The hard-won market must not be ruined by malicious public opinion

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Text| Nam Rumin, Editor| Park Fang

As expected, this year's Spring Festival stall has a wave of accumulation when the first day of the first year is unfavorable.

The continuous performance of the market stop falling and reverse the decline fully demonstrates the strong stamina of the Spring Festival stall, and it is expected that the cumulative level of 6.5 billion + in 6 days of the Spring Festival stall this year will mean that it will become the second in history after 2021. This strong recovery not only witnesses that the epidemic has truly passed, but also sees the rapid rebound of the film market. The fly in the ointment is that some discordant voices and some public opinion operations cast a shadow over this Spring Festival file.

Cherish this hard-won recovery period

At present, the Spring Festival file is still in full swing, seven films and seven types, the continuous market reversed the decline, and the average word of mouth reached a record high, witnessing the best reputation in history. The theater opened, the good film was released, and the audience returned, and the rise in the box office made the entire industry rejoice, but those cookie-cutter arguments, countless voices that appeared back, behind the fierce Spring Festival file, after all, did not escape the discordant sound.

The hard-won market must not be ruined by malicious public opinion

In response to these unwarranted malicious rumors, the film side of "Manjiang Red" has issued a statement, and soon this statement also ranked first on the hot search list. The statement clarified some rumors, which are not only vicious words, but also hurt the entire environment. Even about the rumors of "plagiarism", Ning Caishen personally came down to clarify it. The film side is already collecting evidence, and it's time for those keyboard warriors to pay the price.

The hard-won market must not be ruined by malicious public opinion

The Chinese film market, which is hard to recover, really can't withstand this kind of toss, which is hindering the healthy development of the market. The market is so beautiful and the audience is so supportive, it must not be ruined by a few black fans with ulterior motives.

The hard-won market must not be ruined by malicious public opinion

Every industry practitioner, including many ordinary audiences, actually hopes that each film can sell well and jointly support the entire market, but everyone in the market cannot be a winner, and "popular right and wrong" has always been full of Chinese film big screens, such cases can be described as numerous, behind which there are some fans blackening each other, malicious rumors with rhythm and other behaviors.

At present, the criticism of those "righteous words" of Spring Festival films basically summarizes the following three points, namely "capital manipulation", "ghost field, stealing the box office", and "squeezing the film". In fact, these are clichés, and they are also tricks that have been used before, which are not strange at all, and the general audience base who do not know the truth is huge, and they are often easily misled by such rumors.

There is a saying called "rumor-mongers know better than you how wronged you are", the initiators of these arguments obviously deliberately lead the rhythm, these black fans in the name of "justice", hurt not only a film, but the healthy development of the entire Chinese film market, this hard-won Spring Festival harmonious viewing atmosphere, this post-epidemic period rare market rise moment.

One more popular science

It can be clearly found that this time the rhythm with ulterior motives did not come out of the major films, but from the bottom up, and the voice of public opinion outside the industry is slowly fermenting, taking advantage of people's cognitive barriers in this industry, wantonly rumors with rhythm, in an attempt to incite emotions to force the market. After all, the cost of rumor-mongering is too low now, and debunking rumors often has extremely high costs, and it is never possible to really refute rumors.

This year's arguments, let's start with the so-called "capital manipulation".

Every step of a film from creative planning, script, yard plate, shooting, and release requires financial support, in which each participating company performs its own duties, producer, co-producer, producer, distributor, marketer and so on. Take this year's Spring Festival seed contestant "The Wandering Earth 2", the production company behind it, or the so-called "capital support", is the most, with as many as 39 production companies alone, 22 in "Manjiang Red" and 11 in "Nameless".

Making a movie costs money, and it requires the joint funding of major companies in the industry, and everyone contributes their own resources and strength to help the film as much as possible. But after all, it depends on the quality of the film, we have witnessed too many projects with the hat of "capital manipulation" before, if you can really control the market, it is a blessing for Chinese films, and then 95% of the money-losing films disappeared, and all of them can make money.

