Did you find these details and Easter eggs in "The Wandering Earth 2"?

Good movies, detailed, but also full of fun.

The Wandering Earth 2 is just that.

Today, I don't talk about the box office, nor about word of mouth, just plate those surprise Easter eggs in the plate.


"The Wandering Earth 2" was released on the first day of the new year, which is of special significance.

Because this day, January 22, is Liu Peiqiang's birthday.


Shortly after the opening of "The Wandering Earth 2", Zhang Peng chirped to Liu Peiqiang, and before there was a "fried mosquito cake", 500,000 mosquitoes to make one, fragrant.

This and the "Earth Dragon String (Earthworm)" in the first part indirectly reflect the current situation of rapid food shortage of human beings after the great change in the world's climate.

What surprised the pickpocket sister even more was that the "fried mosquito cake" was real.

It is one of the staple foods of local primitive tribes in Africa, and its protein content is 7 times that of beef.


Liu Peiqiang told Zhang Peng at the J-20 that "the earth is not beautiful at all", and Zhang Peng said that "it is beautiful to be alive".

At that time, human beings were under the fear of the solar crisis, and the earth was also full of crises and conflicts, and it seemed more appropriate to leave the earth.

On the way to the training base in Gabon, Zhang Peng told Liu Peiqiang three "can't" instructions - not to fall in love, not to get married, not to have children, Liu Peiqiang was full of promises, but the first time he saw Han Duoduo, he even thought about what the child's name was. (By the way, the image of Han Duoduo's short hair is very similar to Wu Jing's wife Xie Nan in reality)

Zhang Peng also instantly understood Liu Peiqiang's careful thinking, and asked Liu Peiqiang, "Is the earth beautiful?" ”

The 2058 lunar fall crisis.

The nuclear bombs behind him detonated one by one, and Zhang Peng looked at the earth in the universe and made his last words,

"Pei Qiang, the earth is quite beautiful."


When Liu Peiqiang and Han Duoduo were training, a transparent oxygen mask floated in the middle.

The face reflected on the oxygen mask is Liu Qi when he grows up.

After having a love for Han Duoduo, Liu Peiqiang has been practicing hard and rehearsing the confession process. Among them, his action of reaching out to send flowers is taken from Wu Jing's own stretching hand terrier that has been out of the circle for a long time.


In order to get on the space elevator and propose to Han Duoduo, Liu Peiqiang used two packs of "Cosmos Brand" cigarettes to bribe the security check to let him go.

This baggage, very successful.

Mr. Ma Ji's performance of "A Salesman" on the spring evening of 1984 sold Cosmos brand cigarettes, which was a very clever borrowing.


While fighting the opposition on the space elevator, Han Duoduo borrowed a robotic arm and punched the glass of the isolation capsule.

Then, Han Duoduo gave the robotic arm to Liu Peiqiang, and after hitting the villain's face, a part flew out with the words "made in China".

This part became a token of love between Liu Peiqiang and Han Duoduo, and Liu Peiqiang also saw the earth through this ring-shaped part.


Liu Peiqiang participated in the pilot interview and did not cut the label of the suit, probably wanting to return it after the interview.

In other words, Liu Peiqiang's economy at this time was very tight, and the reason may be that the cost of treating radiation sickness for Han Duoduo was huge.

When Liu Peiqiang took the luggage, he could see that the suit was Dior's.


After Liu Peiqiang's interview, he went to see Han Duoduo in the hospital and said, "I miss you very much today."

When Han Duoduo heard these words, the instrument behind showed that his heartbeat also accelerated, which shows that they are really affectionate.

The apple cut for Liu Qi was cyan, because there was no normal sunlight at that time, and the apple could not turn yellow and red.

Liu Qi eats the pulp, and Liu Peiqiang eats the peel, which also proves that this is an era of lack of materials.


When the restoration mission was carried out at the Beijing Internet base, the target floor was located on the 17th basement floor.

At that time, a team member came to a small complaint, "It's good that it's not the 18th floor."

When it reached the bottom, on a real estate agency poster, the price of 2.2 million yuan / square was crossed out, and the latest price was 350 yuan / square.

Tu Hengyu glanced at it very seriously, "It's finally cheap." ”

Very cold and humorous.

