The low-elimination 8,000-piece script kill, I have played something

The author | Liu Xiaotu

Editor| Li Chunhui

"Tickets 2490, service fee 11000, drinks 24888... This number, Brother Feng, you look down, no problem then directly brushed. ”

When the bill was handed over, Zhao Feng (pseudonym) was busy chatting with the script killing assistant, and signed it without looking closely. Hard Candy Jun secretly aimed at it with the afterglow - "a total of 32621 yuan".

Never before have you ever felt the differences in the world so truly. I was actually invited to play a script with a per capita consumption of more than 6500 to kill?!

The low-elimination 8,000-piece script kill, I have played something

After the hard candy jun could not help but exclaim, the friend of the peer whispered correction: "Brother Feng's supreme member has a discount, and the normal price is estimated to be more than 40,000." And if it weren't for his hospitality, we wouldn't have been able to play with it with money. ”

The script-based play team is currently only open to private services, and it is open for less than 6 hours a day. They refuse to accept ordinary new customers, even if platinum, gold and other low-level member bookings, they have to queue for ten days and half a month. Zhao Feng can "cut in line" at any time, brushing a familiar face, relying on the ability to remember how much money has been charged.

Mei Jie (pseudonym), who is responsible for docking, told Hard Candy Jun that they are a sports agency and can provide a lot of offline companionship services. The team has been established for three years, and its business has covered more than ten projects such as business banquets, skiing, tennis, and wine tasting, with nearly 500 assistant teachers.

"This script kills the club only half a year, and the young rich second generation plays more." Elite people like Feng Ge prefer to find teaching assistants to play ball and drink alcohol. Sister Mei paused and quipped, "However, our business is advancing with the times, and members are absolute gods." Sister, if you want the assistant brother to accompany you to work, I will immediately send them to learn to write. ”

Is this a script kill?

Living in Beijing Gaobeidian, we have seen a lot of large and small script killing scenes. It wasn't until after participating in this kryptonite bureau that Hard Candy Jun realized that he knew nothing about the wonderful cultural and entertainment life of the imperial capital. It turns out that high-end hotels can turn big guys into script killing shops.

The low-elimination 8,000-piece script kill, I have played something

After Zhao Feng made an appointment for the service, Mei Jie asked the assistant teacher to contact the guests one-on-one and ask in advance whether the pick-up service was needed on the day of the activity. In this way, Hard Candy Jun appeared at the door of a five-star hotel in the company of Chen Zihong (pseudonym), a handsome Taiwanese man born in 183 centimeters, 183 centimeters tall, good at skiing and snorkeling. (This is definitely the closest I've ever come to the plot of a hegemonic novel.)

The simple hard candy Jun thinks that it cost 498 yuan / person to kill the script without doing anything at the door, and how to pick up and drop off in the same city is a gift service. As a result, the car is free of charge and the teaching assistant is accompanied by a service charge. Chen Zihong is rated as a star boy band with 800 yuan per hour.

We should have known that he was another price, and when sitting in the car, we would not just think about how to show how to operate later.

When it comes to the script killing site, it is actually a luxurious private room of the hotel. Although there are some folding fans and tea sets and other small props at the scene, there is no scene to speak of. Sister Mei welcomed Zhao Feng in, and the five of us had already arrived, and a script killing was officially started.

The low-elimination 8,000-piece script kill, I have played something

It is also from this moment that the hard candy Jun's perception of script killing has been repeatedly subverted. The host sister said that there were only six scripts, and Feng Ge chose a suspense book of "Qinglou Imperial Princess" according to the process of shaking the dice. The general plot is that the emperor's love concubine mysteriously disappeared, so he sent a former female official to investigate the case, and accidentally found that the prince was secretly corrupt and suspected of kidnapping the imperial concubine and imprisoning her in the Qinglou...

Hard Candy Jun took the role of a female official in front of the imperial court. When I first read the script, I still felt quite normal, and when I looked closely, I found that the plot in the second half was sloppy and illogical. Don't forget the hard candy jun of the film critic's old line of feedback without interest, the host said "it's okay, just follow the rhythm of the teaching assistant.". Oh, this is encouraging players to fly pages live.

It turns out that the script that kills the script can really not matter. Throughout the whole process, only the hard candy jun carefully took stock of the clues full of loopholes, and the assistant teacher and the host were busy waiting for the "emperor" and "prince" to drink, and no one cared whether the imperial concubine was dead or alive. Before the female official could figure out the situation, she was inexplicably given five male pets, temporarily unlocking the "side plot"——

The male pets each wore a veil and came in and called "master" delicately. It is said, but it is said, that they have hidden clues to save the Imperial Princess, and the task of the Hard Candy King is to get close to them and find a way to find out the truth. But the five handsome guys open their mouths is sweet talk, which one can stand it?

The low-elimination 8,000-piece script kill, I have played something

The lucid memory of the hard candy king basically stopped here. Half an hour of drama, the rest of the time the whole staff are drinking and chatting. After the end, there was still the last trace of calm hard candy Jun asked about the ending, Sister Mei listened to the haha a few times, patted the "male pet" assistant teacher on the shoulder: "What's the matter with you, didn't let the master have fun." ”

Between the words, she had already handed over a cup of poured wine, and smiled and asked the hard candy Jun: "What kind of ending does my sister want?" ”

What is sold is the service

This script killing game, the whole process of the experience is quite outrageous and hardcore, hard candy Jun has not been able to return the taste for several days. According to Mei Jie's small talk with Hard Candy Jun, our script of that scene is only "sprinkling water" level, and no one in the serious members plays this. "Those who come here to consume, enjoy the accompanying service." The script is just a head start, and they don't care at all. I really want to play the game where to go, there is no need to bother to line up my family number. ”

Conventional script killing stores usually invest a lot of costs in script copyright and scene props. However, these two parts are precisely the least expensive of Mei Jie's script killing and playing business. Since the establishment of the club, her family has only bought fourteen custom scripts, and the cheapest ones are only seven or eight hundred.

