I slapped it with my ear! ”

Teacher Wu teaches visually impaired students to photograph raindrops.

"I can't see it though

But the other senses of the student are normal

Take the initiative to go out and take pictures

The whole person's mentality will be different

I want them to care about society as a whole

Pay attention to what's going on around you

And it was recorded with the camera

Write a good shooting note"

Teacher Wu said

"Is this picture cool? I slapped it with my ear! ”

Visually impaired students show their photos in the circle of friends.

Reporter's Notes

Teacher Wu asked me to teach a photography lesson to the children, and when I made a PPT, I was very distressed, because looking at the photos I took in the past, it was difficult for me to find one taken with other senses other than vision.

Because of the visibility, I focused too much on light and shadow, form, composition, foreground and background, and neglected the influence of other senses on the photo. So I grabbed my camera and walked to the Guangzhou Cultural Center, not far from my home, intending to close my eyes and photograph the hydrangeas there and feel what it was like to shoot in the dark.

I tried to walk slowly through the blind road to the cultural center, but I couldn't help but open my eyes and check the road conditions from time to time because of the sound of cars. In the process, I photographed hibiscus and hydrangeas by touch, and it turned out that "blind shooting" was more difficult than I thought. First of all, people will unconsciously feel a little anxious in the dark, and it is not easy to pay attention to taking pictures; Secondly, although I touched the direction of the flower with my hand, it was really easy to shoot crookedly by feeling, and sometimes only half of the flower was included in the frame, and the other half was out of the frame.

I was deeply touched by this experience, as it turned out that the visually impaired students had fully experienced the scenes in these images before the shooting. Whether it is the roar of cars on the road or the soft touch of flowers, I feel it in advance with my heart or hands.

"Is this picture cool? I slapped it with my ear! ”

On the wall of the school building of Qiming School is written: "The light is in front of our eyes, and the light is in our hearts......"

Looking at the photos taken by the visually impaired students who have graduated from Kai Ming School, some of the neat pictures are surprising, and people with healthy eyes may not be so right. Others, on the other hand, are emotional, out-of-focus but beautiful. Their photos are full of emotion, and you can get a glimpse into their inner world through those photos. It's not easy to photograph something and express your true feelings, but they did it.

Source: People's Daily

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