Watch the NBA | Tatum becomes a Butler toy, and the blood is finally legendary

The Heat won the tie-break and didn't waste their advance booking of a ticket to Denver. The Celtics ultimately failed to stage the only 3-for-4 in history, and the legend continued to belong to the Miami team, who received the reward named after the Green Army at home at North Shore Gardens, mocking the full deck. The Green Army is miserable, hoping for it every year, but always ending the season in a way that achieves others and disgusts itself. Although you want to believe that the window for the championship that has been opened to them has not closed, you will also worry about whether this "old" team, which is young but has struggled for 7 consecutive years, still has the heart and patience to continue to persevere.

Watch the NBA | Tatum becomes a Butler toy, and the blood is finally legendary

Why did the Green Army's robbery of seven play like this?

Grabbing seven is a special game, half by strength, half by mentality. The Celtics lost mentality, but not because of lack of experience, and it can even be said that there are few teams in the league that have more experience than the Celtics. From entering the league to today's game, Tatum has experienced as many as 6 steals and won 5 times, last year's 7-steal game first won the alphabet brother, and then in Miami, it left the Heat in front of him regretful. In this year's steal against Philadelphia, Tatum scored 51 points, breaking the all-time scoring record that Curry had just set.

The resume is here, you can't say that Tatum's team can't withstand the test of life and death, they are actually quite good at turning things around, just saved 3 game points on the edge of the 0-3 cliff, and also found some ways to deal with the Heat, gradually building up the confidence to win the series. There were indications that the Green Army had a chance to make history, but they failed to seize it.

Why didn't you grasp it?

Quite simply, the most important reason why it is difficult to turn around 0-3 is that there is no tolerance rate, and you can't afford any surprises.

Watch the NBA | Tatum becomes a Butler toy, and the blood is finally legendary

G7 Tatum hit his foot in the first attack, he only made 13 shots, moved slowly, grinned after landing on a layup, and became Butler's name toy in the fourth quarter. It can be said that this accidental kick basically took the normal version of Tatum out of the game, and although he played 41 and a half points, the value of his contribution was far from the level of the team's top card.

Tatum said after the game that injuries were also part of the game, he did not shirk the blame, and if you consider the process of this series, you will feel that there is nothing wrong with what he said - if the Celtics could have done a little better early in the series and won even one of the first three games, maybe they would not have to fight for seven, and they would not have fallen into the embarrassing situation of having to win four games in a row. The Celtics lost their tolerance to the G7 Tatum, an accident that could be attributed to luck, but the Green Army had to blame for not being able to afford the accident.

The knock-on effect of Tatum's injury was that the main C task, which would have been for Tatum to withstand the pressure, was given to Brown, who ate the most possessions of the Celtics. But Brown failed to withstand the enormous defensive pressure and psychological test of grabbing seven, and he only did two things on the court:

Forced dribbling breakthroughs show aggression, and then mistakes keep coming;

Afraid of mistakes, they dare not dribble to break through, waste the ball by dry three-pointers, and disrupt the team's offensive rhythm.

In the end, he broke his mentality.

There's no doubt that Brown is the Celtics' number one war criminal, but if he were normal, the game wouldn't have gone into de facto garbage time early.

However, I also doubt that Brown can really be "normal" in such a game?

Watch the NBA | Tatum becomes a Butler toy, and the blood is finally legendary

Due to Tatum's own fire-gathering effect, those Brown games with excellent + Tatum crotch pulling are particularly prominent. Let Tatum hand over the identity of the team boss and hold Brown's voice as the fan, from time to time, will sound. After this year's playoffs, that voice should not be heard again — and probably won't have a chance to appear again.

Our evaluation of the Green Army double probe flowers, often put together to talk, praise together, spray a spray, and even the description of their technical characteristics is relatively close, for example, dribbling breakthroughs have a lot of problems, are not good at handling the ball in a small space, not good at reading complex game situations, more suitable for ending the round in a simple way.

But the two are not good at the field, and the degree of disadvantage is also different, for example, Tatum can see the opportunities of his teammates at the far end, and can also shoot reasonably at the three-point line in non-cramped situations, or give the bottom corner of the opposite side in a breakaway. And Brown lacked even the awareness to read the game, some obvious opportunities he didn't see from the start.

Brown and Tatum have never been players of the same level, but Tatum will attract more firepower as a big boss and offend the group he can't afford to offend. In addition, Brown also has a mid-range shot that is more in line with the aesthetics of old fans, and the style of play is more pleasing than Tatum. But when you take Tatum off and put Brown in that position on Tatum, you will find that even if you go as a squirted "vegetable force", not everyone can do it.

Tatum's ability may not be the boss of a championship team, after all, longitudinal and horizontal comparisons, the level of characters in that position has been too high over the years. In the course of Tatum's career so far, he has encountered more than one historical star, and now there is more than one sharp "offensive ghost" in our league, and Tatum's talent tree stitched with a variety of semi-hanging techniques is really bad compared to those people. However, Tatum is also a qualified playoff team boss, and this description can be upgraded to "the boss of the playoff in-turn powerhouse" when combined contributions, including attendance.

But Brown is 100% out of this division, and I don't even think his current ability to prop up a team as the number one star, and it's not a particularly good second-in-command. In other words, he does not deserve to be paid at the level of the number one star. This may be the biggest significance of the G7 game for the Celtics - between 5 years of 295 million and trade Brown, the Green Army should seriously consider the latter option. Once they fall into a huge salary trap and no longer have the ability to build a top-notch puzzle lineup, their championship window really closes. Now may be the most appropriate time to make a decision.

