"The Wandering Earth 2" allows astronauts over 50 to perform nuclear explosions, is it humane?

"The greatness of mankind is the greatness of courage, and the hymn of mankind is the hymn of courage."

In the face of disaster, it is the earth that wanders.

But human beings never lack courage.


"The Wandering Earth 2" is the second movie that Pickpocket watched during the Spring Festival.

The most impressive thing was the sentence that Zhang Peng (played by Sha Yi) shouted: "The Chinese space flight squadron, over 50 years old, is out of line." ”

What is the situation here?

"The Wandering Earth 2" detonates the moon program, which requires the use of a large number of nuclear weapons, but the nuclear bombs of each country are different, and the programmer cannot unlock the code within the specified time to let it detonate independently.

To this end, it was proposed to manually detonate a nuclear bomb, which would require 300 people to carry it out.

The suggestion is cruel, this task has no return, but for the whole world, it is the most feasible way, so there needs to be someone who takes the initiative to stand up.

After hearing the situation, astronauts from all over the world raised their hands, I'l go, I'm in, and the registration was heard one after another.

Zhang Peng, at first, did not respond.

When did he raise his hand?

It was the young astronauts around me who signed up and made the decision.

He pressed the young man beside him, and then shouted the phrase "China Space Flight Squadron, over 50 years old, out of line."

The scene hits the soul, and every word seems to be smashed on the audience's heart.

Zhang Peng and Liu Peiqiang (played by Wu Jing) are master-apprentice relationships, but he is not a traditional Wei Guangzheng character, more like a "golden oil", good at interpersonal relationships.

Not only can he not show up, but he also always thinks about letting his apprentices take less risks. In order not to let Liu Peiqiang be transferred to the most dangerous post, for this reason, he also asked the old guy Nov to "go to the relationship".

But in the face of humanity's fateful decision, he stepped forward.

He saw a future successor, so he chose to accept his responsibility to protect the younger generation.

The people over fifty years old in the astronauts are his old guys, and the reason why he made the decision to "get out" is because he knows that the old guys will respect such a choice.

It is not a question of "whether or not", but "should or not".

There is still the last minute left in the nuclear explosion moon, Zhang Peng leaned against the box, the background was the blue planet, he couldn't help but sigh "Earth, it's really beautiful."

Nuclear bombs detonate in a circle and in sequence.

This group of old astronauts over the age of 50 was still stable when they died generously.

The time when the "lunar crisis" occurs in the movie is 2058, and the age of 50 is the 00s, and the 60s and 90s.

It is calculated from this that Zhang Peng is either a post-90s or post-00s.

When Sister Pickpocket thought of this, goosebumps burst out all over her body, and she felt the same all of a sudden.


But soon, Sha Yi's line of "those over 50 years old, out of line" became the reason for many netizens to attack "The Wandering Earth 2".

A female netizen from the United States said,

"I didn't ask the players over 50 what they think, are you willing to sacrifice yourself?" As the oldest person in the theater that night (the last to see were international students in their early 20s), I was silent. Middle-aged and elderly people are not greedy for life and fear death, but they still hope that the decision to be improper cannon fodder is made by personal will. ”

Please pay attention to see.

Here, the American female netizen used the term "cannon fodder" to define these astronauts who died for all mankind.

In her opinion, Zhang Peng's decision was inhumane, did not respect personal will, and forcibly forced people to die.

Just what hat is big, what is buttoned.

Should Zhang Peng say this? Is there a moral kidnapping?

Sister Pickpocket has a few thoughts.


Zhang Peng is a soldier.

Sister Pickpocket once again emphasized, these are all soldiers.

A soldier's duty is to obey orders.

Some professions, do not want to die at certain moments, do not choose. The choice was given at the beginning.


Zhang Peng is the leader of the mainland astronaut team.

Why a tour leader?

The Novs of the same group as him are all big leaders, and his rank is certainly not low.

After determining the identity of the team leader, the weight of Zhang Peng's words was not low.

Look closely at the young astronaut and say, "I'll go", but he didn't finish speaking, just went straight out and walked forward.


The leader did not give orders, the Nov did not make a sound, and the low-ranking fighters could answer questions, but there could be no other queue movements.

Zhang Peng saw the courage and hope of the younger generation at this time, and forcibly pressed the arm of the young astronaut beside him.

At this time, Zhang Peng ordered the people over 50 years old to come out, and the rest of the team made a move and walked forward.

