1 year loss of 4 billion! Xu Jiayin Yimingshan can't afford to play, and the authoritative media unveils the inside story of Chinese football

author:Big mouth said ball

Recently, the authoritative media China Economic Weekly released some data and published an article to discuss "whether Chinese professional football is a good business"? It has aroused a lot of hot discussion among fans, a good business is ultimately to make money, but does Chinese professional football make money? According to a 2017 PwC report, the total cost of 16 Chinese Super League clubs in the 2016 season reached 11.014 billion yuan, and the overall loss was nearly 4 billion yuan.

In the past golden dollar football era, it can be said that many business tycoons invested heavily in the football industry, thinking that they could make a lot of money. After the wind of the Jinyuan era blew, looking back, it can be said that there was a lot of chaos, and some so-called business tycoons announced the dissolution of clubs, some sold clubs cheaply, and even went bankrupt. If you want to be the most popular Evergrande football led by Xu Jiayin, becoming the 8th champion of the Chinese Super League, the reputation of Evergrande football is even more famous at home and abroad, when Xu Jiayin was really unlimited scenery.

Looking back at today's Eight Champions of the Chinese Super League, it has become the object of everyone's pinch, the opening 4 consecutive defeats can not help but make people sigh, today's Guangzhou Evergrande football is a member of the all-Chinese class, and many are young players, compared to Xu Jiayin, who was once rich, today's Guangzhou Evergrande is obviously unable to come up with money to invite big-name players before foreign aid.

Many fans wonder if football really doesn't make money. Let's take a look at some of the data listed by authoritative media guangzhou evergrande, in 2016 Guangzhou Evergrande revenue of 561 million, loss reached 812 million, 2017 revenue of 528 million, loss reached 987 million, 2018 revenue of 603 million, loss reached 1.829 billion, in 2019, revenue of 948 million, but the loss reached 1.94 billion, through the data can be seen that the revenue increased year by year, but the rate of loss continues to increase, many fans wonder what is the catty of this.

Looking back at other Chinese Super League teams, it is reported that Hu Baosen, chairman of Henan Jianye, has revealed that in 2019, the loss reached 1 billion yuan in one year, and Chongqing Lifan also said that in the 17 years that Lifan Group has been in charge of the team, the founder Yi Mingshan has invested more than 800 million, and later after the contemporary group is controlled, it is also investing every year, and the total investment is also more than 600 million, but the team is still in a state of loss, as of April 30, 2021, The club's debt has reached 552 million yuan, and from May 2021 to March 2022, the club has accumulated another 202 million yuan of debt, which can be said to be really not profitable.

On the other hand, the Chinese Super League can be said to have clubs disbanded every year, a large part of the reason is that investors can not make money, choose to divest, many fans wonder why Chinese professional football can not make money? In the final analysis, it is still a dish, and the salary offered to the players is too high, and then there is no football culture in China today, resulting in tickets and some peripheral products such as jerseys, sneakers, etc. cannot be sold at a price.

Chinese football this cake is big enough, before the business tycoons want to come in a piece of the pie, do not know that Chinese football wants to kick out of Asia, kick into the World Cup, get the Hercules Cup is not a short time can do, a loss of 4 billion a year, it can be said that Xu Jiayin Yimingshan can not afford to play, do not dare to spend a huge amount of money on football.

But have to admire Xu Jiayin, even in today's difficult period still did not abandon football, choose to cultivate the all-Chinese class, choose to cultivate China's C Ronaldo and Messi, I have to say that this road is correct, if time waits until the clouds and mist to see the moon, the cake of Chinese football can be enjoyed, only hope that Xu Boss will be able to stand firm and eat the cake of Chinese football.

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