Did you find these details and Easter eggs in "The Wandering Earth 2"?


Tu Hengyu's daughter is called "Yaya".

In the movie, Tu Hengyu's wife is played by Tong Liya, and outside the play, Tong Liya's nickname is "Yaya".

And the name "Tu Hengyu" is also a dark line, paying tribute to the "father of computer science" and "father of artificial intelligence" Turing.

Tu Hengyu: Turing's eternal universe.

It is implied that Tu Hengyu will become a digital lifeform, and the fate of the individual is closely linked to the fate of the earth.


After the release of "The Wandering Earth", the phrase in the film "thousands of roads, safety first, irregular driving, two lines of tears of relatives" once became an Internet buzzword.

And in "The Wandering Earth 2", this sentence is hidden in a clip of the training base.

When the coach gave Liu Peiqiang and these trainees the precautions for popularizing the space elevator, he joked, "Check your anti-load suits, otherwise your parents will only have two lines of tears left."

This is obviously playing the "two lines of tears of loved ones" meme.

In addition, the place where Tu Hengyu had a car accident was in Chaoyang District, and the place where Liu Qi drove through in the first part was also Chaoyang District.


Planetary engine ignition signal, the pilot was successful.

Zhou Zhe smiled straight, paying tribute to "Joe's laughter".

The thunderous applause of the audience was very similar to the scene at that time.

Although Guo Fan has repeatedly stressed that Zhou's styling comes from one of his junior high school teachers.

But the "official surnamed Zhou", the Zhongshan costume, and the thin and resolute face, Sister Pickpocket still remembered the great person for the first time.


Why did Zhou Zhezhi force the fire?

What does he mean when he says, "Our people will definitely complete their tasks, regardless of reality or fiction"?

According to the situation, "our people" should refer to the exploration team and reserve team that dived underwater.

But really think about it, this "person" may also be MOSS.

Is there a possibility?

Tu Hengyu and Yaya, who became digital life, entered 30,000 random numbers in the program, which is actually a matter of a moment, and 97% of it is the progress of MOSS stuck.

Previously, there was a close-up of Zhou Zhezhi and MOSS looking at each other.

At this time, Zhou Zhezhi should have determined that "someone is helping us", so he was very sure that pressing the ignition button would definitely start smoothly.

After successful ignition, several flashbacks appeared.

Among them are Zhou Zhezhi, who is full of white hair, and Tu Hengyu, who is wearing a mecha.

From this, it is speculated that Zhou Zhezhi is the identity of the sword bearer.

"The Wandering Earth 3", the scenes of Zhou Zhezhi and Tu Hengyu will not be less.

One more digression.

The order to "ignite" is in the original voice of teacher Li Xuejian.

In the first trailer, Li Xuejian used the original sound, because Mr. Li Xuejian had surgery for nasopharyngeal cancer, resulting in damage to the vocal cords, and his speech was more slurred. But the original voice here, Sister Pickpocket believes, shouts out the momentum and transmits unlimited energy.

The rest of the lines sound clearer because of the AI repair of Mr. Li Xuejian's voice in the later stage.


"The Wandering Earth 2" also appeared Han Ziang.

Act I.

The wedding scene of Liu Peiqiang and Han Duoduo.

Zhang Peng said a little weakly: "I am the man's parent."

Han Ziang asked, "My son's surname is Liu, why are you surnamed Zhang?" ”

Act II.

Liu Peiqiang relied on his identity as a navigator in exchange for a ticket.

Han Ziang hugged Liu Qi and squeezed into the gate of the dungeon, and the fortitude in his eyes at this moment was because the child in his hand was the future and hope, and the inheritance meaning in Chinese bones was expressed thoroughly.

But unfortunately, Uncle Da did not participate in the filming of "The Wandering Earth 2", which was synthesized by CG technology.

During the shooting, the crew went to the beach of the first film again, still the familiar position, or the familiar chair, but only the familiar Uncle Da was missing.

Wu Jing faced the empty position like this, performed it again, and remembered it again.

"The Wandering Earth 2"'s respect for Uncle Da can also be seen from the end of the film,

"I would like to dedicate this piece to Mr. Wu Mengda".


Hao Xiaoxi's name is a homophonic terrier, which means "good news".

