Are the Celtics hot-knocked out today? Well, not yet

The Celtics chased 2-3 and got one step closer to the heat.

Trailing 3-0, he did not collapse and recovered two games: the victory of the whole team.

When the heat led 3-0, the heat side was Jimmy averaging 27 points per game and three teammates averaging 16+ per game; On the Celtics side, Tatum averaged 28 points per game, Jaylen averaged 16+ points per game, and no teammates averaged 12 points per game.

Today the Celtics scored 21+ points in four people, and it was the whole team.

Tatum only scored 21 points — but overall, it was his second-best playoff game this season:

Second only to the seventh game against Philadelphia with 51 points.

In the second half of the last game, Tatum continued to shoot assists, covering 40 of the Celtics' 66 points, 33 points in the game; Today the heat obviously didn't want him to attack like this, Tatum himself understood.

Tatum had the second-highest 11 assists of his playoff career today, including six three-pointers.

— His playoff career-high 13 assists were in last year's Finals game.

Today, the Celtics had the second-highest assists, Horford — five assists — and three of them were when Tatum was pinched and split to Horford, who rushed to open "Curry→ dreaming → open" assists.

Namely: Tatum's direct passing + instigation, which produced 9 of the Celtics' 16 three-pointers.

"You guys want to surround Tatum, right? Surround it! ”

With Tatum + Horford, the rest of the Celtics don't have to rush to the ball: White, Smart and Jaylen combined for 5 assists, but combined for 68 points. Counterattacks, open positions, weak side raids.

Jaylen had just one more mistake today: after 11 errors in the first three games were 3-0, the last two games counted 2 turnovers.

Of course, he still has a little omission, and Jaylen defends Jimmy in the opening scene, and is dangled by Jimmy again: after all, he has always been fiery in defensive small details, and the reverse is manic, not accurate.

Are the Celtics hot-knocked out today? Well, not yet

(Harden brushed his beard somewhere far away)

But then the Celtic offensive began with him.

Tatum opened with a counter-attack, one dragon after another, to make the Celtics 6-4 and hot on the pinch.

Tatum→ Horford→ Jaylen on 3-pointers, 9-5.

Are the Celtics hot-knocked out today? Well, not yet

Jaylen cut Lowry's pass to Loew and launched a counterattack, and Tatum found Smart to make a three-pointer, 12-5.

Are the Celtics hot-knocked out today? Well, not yet

White blocked Jimmy's layup, Tatum → Horford → Smart 3-pointers to make it 15-5.

The heat was put on a halt and Horford rebounded back to Tatum, who made a 3-pointer 18-5.

Horford switched defenses to lock Jimmy, Horford took empty Adebayo, Jimmy took empty Jimmy, White himself hit a shot, 20-5.

Adebayo returned with a layup, and Jaylen made a Wade-style jump to White for a 3-pointer: 23-7.

Are the Celtics hot-knocked out today? Well, not yet

At this point, the game is actually all into the rhythm of the Celtics. Tatum's 12 points in the first quarter, as well as a wonderful passing organization, directly threw off the point difference.

Vincent is not there, and the hot backfield is already stretched thin to handle the ball. It also allowed the Celtics to put pressure on the ball: they made 10 errors in the first half.

At home, lead by 16 points, and then relax and play.

In addition to Tatum's passing today, the Celtics have two places where they are extremely attentive:

After Jaylen was dangled by Jimmy in the opening scene, the Celtics didn't use Jaylen much to counter Jimmy.

White, who is one size smaller than Jimmy, Horford, Tatum, Lowe, and Horford, one size older than Jimmy, take turns.

Are the Celtics hot-knocked out today? Well, not yet

——Probably, for Jimmy's kind of lower plate carrying + fake action rubbing and fighting, Jaylen is easy to eat; Horford and Lowe both followed Jimmy and interfered with the shot; White is on top of the set and doesn't interfere with the shot. After Jimmy hit Jaylen in the opening game, he missed 5 consecutive shots; Ate a few White in the second half, but failed to get up.

Referring to Gwee's cover of Jimmy in the last game, the Celtics team clearly put enough thought into it. For example, when Dunroe broke through, Horford ignored it more than once; Jimmy wanted to carry the ball to the basket, and the Celtics switched defenses to fill in.

A very obvious moment in the second half:

Jimmy is blocked by Smart and feeds the ball to Hayssmith; Gwey prioritized blocking Jimmy, Tatum guarded at the three-point line, preferring to let Haysmith dunk and not let Jimmy comfortably back Smart.

Are the Celtics hot-knocked out today? Well, not yet

So Jimmy was a game-low -24 today.

The heat scored 52 inside and he had only 4 points:

Celtic: Anyone can put in the inside, Jimmy, no.

On the other hand, the Celtics attacked many times, all dragging Adebayo out of the box, while keeping Jimmy in cover: take away the two strongest people in the hot rotation, and the space will naturally be large.

Are the Celtics hot-knocked out today? Well, not yet

Jimmy basically couldn't defend anyone today, and the one who interfered with the most shots from the hot team was Strus.

Dodging Jimmy and Adebayo Shot, that's where the Celtics are smart today.

——So, back to today's key:

Tatum's passes, 11 assists and at least 4 second assists. The balls were passed to the most uncomfortable places in the heat.

Horford didn't make a single three-pointer today, but he missed a three-point shot to get Adebayo to follow, and then passed 5 assists, which was fatal.

Finally, the real key to the field.

The second quarter played for a while, and Jaylen was the first mistake of the game; In the next round, Tatum made the first mistake of the game, and the heat chased down by 15 points - the Celtics took a timeout.

In the third quarter, Smart missed a pass and was picked up by Jimmy, and the heat trailed for 16 points — the Celtics took a timeout.

Also at the end of the quarter, Pritchard was copied by Haysmith, and Adebayo countered with a dunk to chase 18 points - the Celtics took a timeout and White replaced Pritchard.

In the fourth quarter, Tatum missed a pass, then Horford missed a hesitant three-pointer, Tatum missed another open three-pointer, and Dunro played Horford for a layup, chasing the difference of 18 points - the Celtics timeout.

Then another pause.

Coach Mazura Ken called a timeout, and it was all on the bones:

Not waiting for a wave of orgasm on the opposite side, but when you are suspected of having a wave of orgasm when you are suspected of having cold hands and hot hands, call one in advance.

Therefore, even if the Celtics played average in the second half, the heat failed to catch up from beginning to end.

Jaylen said after the game that now it's a series and there's something to play — actually, the heat is on the tougher side right now.

After Vincent's injury, Haysmies was forced to play 36 minutes today – before today, he had played only 6 minutes in this series.

Game Six is the seventh game of the heat: if you are chased 3-3 and return to Boston Garden with a battalion full of wounded soldiers to play the seventh game, it is hell difficulty.

Now their strengths are only fault tolerance (they can still lose once, the Celtics can't) and history (no team in history has ever turned around after 3-0), and Jimmy Butler's ambition.

In his last two games against the Celtics last year, Jimmy combined for 82 points.

Look at him.

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