Analysis of the characters of the "Crazy" series: The tragic life of "Lollipop Killer" Lao Mo

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This is the first part of the character analysis of "Crazy".

The TV series "Crazy" may be the most popular drama in recent times. The play not only has a tense plot, but also the actors are well found, whether it is the protagonist or the supporting role, the character and actor image temperament are very suitable, and the acting skills are all powerful.

01 Killer Lao Mo with a unique temperament

Let's just say that the "lollipop killer" Lao Mo in the play left a deep impression on me.

The actor who plays Lao Mo is Feng Bing, an actor from Zibo, Shandong, who is not very famous, but his acting skills are no worse than those star actors.

Among Gao Qiqiang's many brothers Ma Zi, Lao Mo can be said to be one with a very unique temperament.

Those cronies under Gao Qiqiang, such as Tang Xiaohu, can only be regarded as thugs at best, not killers. The thug may usually be more striking and looking better than anyone, but when it comes to the critical moment, he shows his timidity and provokes.

And Lao Mo is different from them.

Lao Mo seems to be taciturn, restrained and measured, and has always been polite to Gao Qiqiang, and if he leaves, he has always called him "boss", and occasionally at the moment of showing his true feelings, he will call "Ah Qiang" or "Brother Qiang" according to the old title.

But Lao Mo has a faint murderous aura, a calm and calm aura that brings strong pressure to people.

You see that when Gao Qiqiang asked Tang Xiaohu to look at Lao Mo, Lao Mo lowered his face and asked Tang Xiaohu not to leave, Xiaohu really did not dare to leave, even if he drank a stomach of tea in the afternoon, his stomach was about to explode, but he didn't even dare to go to the toilet.

This is the difference between ordinary thugs and professional killers.

Every time I saw Lao Mo methodically wearing white gloves and holding a lollipop in his mouth before killing, he solved a problem for Gao Qiqiang without moving, and I felt a shuddering feeling.

I remember reading a psychological analysis before, talking about the difference between those genius killers and ordinary killers and thugs.

Those black boss thugs, looking at the big waist and round, walking sideways, in fact, are paper tigers, flower racks, the real killers are never arrogant, the shots are quiet.

And genius killers because they are naturally insensitive to death (others), not afraid of blood, in their eyes, a person's life may be no different from a wolf or a pig.

Lao Mo has the potential of a professional killer, but it can be seen from the plot that he has not yet reached the point of being completely cold-blooded, and he has feelings for people who are kind to him, such as Gao Qiqiang and An Xin, and he treats his daughter Yaoyao as meat on the tip of his heart.

02 Meeting Gao Qiqiang is the beginning of Lao Mo's tragic life

In fact, I have always felt that it is a pity for Lao Mo.

Because, Lao Mo could have had the opportunity to be an ordinary person, but unfortunately became a killer.

Also born at the bottom of society, compared to Gao Qiqiang and Gao Qisheng brothers, Lao Mo does not have such strong greed, he is not greedy for wealth, and he does not want to be the boss, he only wants to earn some money and raise his daughter Yaoyao safely.

When Lao Mo was in prison before, An Xin paid out of her own pocket and did a paternity test for Lao Mo and Huang Yao, confirming that they were father-daughter relationships, and told Lao Mo the good news.

Lao Mo was overjoyed to learn that Huang Cuicui did not have an abortion that year, and her daughter was born successfully, and they were both five or six years old.

An Xin took the opportunity to persuade Lao Mo to reform well, strive for a reduction in sentence, get out of prison as soon as possible, and behave well.

Lao Mo really listened.

After Lao Mo was released from prison, he initially wanted to find a job to do, but as soon as people heard that he was released from prison, they drove him away.

But if it weren't for the fact that he met Gao Qiqiang, if it weren't for Gao Qiqiang's ulterior motives to use him, and deliberately subcontracted his fish stall to him at a low price, Lao Mo might have slowly found a job, or made a small business, supported himself and his daughter, and since then he will really change his mind and become a good person again.

Gao Qiqiang helped Lao Mo, Tang Xiaolong and others, it cannot be denied that he was completely using them, without a trace of true feelings, in fact, Gao Qiqiang 6 years ago was really a man with a relatively heavy affection.

However, the content of these feelings is not high, more is Gao Qiqiang's scheming and use of these subordinates.

The book recommended by An Xin to Gao Qiqiang, the one that Gao Qiqiang read the most, is "Sun Tzu's Art of War". His "Sun Tzu's Art of War" was not read in vain.

