The finale of "Crazy" is over! Five truths were uncovered, but three regrets were left

The annual anti-black drama "Crazy" officially ushered in the finale, with criminals being arrested, sentenced, and investigated, the underworld forces in Jinghai and the rulers who supported the umbrella of the underworld and evil were all swept up, and they did not resist the sword of justice out of the sheath, the dark clouds dispersed, and the sky in Jinghai was finally blue!

So is it a mess for this show?

Of course, it can't be said that it is a bad ending, because the last two episodes have come back after all, but it is undeniable that the story and character shaping of the third stage are far less wonderful than the first two stages, and the reason is self-evident, so being able to have such a finale is not a problem of the main creator, which is already quite complete.

Gao Qiqiang, Tang Xiaolong, and Zhao Lidong were sentenced to death, Gao Xiaochen was sentenced to five years, Yang Jian was sentenced to fifteen years, Secretary Wang was investigated, Guoshan Feng was arrested, He Liming was double-opened, Meng Dehai was demoted and retired.

Throughout the entire finale, it also revealed five truths for us, but at the same time, it also left three major regrets.

First, let's look at the five truths that have been revealed.

1. The mystery of Chen Shuting's death

The death of sister-in-law Chen Shuting has always been hidden as a dark line, and as a rare female character in the play, the actresses of the play are absolutely the first in acting. Of course, audiences familiar with the actor Gao Ye know that she has long been recognized for her many excellent plays and excellent roles, but there is no doubt that this is the most out-of-the-loop one. She has always been a supporting role in the play, she has dedicated a wonderful performance in the play, showing her temperament and ability as a sister-in-law, and the Chen Shuting portrayed has made Gao Qiqiang and made Gao Qiqiang fall in love with her deeply.

However, after coming to the third stage of the story, the sudden death went offline, becoming a dark line throughout the third stage, and also became a suspense, and now it is finally revealed, killed by a car accident caused by a mountain peak, and behind this is the result of the contest between Gao Qiqiang and Jiang Tian, of course, Gao Xiaochen is a booster, and the seemingly accident has already buried the disaster.

And Chen Shuting's downline also made Gao Qiqiang begin to lose control and go on a desperate road, tense relations with Gao Xiaochen, take revenge on Jiang Tian, and break with Zhao Lidong.

2, the mystery of Gao Qiqiang and Gao Xiaochen's father-son relationship

Continuing the above, in the final stage, Gao Qiqiang directed and acted in a bitter meat drama, not acting, but really doing, but also leaving a little leeway, after all, as he said, his love for Chen Shuting is pinned on Gao Xiaochen, but it has to be said that Gao Xiaochen has to bear some responsibility for Chen Shuting's death.

Because of Gao Xiaochen's reckless impulse, Chen Shuting was targeted and eventually killed, of course, earlier Gao Xiaochen had created the "228 shooting case", which made Gao Qiqiang fall into a passive situation, it can be said that Gao Xiaochen's successive disasters accelerated the demise of Gao Qiqiang's underworld forces.

So the father-son relationship is tense and false.

In the end, after Gao Xiaochen learned what Gao Qiqiang had done to him, he explained everything and became a key link in overthrowing Gao Qiqiang.

After all, it is not biological, naturally the relationship between Gao Qiqiang and Gao Xiaochen's father and son will never be as close as that of brothers and sisters.

3, the mystery of Huang Yao's character

In addition to Gao Xiaochen, taking down Gao Qiqiang is inseparable from Huang Yao.

Huang Yao is undoubtedly the one who hides the deepest in the play, playing a pig and eating a tiger, and has been forgiving to find an opportunity to avenge his father.

From deliberately leaking important information to Gao Qilan, to video evidence to police Gao Xiaochen, and finally taking away the accounts to lure Gao Qiqiang, although after being kidnapped by Guoshan Peak, Gao Qiqiang desperately rescued her, but did not move her, hate is still greater than love, send report materials, so that Gao Qiqiang can no longer return to the sky.

From the good girl to the final mercy, you can see how much hatred Huang Yao carries, after all, for him, what he lost was his only relative, and this relative was still abandoned by a good brother.