This is called discipline, this is called style.


Zhang Peng's decision, no problem.

Over 50 years old, basically no fertility, after more than ten years of frozen sleep in the future, these people are almost 70 years old, which is the judgment of being able to complete the task while retaining vitality.

It is more in the interests of mankind to let young people take over the baton of a new journey and sacrifice themselves in middle age and above.


Being able to detonate a nuclear bomb and blow up the moon is too romantic for a man, right?

At 50 years old, if he could perform such a task, he would simply be unable to ask for it.

That's to go down in history, why not go?


The words of this American female netizen are pure American brainwashing stickers.

Criticizing the plot of "The Wandering Earth 2" for not respecting will/priority, "Saving Private Ryan" didn't just order a few people and rushed, and brought the translators with him.

"Titanic" said that women and children go first, why did they not consult men, why did they not see you come out to speak?


In the view of Sister Pickpocket, Zhang Peng's voice shouts out the responsibility of Chinese, interpreting what is called "crisis in the present, only responsibility", is a feeling that only Chinese understands, and is our unique responsibility and responsibility.

For a civilization that has been passed down for five thousand years, it is better than a country with only a few hundred years of civilization that the word "inheritance" means.

Why deline?

Because Zhang Peng has relatives and concerns.

Because every Chinese soldier over the age of 50 understands that his sacrifice is in exchange for the vitality of his family.

Because every Chinese soldier knows that their sacrifices will not be forgotten by the motherland and the people.

Took responsibility, but also left the tinder.

When there is a choice, retaining the power that can prolong life is in line with the values of traditional Chinese culture, and it is also the common practice of the Chinese military in the performance of its tasks, and it is an important reason why Chinese civilization can continue to this day.

In times of crisis, there is only responsibility.

This is not only the theme of the movie "The Wandering Earth 2", but also the integrity of Chinese since ancient times.

This was true thousands of years ago, and it is true today, thousands of years later.

Because around us, there is never a shortage of "Zhang Peng".

October 1950.

The Chinese People's Volunteers crossed the Yalu River with great strength and high spirits.

In 1998, the Yangtze River flooded.

Dong Wanrui, with the rank of lieutenant general, held out on the flood control levee for 5 days and 5 nights without rest.

He also led the team to jump into the river, fortified the dam with his body, and wrote the loyalty of the generals and soldiers to the motherland.

May 14, 2008.

A transport plane carrying a dozen young men, each carrying a parachute bag.

A middle-aged man sitting in the front row stood up and said in a firm tone,

"This airborne, the meteorological conditions are unknown, there is no ground guidance, the terrain conditions are complicated, there may be danger, there may be sacrifices. However, the disaster situation is an order, and the people in the disaster area, the people in the disaster area, are expecting us. Comrades, the time has come for the Party and the people to test us. I order, now start the airborne. ”

After giving the order, 48-year-old Li Zhenbo was the first blind jump (with the rank of colonel, director of the Airborne Forces Research Institute), led 14 airborne warriors, and quickly flew to the predetermined area of the epicenter.

At this age, there is generally no need to go out on a mission, but after the Wenchuan earthquake, he did not hesitate to lead the team.

It is also their jumping that has opened up the life channel between the hardest-hit area and the outside world, allowing more people to successfully survive.

A certain brigade of the Air Force Air Force in the Western Theater is the first batch of units of the Air Force to be equipped with J-16s, and it is also a front-line combat unit, which is in a state of readiness for war all year round and faces foreign aircraft.

In an interview with reporters, pilot Zhou Zhenyu said,

"If we are going to carry out a mission, we must let us old guys go first, and many of those young comrades are not married."


"The Wandering Earth 2" national roadshow Shenzhen station, there is such a dialogue.

The host asked a child: "What part of our movie do you like the most?" ”

Child: "Go to the part where the bomb is loaded over fifty." ”

Director Guo Fan raised the microphone and asked: "If one day, when you have to face this kind of crisis, will you stand up?" ”

The child hesitated for a moment and said firmly,


Guo Fan:

"That story is about you."

This is the ultimate romance.

This is the meaning and value of Chinese science fiction.

He will, you will, I will.

We all will.

China's heroic hymns have never been a personal shining.

The reason why our country is as strong as it is today is due to generations of heroes and martyrs, groups of Chinese soldiers standing in front of the people, and thousands of ordinary people, thousands of you, me, and him.

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