Brown grabbed seven undercover and wanted 295 million? Tatum deserves better teammates

The Greens missed out on a chance to make history at home as they trailed 3-0 for three consecutive games, with a huge comeback just around the corner, only to fall short.

From the coach to the players, it is not a matter of one person, but it is also necessary to divide the "main criminal" and the "accessory", such as Jaylen Brown.

Brown grabbed seven undercover and wanted 295 million? Tatum deserves better teammates

In this game of winning and writing miracles and losing with infinite regret, Brown shot 8 of 23 and 1 of 9 from three-pointers, making 8 turnovers, and one person made more than half of the team's turnovers (15).

Seven games in the East final, Brown averaged 19 points per game, 3-pointers totaled 7 of 43, he averaged 26.6 points per game in the regular season, although the three-point is not very accurate, but there are 34% of the villains, selected as an All-Star and the second team of the season, the result is that the East finals played like this, you say undercover is not undercover, right?

Brown has one year left on his contract with the Green Army because he was named to the All-Season Team and can renew his Super Top Salary for up to 5 years and $295 million. In terms of Brown's performance in the regular season, the top salary is negotiable, but the performance of the East final, the Green Army has to think about it.

The advantage of renewing Brown is that the Green Army can maintain the core configuration of the double scout, Tatum can renew his contract again in July 2024, with a super top salary of 318 million for 5 years, and the Green Army can spend crazy money to tie the two together for the future.

But what does this future look like?

Brown grabbed seven undercover and wanted 295 million? Tatum deserves better teammates

Although Tatum played seven in the Eastern Conference finals because of his feet, 14 points and 11 rebounds did not reach his regular level in this series, the overall performance of "Otter Rabbit" in the Eastern Conference finals and even this year's playoffs can match the status of the first core of the Green Army, averaging 25 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists in the Eastern Finals, and 30+ games in 9 games in 20 playoffs, including 51 points in the second round.

Tatum tried his best, but he didn't get the support he deserved from the second in charge. The same is an annual salary of about 30 million, and if you look at Murray next to Jokic, you can feel what level of quality the second boss is.

The overall talent of the Green Army is above the Heat, and Brown is one of Boston's talent points, he has the size advantage of the position, but he has not been able to turn the advantage into the ultimate victory. The Heat used joint defense to limit the breakthrough of the Green Army, Brown could not kill, three-point and scoreless, dribbling was still unstable, all kinds of blind play all kinds of digging.

The Green Army needs to carefully consider Brown's contract extension, does he deserve a super top salary? If the Green Army gives the maximum contract, it means that the salary space will be tied up in the future, their room for reinforcement is limited, relying on double scouts to lead the team, is it already the limit to reach the finals last season?

If the Green Army does not want to pay the top salary, Brown's contract only has one year left, and according to the usual operation, the Green Army will explore the possibility of a trade to avoid Brown leaving. Although Brown pulled his crotch in the East, after all, he is an All-Star in the year of play, and the trade value is not low.

Brown grabbed seven undercover and wanted 295 million? Tatum deserves better teammates

Tatum needs better teammates, just like Pierce back then, he was already very capable, but it was not until Garnett and Ray Allen around him that he broke through the ceiling, which was also the Green Army's closest championship to this day, with a gap of 15 years, and the Green Army has been waiting for a long time.

Tatum is still young at the age of 25, but it does not mean that you can spend good years continuously, after all, youth is only a relative concept, the years come and go in a hurry, and youth is gone.

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