Two beautiful women married into the British royal family, Princess Diana and Princess Michael

author:Meng Yao was drunk and fell into the city

Mention of British Princess Diana is a topic that can never be bypassed, her beautiful appearance, noble and elegant temperament, fashionable short hair once all the rage, and Prince Charles Camilla's love-hate entanglement, tragic lifelong British rose, let everyone sigh for her.

The British royal family also has a princess beauty is not inferior to Diana, and the temperament of Princess Diana is a beautiful and cheerful beauty! Fashion taste is not lost to Diana, the husband loves a lifetime, lives a dashing and uninhibited life, happiness and happiness, but this princess really owes.

Princess Diana and Princess Michael have been in the same frame many times, both are fashionistas, and it is said that this Princess Michael should be Princess Diana's aunt from the generations of the royal family.

At that time, Princess Diana, who had just married into the British royal family, became the darling of the media for a time, and when the media interviewed Princess Michael, what do you think of Diana, princess Michael said at that time that she was sympathetic to Diana who lacked paternal love.

Maybe it was thought to be Princess Michael's jealousy of Diana, but it wasn't until tragedy happened years later that people knew he was telling the truth.

The most common place for Princess Diana and Princess Michael is on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, and the other place is for Wimbledon to watch the game, because Princess Michael is a frequent visitor to Wimbledon.

Every time the two princesses meet, it is a more beautiful scene, but no one is inferior to anyone, it is reasonable to say that Princess Michael's age is one round older than Princess Diana, but it seems that the fashion is not inferior to that of the niece, plus the skin is properly maintained, Xu Niang is half old but the charm is still there.

Princess Diana is gorgeous, especially Diana wearing a headband is full of exotic style, Diana is noble and elegant in ordinary days, but she is kind and easy-going, the interpretation of clothing and jewelry has reached the peak, and the beauty of Princess Diana is full of sorrow, perhaps not confident to accompany this girl's life, Prince Charles snubbed him, and the repressed life of the royal court may not be what Diana likes.

Compared with Princess Diana, this Princess Michael is much happier, when Prince Michael in order to marry his beloved girl Mary did not hesitate to give up the right to inherit the throne, forced to bring this second-married German girl home, Princess Michael's father is an earl, her grandmother is an Italian princess, she was very arrogant from birth, his husband Prince Michael's mother is a Greek princess, these two sons have always maintained their own blood, Princess Michael even claimed that he was the most honorable woman of royal blood after Prince Philip.

Some exaggerated jewelry, if worn on others can only overturn the car, but wearing on him is not contrary to the law, really dare to wear anything, dare to wear anything, but always match just right.

From young to old, Princess Michael has always maintained her noble elegance, her daughter Gabriela looks good, crushing the two princesses of the British royal family, Princess Michael Mary is a happy woman, Prince Michael has been obsessed with her all his life.

Unlike Princess Diana's melancholy and kind beauty, Michael Wong's beauty is a kind of atmospheric and cheerful self-confidence beauty, although Princess Michael's emotional intelligence is a little anxious, looking down on Megan, she directly attends the dinner with a black brooch, looks down on Camilla, the mistress is born and does not care about Camilla, but from the earl's family, the mother has the double title of Italian and Hungarian nobility, and the husband is prominent, she has an innate confidence in the traditional old aristocratic confidence.

Before, I didn't understand why many people said that Princess Michael was beautiful, and even some people said that the land was more beautiful than Princess Diana, I think that princess Diana is better than princess in terms of appearance, but Princess Michael is more confident than Princess Diana, and confident women are always full of charm.

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