It can be said that "capital operation" is the greatest disrespect for all film creators, film content, market logic, and audience choice, and the speech that does not understand the film market at all, and it is a word that insults intelligence. The only thing that can control the market is good content!

The hard-won market must not be ruined by malicious public opinion

Let's talk about "ghost field" and "stealing the box office". It is said that there are many people who popularize science in this kind of thing, and there are many times of popular science, in fact, whenever they encounter a hot period in the market, important schedule nodes, they have to jump out of science popularization once, which is already routine. Helplessly, some people always pretend to be confused, and there are too many passers-by who do not understand, and they can't popularize science, which has caused a situation where it is difficult to refute rumors.

The hard-won market must not be ruined by malicious public opinion

In fact, now Maoyan and Taobao Ticket have interfaces opened by special funding offices, which can query the box office imported by each theater in real time. The so-called "ghost field", also known as "lock field", means that in order to achieve a certain proportion of films in a certain film, the theater will arrange some waste scenes to raise the proportion. In order not to affect the normal business during the day, theaters often choose midnight and early morning, which are completely excluded from the box office and appear in almost every hit film. This is basically a cinematic act, or a fan charter act.

And "stealing the box office" is even more misunderstood, "stealing the box office" refers to the box office of the film stolen by the theater, and has nothing to do with the films of both sides. If it is said that A film steals the box office of B film, it is called "moving the box office". It is true that more than a decade ago, "stealing the box office" and "moving the box office" were common, but now it is extremely difficult, there is almost no operable possibility, and it is easy to be discovered.

Coincidentally, the final "squeeze and row piece" is another old topic. We have heard too many arguments complaining that their films have too few schedules, and there are too many arguments, perhaps all movies will not be satisfied with their own arrangement, they all think that they deserve a higher arrangement, and even think that there is a force behind a certain film to squeeze the arrangement of other films, thinking that everyone is targeting themselves and suppressing themselves.

But the arrangement of films, may be the fairest thing, this is pure market behavior, theaters are not fools at all, especially theaters that have been delayed for three years, are already on the edge of life and death, and will definitely use the most reasonable arrangement of films to maximize their own interests. If you are a theater manager, will you have more than other films in the face of A movies with a huge advantage in attendance?

Of course, there are some other aspects of malicious rhythm, today some netizens pointed out that some bridges of "Dragon Gate Dart Bureau" just happened to be predicted by God with the creativity of "Manjiang Hong", which was originally a terrier played by people who love two works, and it also proves that Manjianghong is widely discussed, is a circle-breaking joke, used by people with ulterior motives, and finally upgraded to slander "Manjiang Hong" for plagiarism, but anyone who has a little understanding of the film and drama knows that the two are irrelevant. It's a pity that the audience who don't know the truth is really brought to the rhythm, plus the hot marketing number adds oil and vinegar, its heart can be blamed, please stop the above malicious rumors!

The box office is bought by ordinary people by voting with their feet. These years are not easy, 50 yuan tickets are really not bought by the people want to buy, behind this ticket, the audience has made repeated screening and comparison decisions, is the quality of the film, is the audience's word of mouth. Whoever sells well, the theater will add the film, and vice versa, it's that simple truth.

In terms of the current market, take "Manjiang Red", the film has been going against the decline every day since its release, and the arrangement of films has continued to grow, with data on January 25, the film got 43% of the box office with 31.8% of the films, from this point of view, it is indeed "film suppression", it was suppressed by theaters, and should get a higher ranking.

The hard-won market must not be ruined by malicious public opinion

The starting point of mutual slander and abuse among fans is good, hoping that the movies they support are good, hoping that Chinese films will become better, but they will often go too far, will be extreme, and even escalate to malicious abuse, rumors and slander, forming a wave of public opinion. Take the now well-known "Manjiang Red" and "The Wandering Earth 2", how can their excellent results be linked to "capital manipulation", "ghost field" and "film suppression"?

Hundreds of years ago, the great national hero Yue Fei encountered "trumped-up" charges, and now many rescue works seem to be deeply trapped in "unwarranted". Thankfully, time will always give the answer, and the market will always give the answer.

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