Heat nightmare for 3 seconds, everything is fate

Heat nightmare for 3 seconds, everything is fate

When Jimmy Butler stood at the free throw line at the last moment, the beautiful fans on the sidelines covered their eyes with their hands and did not dare to look again. Yes, it's definitely a frightening moment that makes everyone's blood pressure soar and their hearts beat wildly, and once they hit all three free throws, it means that the Heat, who are behind by a whole game, will overtake the score, and it means that the Heat will stage a feat of death and advance to the Finals.

What else does it mean? It means that the Celtics will be reduced to Dortmund on the basketball court, giving you the opportunity to use the classic template you don't use. The lead was 13 points at most, even if the game was still 9 points 3 minutes before the end of the game, the advantage was actually overturned! It means that Mazura will be reduced to a complete clown, and the vast majority of fans are not interested in entangled in details, and will only decide that Mazura is good to die and must challenge, and the original two free throws were corrected by the referee to three free throws.

Jimmy's chest is thunderous and his face is like a flat lake, and all three penalties are worthy of the general. Not only the feel, but also the physical condition looks very poor, and the pedaling cannot be moved, so that the efficiency of continuous iron strikes is declining. But at the last minute, he swayed leisurely, from repeatedly rubbing the whistle to hitting a long shot with a knife in his hand, and then using the Celtics' defensive explanation to eat Horford 2+1, and at the end of this article, the scene at the beginning of this article.

Heat nightmare for 3 seconds, everything is fate

In 4 minutes of life and death, Jimmy worked for 13 points in one go.

The situation took a turn for the worse, and it was Celtic's turn to be overwhelmed. Mazura used the pause to make the corresponding arrangement. The sideline ball was sent out and went to Smart instead of the double scout. From the perspective of tactical initiation, the original plan should have been given to Tatum at the top of the arc, but Tatum was entangled too tightly by Jimmy, and Strus tried to step forward to assist in the defense of the pinch, so White made a choice to retreat:

Put the ball in Smart's hands.

That's right, compared to the feeling of 12 in 0 on the outside of the double tanhua, it is also a way to let Smart pick a hammer. It's just that Stelstra seems to have prejudged Mazura's prediction, and Vincent is also in place to follow the defense. Without a word, Smart who came out to receive the ball only turned around and tried to shoot from distance immediately after receiving the ball.

From the perspective of sideline attack and defense alone, Mazura's trick has been debunked by Spoelstra. There is a real gap between the two coaches, both in terms of experience and on-the-spot adaptation.


Heat nightmare for 3 seconds, everything is fate

Unable to implement Plan A and instead implementing Plan B, White made an extremely reasonable and scientific choice. But seeing that he sent out the sideline ball and slipped in along the bottom line, it was too late for Strus to give up the defense and turn back to chase White. With Smart striking the iron, the ghostly sneaking White jumped up like a god at this time, and shot in the air to fill the ball.

The slow-motion replay shows clearly, there are 0.2 seconds left in the game before the ball leaves the hand, and the goal is valid!

When he boarded the May day on earth, he was happy and angry. The previously extremely excited south coast was rammed back to its original point by a stick, and the huge stadium was as quiet as a library. The Celtic camp, which had already finished a draft in their belly and was ready to engage in a vigorous criticism conference after the game, swallowed the 800-word swear words collection and changed it to collective worship:

Pregnant Daddy? Inadequate; Huaiya? Inadequate; Wai Shen? Barely enough.

It is no exaggeration to define White as a god, and it is no exaggeration to say that this scene will most likely go down in history and will still be talked about by everyone many years later. Because it's hard to say who made a particularly glaring mistake in this offensive and defensive round:

Heat nightmare for 3 seconds, everything is fate

Did Jimmy make a mistake? No, he was in charge of pestering Tatum;

Did Adebayo make a mistake? No, first limit Jaylen Brown's catch possibilities, followed by rapid movement to get stuck;

Did Vincent make a mistake? No, he gave Smart enough pressure to force the latter to turn around and back for three points with difficulty;

Did Martin make a mistake? No, he had to prevent a weak bottom corner Horford from receiving the ball;

Did Strus make a mistake? Again no, the attempt to pinch was to limit Tatum's catch of the ball, and when the ball was transferred to Smart he quickly retracted and tried to follow White, but unfortunately, it was still a step slower. But if Strus didn't choose to step forward and strike, could White get the ball into Tatum's hands relatively easily and let his own ace execute the final blow?

This may be the most desperate place, the Heat have done well enough, but still can't prevent one or the other. That's probably the gap between player talent and even player quality. This gap will form a huge gap when it reaches the stage of victory and defeat of electric flint.

Heat nightmare for 3 seconds, everything is fate

Jimmy was calm after the game, smiling and saying, "I'll play better." After a pause, he spoke:

"We have a lot of good players in the squad who play hard, play the right way and selflessly put the team first and just want to win. We're a great team, we're not going to give up, yes, a lot of us have come this long way, why give up? ”

Chicken soup concentration exceeds the standard but unfortunately has no eggs, previously said that G6 is a hammer sale, the Heat win to advance, Celtics win is very likely to grab seven advances. The robbery of seven was carried out at Boston's North Shore Garden Arena, and the time and place were favorable and morale had to be added. The so-called morale is to point out that letting three chases three will make the Celtics team burst with confidence, and what is there to be afraid of if they have died once? On the contrary, with the heat, they will be annoyed, frustrated and even panic, and the superposition of a series of negative emotions will even lead to the deformation of various technical actions. Man is a mortal body of the flesh, and who can pat his chest and ensure that his heart is as unmoved as iron?

When the Heat is on the verge of exhaustion, what needs to be worried is no longer whether they can turn the tide by grabbing seven, but whether they will grab seven and collapse.

Heat nightmare for 3 seconds, everything is fate

Spoelstra couldn't sleep all night, and in a daze he had a dream in which the Heat was crowned east with his head held high, and then joined the Nuggets as a challenger. There are no nightmarish three seconds, no White's divine weapon descending from the sky, only Jimmy's thunderous "Daddy", and then born to continue the adult fairy tale. The dream is beautiful, but unfortunately when the dream wakes up, only the cold reality appears in front of you. Breathed out a sigh of relief:

"It's all fate."

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