Gao Qiqiang only used a fish stall and a rice bowl, and such a "kindness" made Lao Mo grateful.

In addition, Gao Qiqiang deliberately asked Tang Xiaohu to reveal the news that "Xu Jiang killed Huang Cuicui" to Lao Mo.

Relying on these two points, Lao Mo not only re-offended, but also intensified, becoming one of his full-time killers.

Seeing the relationship between Lao Mo and Gao Qiqiang, Dew Drop couldn't help but think of the story of one of the four great assassins of ancient times.

Zhuanzhu was originally an ordinary people, a filial son who respected his mother very much. Just because Wu Zixu met him on the street by chance and found that he was "angry with ten thousand people" and was a fierce warrior and warrior, Wu Zixu introduced Zhuanzhu to Gongziguang.

Gongzi Guang, later King Wu Lu.

Gongzi Guang and Wu Zixu, with generous gifts, came to visit Zhuanzhu and his old mother many times.

His old mother resolutely refused to accept these gifts, and he felt that Gongzi was a friendship, and it was difficult to shirk, his old mother said with tears, what you see is a gift, what I see is your life!

The old mother is deeply aware of the great righteousness, and at the same time sees very clearly, the soldier dies for the confidant, and your son is good to us now, it is nothing more than wanting my son to work for you.

Later, in order to save her son from worries, the mother committed suicide.

Zhu Zhu pretended to be a chef and offered fish to King Wu's staff at that time, and there was a dagger hidden in the belly of the fish, and Zhu Zhu took advantage of the time of offering fish, took out the dagger, stabbed King Wu to death, and himself was hacked to death by the guards.

Gongzi Guang thus successfully ascended the throne and became the new king of the Kingdom of Wu, that is, the famous King of Wu in history.

Careerists, in terms of strategies to win people's hearts, are the same in ancient and modern times.

Whenever Gao Qiqiang wanted to get rid of an opponent and solve a certain trouble, he would ask Xiaohu to inform Lao Mo, "I want to eat fish."

Lao Mo quickly transformed from a fishmonger to a killer, solving problems for the boss.

And in the end, when Lao Mo himself became Gao Qiqiang's trouble, Gao Qiqiang did not hesitate to sacrifice Lao Mo to protect himself and his own brother Ah Sheng.

Sad, chill, this is the end of working for the black boss!

03 A lollipop, a killer, the contrast is strong, and it is also a metaphor for Lao Mo's ending and fate

Lao Mo led his daughter Yaoyao, when he went to Gao Qiqiang's house for the first time, Yaoyao was very unhappy because of Gao Xiaochen's discrimination, and as soon as she went out, she threw the toy music box given by Gao Qiqiang into the trash.

Lao Mo picked up the music box from the trash can again and told Yaoyao that when Dad earned money, he would buy you a new one, but this one was given by Uncle Gao and could not be thrown away.

Although Lao Mo became Gao Qiqiang's special killer, he was not proud of his achievements, but sold his fish as usual, and paid Gao Qiqiang monthly rent.

This proves that Lao Mo is a person with a backbone and is not greedy for money.

It's a pity that these good qualities of his are entangled with his identity as a killer.

Yaoyao told her father that when you are in a bad mood, you eat a candy and it will be much better.

Therefore, from then on, whenever Lao Mo was about to carry out a killing mission again, he always had a lollipop in his mouth.

Lollipop is not only a food that makes children happy, but also can be seen as daughter Yaoyao's love and care for her father.

And listening to his daughter's words, every time when he is nervous, he eats a lollipop, which is Lao Mo's care and tenderness for his daughter.

Daughter Yaoyao is Lao Mo's biggest weakness and spiritual pillar in the world.

Lao Mo's deep love for his daughter is obvious, otherwise, he would not have been threatened by Gao Qiqiang and chose to commit suicide to save his daughter.

However, when doing cold-blooded crimes such as murder, the mouth contains a lollipop that represents childlike heart and happiness, and the contrast and contrast in this is very ironic, and it also alludes to the tragic fate of Lao Mo.

Lao Mo's tragic life began when he met Gao Qiqiang and took over Brother Qiang's fish stall.

From the time he chose to end his life for the sake of his daughter's stable life and for the so-called "benefactor" Gao Qiqiang.

"Lollipop Killer" Lao Mo, from beginning to end, does not make people feel annoying, only makes people feel sad and sighing.

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