Vogel went to the Suns and gave the Celtics a full cauldron

Vogel went to the Suns and gave the Celtics a full cauldron

From the moment Philadelphia finalized Nas, everything quietly began to accelerate. The Pistons took Monty by throwing money, followed the Suns to establish a relationship with Vogel, 31 million in 5 years, and another championship coach is famous.

Much less expensive than Monti, and not as much as Uduka. It is understandable that Vogel has won the championship in the park, and he has also had the disappointment of the 20-21 season, and the year after class is a good cauldron, which is somewhat frustrated. Moreover, the Suns initially wanted Nas but were snatched away by Philadelphia, and it was later said that Monty's assistant coach Kevin Young was trusted by Booker, and the old Li, who had just been fired by Philadelphia, also intended to work in the Suns again, which was equivalent to Vogel being an alternative among the alternatives.

However, after careful consideration, the team management still finalized Vogel, compared to drawing cards to see the face or chicken soup therapy, Vogel is better to manage the defense as the coaching philosophy. This is exactly what the sun needs.

Looking back at the Lakers Park to win the championship, it is not the iron barrel array. As for the offense, let the two superstars think of ideas, quite a practical way to play. It just so happens that the sun also has such two, and the output alone is the top of the first class. Therefore, Vogel's immediate priority after taking office is to build the defensive system as soon as possible, and it may be necessary to make some trades on the roster, such as adjusting the old ones, and adjusting the anti-cleanliness proclivities.

Booker and Durant will definitely not move, and the brothers are the guarantee of the team's output. As an aside, Durant has gone through four coaches in the past year, from Nash to Jacques Vaughn and Monti to Vogel.

It will take time to see whether Voge can join hands to win the crown and achieve the championship ambition, but at least Vogel is a famous coach and has a champion in hand, and his business ability is still guaranteed.

Vogel went to the Suns and gave the Celtics a full cauldron

In this way, the offseason coach shuffle work has roughly entered the final stage. Uduka to the Rockets, Monty to the Pistons, Adrian Griffin to the Bucks, Nas to Philadelphia, Vogel to the Suns. At present, the position of head coach is still undecided, and there is only one Raptors.

The Raptors are not very interested in hiring famous coaches, the King of the North is probably going to open next season, VanVleet looks like he is leaving, Anunobi and even Siakam may not stay, so why spend that unjust money? It's better to go to the second- and third-tier markets to pick a good eye. Previously, they had an affair with Nash, and now it is said that the Raptors will have a final round of coach interviews, and the favorites are former Spain coach Scarioro and Kings assistant Jodi Fernandez.

Of course, there is another team that is in demand for a manager, which is hidden———


The defeat of the army, especially after the defeat of the East in such a humiliating way, the market criticized Mazura badly. I'm not afraid of not recognizing the goods, I'm afraid of comparing goods, how did Uduka bring it last year? After further strengthening the squad this year, how did Mazura bring it? In particular, comparing last year's East Decision with this year's East Decision immediately produced a wonderful ironic effect.

Vogel went to the Suns and gave the Celtics a full cauldron

The gap is visible to the naked eye, no wonder from the Greenshirts fans to Boston local reporters have shouted for "quickly cut Mazura to civilian anger", but unfortunately the decision-making power is in the hands of Stevens, the former ghost young coach and now the team president believes that Mazura should still be given a chance although he has had, and because the East finals are only out of the game, it is too late to enter the game.

So the offseason's task is to rebuild the assistant team for Mazura, especially to find a coach who is good at tuning defense. After losing to the Heat, there was news within the Celtics that "many players believe that the team should be based on defense rather than relying too much on shooting", which shows that Mazura has a unclear understanding of the team's focus and is too addicted to the magic ball theory.

At first, the Greenshirts played a crackling game, sincerely invited Vogel to come out as the chief assistant coach, and then brought Silas to tinker with the offense, which is equivalent to three NBA coaches gathering together and having fun. By the way, there is also the intention of letting Vogel be the overseer to keep an eye on Mazura, and once Mazura really can't support the wall, Vogel can immediately take office seamlessly.

But the ideal can't keep up with reality, Vogel was pried away by the sun, and suddenly found that the rocket secretly drove an excavator over to dig up the old subordinates of Uduka, and the ideal overseer did not catch himself and hitched a few in, leaving Mazura alone in the wind: What do you mean, the commander of the light rod?

Vogel went to the Suns and gave the Celtics a full cauldron

Big living people can't be suffocated by urine, and then they have to work on reorganizing the teaching assistant team. It is said that there are still many people in the league who have coaching experience and are temporarily unemployed, such as Borrego of the former Hornets, Stotts of the former Blazers, McMillan of the former Hawks, etc., but the brothers have a resume but no championship experience, and it is a potential problem to really find them to be overseers.

Moreover, these are currently being coaxed in the market, the Bucks are eyeing Stotts, the Rockets want Borrego, and then hesitate to even have these. Fortunately, Sellars is still relatively stable, except for the Celtics, I have not heard of any relationship between him and other teams.

Isn't it exciting to imagine the combination of Mazura + Silas? The tailwind is not harmful, the headwind is afraid that they will collapse together with a long face, the program effect is instantly full, if this scene really appears, I am afraid that the greenshirt fans will experience the great harmony in life in minutes, and then open the Buddha-free mode.

Yes, through this year's playoffs, the importance of coaching has been widely recognized, there is no such thing as a tethered crown, bad coaches will only mess things up, and good coaches will bring surprises. Just as the so-called poor ingredients, good cooking, can still give a table of delicious dishes; The ingredients are good, the cook is poor, and the rare game will be made even worse than the food stalls. The former is Spoelstra, the latter is Mazura.

Let's take a more exciting idea:

What if Mazura doesn't do well next season and even makes a bit of a moth in the regular season? Stevens personally did not end appropriately, how can there be a reason for leaders to return to front-line positions? It is even more inappropriate to support Silas, this person is the assistant coach of the capable coach Hachiga, thinking about it only to consider the coach who is idle at home and has a championship experience...

Vogel went to the Suns and gave the Celtics a full cauldron

No wonder Lao Li sat firmly on the fishing platform, smiled and said to himself:

"At that time, won't it be the turn of the Hui family to perform again?"

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