Charles celebrates William's birthday and cuts Diana in a group photo, but leaves a picture of Camilla

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Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, the second heir to the British throne, celebrated his 40th birthday.

40 years old, which may be a very milestone for William, is already a father of three children, shouldering more and more royal positions, and is also stepping towards his "throne".

At the age of 40, a mature age, the Queen and Charles's social platform accounts have sent birthday wishes to Prince William.

The Queen's account reads: "Happy Birthday to the Duke of Cambridge, who succeeded second in line!" And sent out multiple photos about Prince William's 40 years of highlight moments.

It is worth noting that the Queen's account put a photo of Princess Diana holding Prince William when it talked about the birth of Prince William.

The caption reads: "Prince William, the eldest son of Charles and Diana, was born at 21:03 on 21 June 1982 at St Mary's Hospital in London. ”

At that time, shortly after Diana gave birth to Prince William in the hospital, she stood in the hospital door with the child and Charles in her arms, accepting the media's posing.

After giving birth, her body must be very weak, but Diana had to hold up her stomach that had not yet fully recovered, put on light makeup, put on small high heels, and squeeze out a smile in front of the camera.

It is said that after the photo was taken, Diana sat in the car, and when the car drove across the street corner and left the media's line of sight, Diana's tears flowed uncontrollably.

How much grievance and heartache are contained in these tears, presumably only those who have given birth to children can understand it.

However, in Charles's social platform account's birthday wishes to William, Diana did not appear.

Charles's staff selected three separate photographs of Charles and William and one of Charles, Camilla and William.

We can see that the first black-and-white photo of Charles holding William in his swaddling is obviously the photo taken by Charles and Diana at the entrance of St. Mary's Hospital after William was born.

However, Charles did not choose to release the photo of the three people, but chose to cut Diana next to him. However, in the photo with Camilla, Camilla was retained.

Some netizens also found this and said it in the reply.

"Have you forgotten a man? Prince William had a mother, and it was Diana who gave birth to William. You actually cut Diana, so shameless! ”

Indeed, Diana was William's mother, and even though Diana and Charles had an unforgettable past, it could not be denied that Diana brought William into the world.

40 years ago, Diana gave birth to William after several hardships, and now Diana is no longer alive, but unfortunately, on her son's birthday, she can't have a group photo.

Of course, some netizens said, isn't this very normal, Charles has long been divorced from Diana, and has a current wife, why wish his son a happy birthday, but also have to bring a photo of his ex?

Personally, I don't think Charles needs to be so shy about Diana, after all, William's biological mother is Diana, not to mention that she has been away from us for so many years.

The so-called child's birthday is also the mother's day of suffering, on William's birthday to send a photo of Diana, it is normal, why bother to cut Diana from the photo?

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