4, the mystery of Gao Qilan's character

In the third stage, Gao Qilan surprised the four people as soon as she appeared, quite a sister-in-law temperament, obviously another Chen Shuting, but in the end, the audience thought wrong. Gao Qilan did not become the second generation sister-in-law, but was well protected by her brother Gao Qiqiang, of course, all this makes sense, after all, as Gao Qiqiang's two relatives, one younger brother Gao Qisheng has long fallen into the abyss of sin, and the other relative sister can no longer repeat the same mistakes, and the younger brother's end is also quite miserable, so everything Gao Qiqiang does is to protect his sister.

In fact, as early as the first stage, when Gao Qiqiang began to blacken, he hid the truth from his sister, so he has been like this since then, and he really loves his sister.

So Gao Qilan's character is not difficult to understand, after the final brother told everything, Gao Qilan was not angry and angry, but understood, and did not want his brother to continue to do evil, so he proposed the idea of taking Gao Xiaochen, but it was too late, and finally Gao Xiaochen was arrested, and Gao Qilan went abroad alone.

5. The mystery of the maximum umbrella

He Liming, deputy secretary of the provincial political and legal committee, is the biggest umbrella for the play.

There must be someone above Zhao Lidong, but who this person is, has never been clear, although there have been hints of the camera before, but the intermediate benefit transmission and transaction have not been shown, and in the final stage, the investigation of the guidance group has been repeatedly obstructed, and only then did this largest umbrella surface.

At the same time, it also reveals who the big man in Huang Cuicui's voice recorder is, and it is this umbrella He Liming.

In this way, the line of Huang Cuicui has also had results.

And He Liming was also double-opened and investigated and prosecuted.

Let's look at the three major regrets left.

1. Chen Shuting's regret

In the end, not only the mystery of the death of sister-in-law Chen Shuting was revealed, but of course, it became a major regret of the play earlier.

As the most brilliant female character in the early stage of the play, and also an absolute helper on Gao Qiqiang's road to success, without her, it would be really difficult for Gao Qiqiang to go further. As the woman behind her, Chen Shuting fascinated Gao Qiqiang and was really able to drop everything for her, you can see how amazing this woman is, of course, it also reflects Gao Qiqiang's affection and single-mindedness.

As mentioned above, with Chen Shuting's downline, Gao Qiqiang stepped out of control, and at the same time the play also lost a stunning enough female character, Gao Qilan was just a false shot, and Huang Yao stayed to the end, Chen Shuting's death is really a big regret for the audience.

2. Gao Qilan's regret

Gao Qilan's regret is not only a false shot, lying to the audience, but also the emotional line with An Xin has no good results, of course, this is also doomed, after all, it is impossible to marry the so-called "enemy", but An Xin's relationship with his colleague Xiao Wu also leaves people with a beautiful reverie space.

Gao Qilan, who was well protected by his brother, made the audience regret, but he was also moved by the feelings between brothers and sisters, how can he not be happy with such a good brother, but in the end, he still has to face the departure of his relatives, which is heartbreaking.

Of course, there are many regrets of the characters, and these are two representative in the finale.

3. Regret of plot deletion

Compared with the regrets of the characters, the regrets of plot deletion are perhaps the biggest regrets.

The story and characters of the third stage have no way to compare with the first two stages, in order to delete a large number of plots and re-dub, which not only leads to a poor look and feel, but also greatly reduces the quality of the play in the third stage, which should be close to full score, because the third stage has to deduct a few points.

The story line of Meng Dehai, Yang Jian, Huang Lao, He Liming and others is unclear, brief, and in the end, they are all forcibly taken offline, and even Meng Dehai is whitewashed, and Huang Lao has no follow-up.

In any case, on the whole, "Crazy" still lives up to expectations, full of strength, breadth, depth, strength, from the actor's interpretation of the shaping of the characters, to the advancement of the entire plot, to the combination with reality, the analysis of social problems, the excavation of human nature, the play is undoubtedly an annual drama worth watching.