Meng Dehai analyzed in "Crazy", has his crime been alleviated?

"Crazy" is over, and the drama continues.

Last time we discussed Zhao Lidong's backstage, this time we talked about Meng Dehai, who is controversial about the degree of blackness.

According to the current plot, Meng Dehai is purely dragged down by his son-in-law Yang Jian, and there are problems of negligence and profit for relatives and friends, and he is the lightest violation of all the leaders involved in the case, and the only "backstage" who retreats all over.

However, netizens generally felt that Meng Dehai's crime was "mitigated", believing that he should be an umbrella that could not be shirked in the original plot, and the degree of involvement in the black was far more serious than in the current plot.

There are two main reasons.

First, the plot of "Crazy" is rumored to have been greatly deleted, and Meng Dehai's story line may be compressed; The second is that Meng Dehai and Meng Jue chatted with each other with inconsistent population types and voices, and it is suspected that the lines were changed later.

For the issue of plot deletion, some clips do have some signs, but the deleted content of "Crazy" is definitely not as exaggerated as the online rumor of "100 episodes to 40 episodes", and the parties to this statement have already come forward to refute the rumors.

In recent years, domestic dramas have advocated streamlining the volume, works of more than 60 episodes have rarely appeared, and ancient dolls with a total volume of more than 50 episodes will use upper and lower parts to circumvent it, and the statement that "Crazy" filmed 100 episodes is obviously not true.

Moreover, the early "Crazy" project information shows that there are only 40 episodes, and in general, the actual shooting content is less than 5 episodes away from the original plan, and the difference of 60 episodes is nonsense, and the shooting schedule cannot be supported.

"Crazy" may have a small part of the plot deletion, but the shooting content is basically completely presented, as for the possible small part of the deletion, will it be Meng Dehai's story line? It is not possible to judge from this.

Relatively speaking, the lip shape problem is more proof that Meng Dehai has changed the setting.

Many netizens felt that in the scene where Yang Jian turned himself in, Meng Jue would rather pit himself and poison, not because she could not have both between love and justice, but because Meng Jue realized that his father Meng Dehai was also involved in the case, so he would be painfully entangled.

Struggling between loyalty and filial piety is also more in line with the popular choice.

As for how deep Meng Dehai's involvement is, whether it is an umbrella like Zhao Lidong, or whether he is unintentionally wrapped in it, restoring the original lines cannot be answered, but through the analysis of the plot line in the early stage of the characters, it can actually be speculated one or two.

Meng Dehai's character is a bit arrogant and doable on the whole.

An Xin undercover clip, his dialogue with An Changlin shows the two personalities vividly, An Changlin seeks stability, believes that the rules and processes are done perfectly, and he can only do what he wants to do.

Meng Dehai was very disgusted with this way of being an official, and believed that practical work was the key.

In the story line of Mangcun, Meng Dehai also showed a blunt dislike for Zhao Lidong's obvious profit delivery, and he cared more about career achievements than getting benefits from work, and was complained by his wife for being too high.

From these plots, it can be seen that Meng Dehai has the pride of the literati, does not handle things so smoothly, and is dissatisfied with formalism, so that such a character degenerates for the sake of interests, and personally feels that it is unlikely.

It can be seen from Meng Dehai's insistence on living in the old house, his disgust for the luxurious living conditions of his son-in-law Yang Jian, and the treatment environment after his wife became a vegetative person, it can be seen that Meng Dehai is not a person who is addicted to material pleasures like Zhao Lidong.

However, Meng Dehai will not fall for money, which does not mean that the character is invulnerable.

Remember Secretary Dakang in "In the Name of the People"? His performance at the beginning was particularly like a protective umbrella, and he was once ridiculed by netizens as a "back-pot man", and almost all the dirty water of the villain was poured on him.

Because, to some extent, Secretary Dakang indirectly provides a lot of operating conditions for the real umbrella, which has nothing to do with money or character, purely because Secretary Dakang attaches too much importance to GDP and is exploited by others.

Fortunately, Secretary Dakang pursues GDP and has his own stubbornness, but the arrogant Meng Dehai sometimes compromises with the lesser of two evils in a different working environment.

Looking back at the story line in 2000, you will find that Meng Dehai is dissatisfied with An Changlin's concept of seeking stability, but he agrees with it in action, and the sea hunt agrees to report, and An Xin's request to investigate the ghost is also rejected by him.

He has Anxin-style idealism in his heart and does not want to be eroded by interests, but in actual work, he will subconsciously prefer Li Xiang's pragmatism, and avoid some possible problems in order to get rid of the predicament.

The character is honest, but he wants to make beautiful political achievements, which gives the black forces an opportunity.

In the story line of Mangcun, in order to counter Li Hongwei's father and son secretly supported by Zhao Lidong, Meng Dehai once wanted to use the power of businessman Gao Qiqiang to reduce the loss of state-owned assets, but he didn't know that Gao Qiqiang was a black boss?

No, when the environment is no longer fair, he will also use his strength to fight, but once the right and the business "cooperate", regardless of the initial purpose, the result will be uncontrollable.

Just as Cheng Cheng insisted that Meng Dehai was behind Gao Qiqiang, from the perspective of Gao Qiqiang's competitors, Meng Dehai, who was willing to give him a chance, was a "backstage", just as Xu Jiang misunderstood An Xin as Gao Qiqiang's backstage.

Whether the two will be bound by similar cooperation in the future, the plot is not introduced, but according to Meng Dehai's character and life pursuit, he may step on the line and join forces with Gao Qiqiang, but he will definitely not become a money slave.

The last layer of backbone that overwhelmed this role should be his son-in-law Yang Jian.

From Yang Jian's communication with Meng Jue, it can be seen that the money he embezzled is in hundreds of millions, and the amount is quite huge, even the retired Huang Lao knows that half of the electric group is surnamed Yang and half is Gao, will Meng Dehai be unaware?

Apparently not.

Even, in the cooperation between Gao Qiqiang and Yang Jian, he may have opened a convenient door in order to balance the relationship between all parties and maintain his daughter's small family, otherwise Gao Qiqiang did not need to support a Yang Jian without a foundation.

The black and umbrella pattern of the Jinghai is like a triangle.

Zhao Lidong and Gao Qiqiang are two corners on the table, and then a fork Jiang Tian, Meng Dehai is a corner hidden behind Yang Fitness, which is most obvious in the communication between Huang Lao and Zhao Lidong about the response task force.

He pointed out that Meng Dehai, Gao Qiqiang, and Zhao Lidong must unite, otherwise, as long as one person capsizes, the others will be difficult to protect, obviously, everyone in the game knows that Meng Dehai is the one who really works.

The content of the drama version after modifying the lines should retain Meng Dehai's side of being wrapped up by Yang Jian, hiding his "cooperation" with Gao Qiqiang, so that the character's overturn looks more unlucky than selfish.

More positive helplessness and pathos, less negative mistakes and darkness, logically can actually make up, but indirectly affect Meng Jue's personality, how to look, and see how everyone understands.

In the next mystery special, let's discuss the question that "Crazy" did not directly answer until the finale: Cheng Cheng's death.