Watch the NBA | Tatum becomes a Butler toy, and the blood is finally legendary

The injured Tatum couldn't fulfill his responsibilities as a big boss, and Brown, who tried to take over the burden, proved that he was not that piece of material, so even if White continued to play well, he could not save the Celtics again, because the Celtics really expected White to take the big picture alone, and the result must be that he could not continue the magic of the third quarter. The play of puzzle players is intermittent, no matter what, such a key game, the main tone must be maintained by the core.

So, even if Butler only shoots 48.5% from the field, his large number of shots and possession of the ball in G7 is still important - having this anchor will minimize the team's sense of panic and improve the sense of safety of others.

Of course, the most important surprise for the Heat to win the series was their puzzle. Although after the second round of the playoffs, our assessment of the Green Army and Heat's puzzle players has changed somewhat:

The Green Army was once considered to have the unique puzzle quality in the league, but after Horford lost three points, Gwee lost the trust of the coach, and Lowe's defensive value was not as good as last year, the Green Army's puzzle advantage was mainly concentrated on the three point guards in the backcourt, rather than the full position;

The state of the Heat puzzle is good and bad, and it is difficult to predict when to play. But you can't ignore their presence, and in the first two rounds of the playoffs, they did one thing - maybe they couldn't shoot, but don't question the tactical literacy and selection ability of the Heat puzzle, which has a terrible calmness and a high level of confidence when it comes to creating, finding, and weighing mobile phone games.

Watch the NBA | Tatum becomes a Butler toy, and the blood is finally legendary

One drop and one liter changes the balance of strength between the two sides, which is why, although we know that the Green Army has the advantage on paper, we will also expect the Heat to create miracles.

However, will you think of Dunroe suddenly changing from an 80% shot at the three-point line with a huge crosshairs to a 7-game quasi-5-game strategic weapon that can shoot, burst, pass, and threaten both inside and outside?

Do you think that Vincent's originally unreliable self-confidence is not only accurate, but also the timing is just right, can send coquettish feeding cakes and sudden points, and can more than once tease Horford with a breakthrough footstep that changes the rhythm?

Do you think that Martin, who expected to be eaten by Lowe in the game "Fighting Chess", not only responded accurately to the vacant spot, but also repeatedly shot into the middle distance with a superstar posture to snatch 5 East Final MVP votes from Butler?

Where to make sense?

Where to make sense?

Where to make sense?

Martin, Vincent, Dunroe, the strong explosion of this trio is the most important X-factor for the Heat to win the East finals, and it's hard to understand why these puzzle players are so good at the Heat. Last year's playoffs, this year's regular season, they are not at this level?

You wouldn't even expect them to grow into such a "star-like" form one day, only applauding and cheering for them when they became Poole's dream of being themselves. Then, in the afternoon of regaining his composure, he sat silently in the corner of the café and continued to wonder - why is this?

Watch the NBA | Tatum becomes a Butler toy, and the blood is finally legendary

I can only attribute it to the fact that the Heat team has a certain passive attribute, which is what we call "team culture", such as Spoo's disdain after the 3-3 tie, Butler's optimism in the locker room, and their "arrogance" in booking tickets in advance. Miami has a kind of unscrupulous love for whom, Spall said, "the Heat is not easy", and almost every one of them comes from the bottom of the NBA world, a bunch of jerks who rushed out of a pool of blood. For them, every share won is earned, so being chased 0-3 into 3-3 is really nothing. These people have been through the brutal battle royale of professional survival, and if you are afraid, the opportunity is someone else's, so you have to be open-minded. Without this momentum, it has long become a metabolite eliminated at the end.

Confidence, on the contrary, is the biggest reliance on the survival of these marginal people in the alliance.

However, how do you explain how these guys who dare to fight can not be separated from the team as a whole when they are full of blood?

Miami constantly showed their integrity on both ends of the offensive and defensive ends, which is what they play best than the Green Army. They let the Green Army figure out how to break the defense in seven games, and proved again in the final game that the Green Army still can't fully understand their passing essentials.

Team and discipline, which require long-term cultivation of preparation, cannot be completed in a series of days, which are Miami's accumulated advantages, which are melted in the blood, so that they can instinctively flow out when encountering vicious and hard battles, and thus complete the balance of passion and reason.

A group of disciplined and enthusiastic youths, isn't this the most combative type of team?

I've always said that the Miami Heat may not be the strongest team, but they must be the best. Whether or not they end up with a true black finish and ending this magical playoff journey with a championship trophy, this team will become legendary. They represent the ultimate counterattack and downturn in all senses, and if it weren't for Jokic, who was born in the second round, Butler would certainly be the leader with the lower pick in the Finals, and the group of drafts he led sang the immortality of the basketball dream.

Watch the NBA | Tatum becomes a Butler toy, and the blood is finally legendary

The Celtics, alas, failed to complete the only turnaround in history that brought them closer to being 3-0 down, and they have to reflect on why they have once again lost the door with such a deep team configuration. What a pity it would be if the Celtics finally went headless.

However, when you think about what kind of group of people they defeated them, from what position, and in what way, they became who they are now, you can only say that the Green Army has gone unjustly.

The Heat deserve more glory and praise than the Green Army, and are more suitable to show themselves on the highest stage, they did not miss this opportunity, the story of the East ended, what a happy ending.

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