LOL's first hero to dissuade all his best brothers, as a warrior, was reduced to a living on his salary

Hello brothers, I'm Grey Brother. As more and more new heroes with excellent mechanics join the Summoner Canyon, some old heroes with insufficient strength or lack of playability are gradually eliminated by the version, but usually, even if a hero is weak, there will be a group of loyal players who insist on using him, this group is called "Absolute Brother", take the Dragon King, Jade God and Udir, these three heroes have less than 1% of their appearance rate in the passer-by game, and the top five innings have played at least two hundred games, although they are not cold, but they have never been abandoned.

However, there are exceptions, such as our protagonist today, Dragon Girl, who is already weak enough to dissuade the absolute brother! According to the data, the S12 season has used the dragon girl to play the most qualified brother is 416 games, and the next three are more than 100 games, ranking fifth only 55 games, this game can not even be counted into the category of the absolute brother.

There are two major problems with the Dragon Girl

The shortcomings of the Dragon Girl are mainly reflected in two aspects, one is that the mechanism of the hero itself is too old, zero control and zero displacement before level 6, the difficulty of playing wild gank is extremely high, and the three small skills do not have any blood sucking, damage reduction or shield, plus it is a short-legged melee, even after level 6, it is difficult to compete with the version of the strong wild.

Considering the above restrictions, the dragon girl has fallen into a tangle in the choice of outfit, taking the tank route directly into a super soldier, taking the warrior route is not as resistant to fighting as other fighters, taking the AD route, the legs are short and brittle and easy to die, so the players simply choose pure AP, the output is purely dependent on spit after the transformation, the damage after the molding is indeed quite considerable, but the problem is that the equipment is expensive and slow, the early stage is very weak, and the team battle is shattered when it is touched, no big moves are completely useless, basically used to abuse dishes.

Brother Jeongky has a different way to save the Dragon Girl

In the previous redo voting, the Dragon Girl lost the opportunity to redo in the short term, the players had to find another way to see the situation, and recently a set of "ice and fire flow" gameplay has emerged, the core equipment is CD shoes, frost and fire handguards, demon embraces, fanatics (anti-armor), runes with strong attacks, triumphs, double attack speed, fatal blows, magic shoes and astral insights.

The idea of "Ice and Fire Flow" is actually to combine Tandu and AP, so that the role of the Dragon Girl will not be so single, after the Frost Fire Guard, there is Tandu can also stick, so that you can change the red punishment with strong attack to enhance the standing ability, the early wild area will not be reversed, the full skill after the Demon Embrace comes out with magic damage, the Frost Fire Guard passive and the fanatics can provide a large number of additional health points to maximize the Demon Embrace's law force, and the mid-term team battle can both resist the current platoon and spit.

There are two routes in the follow-up, one is to replenish the ice rod, the shadow flame, the other is to supplement the anti-armor, the force of nature, personally recommend the former, the six gods can break through the blood volume of 5000, a mouthful of phlegm spit in the double resistance of 100, the amount of blood can cause nearly 1000 damage, even if it is meat and output. At present, the winning rate of this set of gameplay on the Dragon Girl is still quite obvious, but the appearance rate is still at the bottom, which can only be said to be "curing the symptoms but not the root causes".

Brother Jeong was dissuaded due to version changes

I thought that the combination of frost fire handguard plus demon embrace is already strange enough, I didn't expect that there was another unique brother who created a more bizarre "single salary" game, today's dragon girl is basically deceiving people on the road, so this unique brother simply "puts on the rotten" to give up the line, after the CD shoes and the frost fire handguard make up a stealing blade, the middle and teammates can mix the economy, after the salary is full, there is a law, health, and can also plug the eyes, I have to say that there is indeed a lot of ideas.

However, the bad news still appeared, because the previous single wind woman destroyed the game balance, resulting in all the salary packages have been cut over and over again, especially the more difficult to trigger the strategic point of this change is very fatal, from the perspective of time, the salary package was cut on February 16, and the last game of the unique brother also stayed a month ago, it is likely that the single dragon girl was completely unable to play before being dissuaded.

The official positioning of the dragon girl is a warrior, other warriors in the team battle are a slash two or three majestic, and the dragon girl is reduced to the need to rely on salary to make a living, is definitely a shame in the warrior world, from these strange gameplay, you must be able to see how unhealthy the mechanism of the dragon girl is, I hope the designer can seize the time to put her into the redo schedule.

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