Furious: Why didn't Lao Mo stop Ah Sheng from "killing" Li Hongwei, after reading these details, you may understand

Lao Mo, the first "killer" beside Brother Qiang, carried a lot of "human lives" on his body, and he did not expect to die unclear.

Whether the pool of blood that led to his death came from his own accidental injury or homicide?

If he killed, why didn't he solve the mystery after watching the ending of "Crazy".

The author thinks that a ruthless person like Lao Mo, although he deserves to die, it seems a pity to die in this way.

Maybe Lao Mo didn't understand until he died, because he didn't stop Ah Sheng from "killing" Li Hongwei, which would cause such a big backlash, and he also took his own life, and he didn't even see the last side of his daughter.

That time, why Lao Mo didn't stop Ah Sheng's actions, after reading these details, you may be able to understand.

01 Old Mo should not be "addicted to killing"

Since becoming a "killer", Lao Mo unknowingly began to become addicted, and he was excited when he heard Brother Qiang say that he wanted to "eat fish".

If it is said that killing Xu Jiang, Lao Mo can still use the banner of revenge, but from 2006, when Lao Mo killed Li Shun, an honest villager in Mang Village, the author found that he has changed.

Before Li Shun was killed, he also expressed goodwill to Lao Mo, and Lao Li said: "Mangcun is not all rich, my son is not in good health, so I can only come out and do it!" ”

Lao Mo knew that Lao Li's family was difficult and was also a father, so he pushed Lao Li off the bracket without any psychological burden.

I thought he would at least feel guilty, and I thought he would at least blame himself for killing an innocent person when he saw his daughter.

But Lao Mo was not abnormal at all, and even Li Youtian's father and son hindered Brother Qiang's "career", and he also took the initiative to ask Ying to "kill" them.

From here, we can see Lao Mo's indifference, no wonder he kills so sharply.

Maybe we shouldn't have expected Lao Mo, after all, people who can be "killers" will be killed if they have so many concerns.

It seems that having a daughter has not awakened Lao Mo's "conscience".

This is also one of the reasons why Lao Mo does not stop Ah Sheng, kill more people, he doesn't care.

02 Ah Sheng saw Lao Mo killing: "crazy"

Lao Mo and Ah Sheng are actually not acquainted, in 2000, Lao Mo and Xiaohu Qiangge had an intersection, and later he worked as a fish seller in the vegetable market, and he also followed Xiaohu docking, and even Brother Qiang did not see him often.

From Lao Mo's restraint in going to Brother Qiang's house, we can guess that he went to Brother Qiang's house for the first time, and Xiaohu often went to Brother Qiang's house to rub rice.

What about Asheng?

In those years, he was busy opening a PHS branch, busy drunk and golden, and after the failure of the PHS business, he was busy selling drugs in order to fill the hole.

If it weren't for that time when Brother Qiang fooled Lao Mo into going to a foreign place with Ah Sheng in order to play "Mission Impossible", the two might not have said a few words.

If you think about it, before 2006, in addition to Brother Qiang's accidental carrying of Xu Lei's "life", only Lao Mo had his life.

Brother Qiang didn't let Lao Mo appear often, and didn't let Ah Sheng contact Lao Mo, which was right.

And this time, because Brother Qiang lost his square inches, he tacitly allowed Ah Sheng to follow Lao Mo, and Ah Sheng was able to "kill" people quickly.

What does it illustrate?

Brother Qiang let Ah Sheng, who has a "bloodthirsty" factor, contact with Lao Mo, which is his biggest mistake.

The "bloodthirsty" Ah Sheng, watching Lao Mo kill the bald head, he is completely "crazy", like a wild horse out of control.

Ah Sheng had the desire to kill Li Hongwei himself.

03 The old default is: Li Hongwei father and son damn it

Li Hongwei's father and son are so arrogant that they dare to scold Brother Qiang for "smelly fish sellers", and Lao Mo, who is also a fish seller, has long wanted to kill him.

Now Ah Sheng wants to kill him, why should he stop it?

Because of the relationship between Brother Qiang, Lao Mo still symbolically persuaded.

Seeing Ah Sheng's insistence, he immediately acquiesced.

It can be said that the combination of Lao Mo and Ah Sheng is ruthless + ruthless.

Without Brother Qiang beside them, they simply couldn't hold their hands.

Lao Mo was already uncomfortable in his heart, Brother Qiang only let him kill Ah Si, did not let him kill Li Hongwei, finally ran into it, let Li Hongwei go, not in line with his style.

Thinking so, is it better to understand why Lao Mo didn't stop Ah Sheng?

If he didn't want Ah Sheng to follow, he just needed to knock Ah Sheng unconscious and throw him in the car.

All indications are that Lao Mo himself also wants to kill Li Hongwei.

04 Lao Mo is overconfident

In the matter of killing Li Hongwei, Lao silently allowed Ah Sheng to do it himself, in fact, there was nothing wrong.

It's just that he allowed Ah Sheng to kill people with "frozen fish", which is ridiculously wrong.

In the end, Lao Mo has never lost his hand before, and his confidence is too much.

He thinks that Ah Sheng can "kill" Li Hongwei with his bare hands, and having a "frozen fish" as a "murder weapon" is even more likely, since Ah Sheng wants to show off, he will complete him.

I don't know that although Ah Sheng is ruthless, after all, he has no experience in "killing", why does Lao Mo think that Ah Sheng has killed Li Hongwei, and he doesn't even look at it?

It was Lao Mo's connivance and trust that led Ah Sheng to not even figure out whether Li Hongwei was dead or not.

If Lao Mo went up to make up for it, they wouldn't have to "get a boxed lunch" so quickly.

05 Conclusion

Writing here, why didn't Lao Mo stop Ah Sheng from killing Li Hongwei, presumably the friends have the answer.

Old Mo, old Mo, you shouldn't contact the "crazy" Ah Sheng, or you may be able to accompany your daughter to grow up.

Ah Sheng, Ah Sheng, you shouldn't learn Lao Mo to "kill fish", the good time is tossed for a Li Hongwei.

Today's interpretation is here, more wonderful can be seen next time.

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