In addition, she has another identity, which is the mother of "Li Yiyi" in "The Wandering Earth".

Hao Xiaoxi's mobile phone screensaver is Li Yiyi in childhood.

In "The Wandering Earth 1", Li Yiyi likes to shake dice, nicknamed "Li Changtiao".

He claimed to be an emergency technical observer in the coalition government and had made the "Spring Festival Twelve Rings" program that used planetary engines to perform.

Outside the play, Li Yiyi and Hao Xiaoxi also interacted.


When "The Wandering Earth 2" repaired the root server in Beijing, Tu Hengyu and Ma Zhao's cooperation method and plot development paid tribute to the clip of Li Yiyi and He Lianke rewriting the engine program in "The Wandering Earth 1".

One of them.

Ma Zhao and He Lianke respectively said:

Without hardware support, you recover a fart;

Without the help of hardware, you crack a fart.


Tu Hengyu and Li Yiyi are responsible for software cracking.

Ma Zhao and He Lianke are responsible for solving hardware problems.


Ma Zhao and He Lianke also have similar fates.

Ma Zhao died heroically because the door was stuck and could not get Tu Hengyu's rescue after drowning;

He Lianke also died after being seriously injured by concrete falling from the earthquake because the door was jammed, and he tried to plug in the last plug.


In the two movies "The Wandering Earth 1/2", there are two pairs of close Chinese and Russian comrades-in-arms.

The first is Liu Peiqiang and Makarov.

The second part is Zhang Peng and Nov.

They all made a promise to go salmon fishing in Lake Baikal, and they all uttered the rhetoric that "Russians are invincible in space."

Guo Fan really worked hard, maintaining the continuity of the story and characters to the greatest extent, the ideals and promises made by two generations, like the "Moving Mountain Plan", to complete this unattainable human migration, it takes generations and generations of people to work hard, quite humanistic.

The character of Makarov also appeared in "The Wandering Earth 2".

Nov was ready to respond to Zhang Peng's "300-man death squad", and he handed over the list in his hand to his comrades standing behind him,

"Makarov, you have to remember that Russians are invincible in space."

The camera also gave a small close-up of the then young Makarov.


Nov told Zhang Peng that he should have gone to the moon a long time ago, but Mr. Wang had to let him take another session.

After the space elevator crisis, Nov no longer continued to take trainees, so he and Ma Zhao and his party arrived on the moon.

As soon as he arrived on the moon, Nov boasted, telling Ma Zhao to find an opportunity to show him the return module of the Soviet Union when it first landed on the moon.

This return module has also become the key to Liu Peiqiang's ability to leave the moon.


The spherical steering wheel of the carrier vehicle in the first part is still a rarity in the second part, and has only appeared on the lunar rover where Tu Hengyu is located.

The escape balloon ball, which was widely used in the first part, appears only in the second part to transport the wounded underwater.

The extremely critical spherical "Flint" in the first part was debuted for a few seconds in the lunar experiment in the second part.


The footage of Tu Hengyu and Liu Peiqiang passing by should be a tribute to the brush between Luo Ji and Zhang Beihai in "The Three-Body Problem".

The "nuclear bomb program" developed because of the lunar crisis is even more obvious.

3614 nuclear bombs that bombed the moon are the same as Luo Ji's nuclear bombs threatening the Trisolarans.

The difference is that the nuclear bomb of "The Wandering Earth 2" detonated, and the nuclear bomb of "The Three-Body Problem" did not explode.

It's true that Liu Cixin's other novel settings are about to be prostituted by Guo Fan.

The space elevator of "The Three-Body Problem", the quantum computer that predicts the future in "Mirror", and the digital life of "Time Migration".

Liu Cixin: Obviously, I only plucked a hair, but I feel that I have become more and more bald recently.

Easter eggs and details, the pickpocket sister will list these first.

The rest is up to the audience to explore.

What I want to say is that "The Wandering Earth 2" is a super sci-fi blockbuster with a larger narrative scale, more shocking audio-visual scenes, and a higher standard of production, worthy of the reputation of "Chinese science fiction film milestone".

Thank you Guo Fan, thank you Wu Jing, thank you Andy Lau, thank you to the staff behind the scenes, and thank you to all the audience for their love of it.

Thanks again.

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