"Very easy to write, two hours can be done. We don't look at the specific background, plot, whether it is copied by hand, blindly edited or not, it does not matter, as long as there are specified elements in it. Sister Mei introduced.

The low-elimination 8,000-piece script kill, I have played something

The designated element in Mei Jie's mouth is wine. Although their scripts are also classified according to costumes, suspense, and modernity, the setting never leaves the palace, the blue house and the bar. And wine is an important or the only prop to promote the development of the plot, such as "The Hero of Turbid Wine", "The Son-in-law Is Not Drunk and Does Not Return", "Young People Should Know the Soft Rice Fragrance" and so on.

Each player's emotional relationship must be one-to-many, so that it is convenient to cram as many teaching assistants as possible. The hard candy Jun played, the concubines around Brother Feng rotated on time, and Sister Mei saw which assistant sister was not sacred, and she would hint that the host found a reason to enter the cold palace and let other beautiful show girls fill the position in time.

Why kill this form through scripts? The special places represented by the Royal Palace and the Qinglou can reasonably eliminate the player's moral shame and accept and interpret any relationship without scruples. In the normal script killing field, five men pounced on it, and the social waste hard candy jun should die in shame on the spot. But it was the imperial palace, the emperor gave it, the unsolved case was not closed, and I was just a ruthless female official who made a scene in order to investigate the case.

The script kills the model of playing the club is also quite up to date. Hard candy jun play that game, the per capita ticket of 498 yuan is not much, but more than a dozen assistant teachers can play, two hours to play, the service fee casually exceeded 10,000.

But these are all hard money in the eyes of Sister Mei, and there is a way out by selling wine well. Each teaching assistant is playing with a mission, and they must seize every opportunity to persuade the player to drink, let the player order, and raise the cost of the drink as much as possible.

The low-elimination 8,000-piece script kill, I have played something

There is really no chance, so it is crazy to create opportunities. "After drinking this cup of wine, we will all be recruited" can be thought of. Between the cups, the player's adrenaline soars, and they can drink eighteen thousand at will.

According to reports, since its inception, this sports agency has only done private services and developed members in a new way. In this way, they can do more meticulous and thoughtful operations for high-paying regular customers to meet the changing cultural and entertainment needs of bigwigs, thereby enhancing the stickiness of payment.

Therefore, their Script Kill Play Club is only open to members above Diamond. This means that if you want to experience a handful, the cumulative consumption exceeds 500,000 and the single recharge is more than 200,000, and at least one of the two conditions is met.

"Not everyone can be a teaching assistant"

Where did the script kill the accompaniment come from? Just like making a game to accompany the topic, this question is the first to rush into the brain of the hard candy king.

The low-elimination 8,000-piece script kill, I have played something

At the beginning of its establishment, the company operated in the form of sports brokerage, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other cities, relying on competitions, scouts and other forms to find and develop teaching assistant teams, and slowly established a set of mature incubation models and selection standards.

Smooth strips are the primary requirement. Mei Jie said that although the accompanying play is sold as a service, it still depends on the face. Therefore, people who apply for teaching assistants need to take a set of ID photo level model cards, through online screening and business training, in order to be able to take orders in the corresponding products and mini programs.

In their early years, they would arrange docking people in various places and mix in various schools to find incubatable teaching assistants. After the rise of short videos, things have become simpler, and the company only needs to tap countless handsome men and beautiful women through the same city service of short videos.

The script killing, skiing and other updated accompaniment business, the main consumer members are young, so the age of the assistant teacher is also required. Hard Candy Jun's script killed all the teaching assistants he came into contact with, the oldest was only 28 years old, and the youngest was a newly adult school student.

The low-elimination 8,000-piece script kill, I have played something

Mei Jie said quite smugly that each teaching assistant must have three skills. The company also has training services, and the teaching assistant can pay a little money to learn tea ceremony, calligraphy, wine tasting and other content. In short, a teaching assistant who can't drink, ride horses, or play golf is not a good teaching assistant.

Let's say that the "male pet" Shi Kai (pseudonym) who is deeply favored by the hard candy jun during the banquet is introduced, and the information introduction is called a beautiful. In addition to being outstanding, he is good at diving, tennis, wine tasting, golf, winning gold medals in modeling competitions, going to idol talent shows, and finishing third in an English football tournament (although it is a game that hard candy jun has not yet found).

Young and handsome, Shi Kai is quite popular, and has won the "Star List" for several months with a very high order rate and repurchase rate. Every once in a while, these teaching assistants are evaluated by the company and finally determine their hourly pricing and share ratio. Initial estimates are that a teaching assistant at The level of Shi Kai can earn six figures per month.

The low-elimination 8,000-piece script kill, I have played something

"We have a lot of sexism in this line. Ordinary female teaching assistants are 400 yuan per hour, and men are only 200 yuan. If you play the script for 4 hours, the income is only 800 yuan, the company still has to take half of it, and if you want to make money, you have to sell alcohol..." Xu Yang (changing name), who had just entered the industry, complained to the halfway point, and suddenly diverged from the topic: "Is my sister busy on the weekend, or will I accompany you to watch movies and eat?" ”

Helplessly, the hard candy king has more than enough heart and insufficient money, just the scribbler that this script kills. After listening to me chant who the "Imperial Princess" really was, Feng Ge said that the script actually had an ending. If you spend 80,000,000 yuan, you can see the true face of the mysterious teaching assistant. "When you have had enough wine, people will come."