Tencent Games issued a notice of restrictions on minors on May Day, which aroused social concern

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Recently, Tencent Games released a notice on the restriction of minors' games during the May Day period, which stipulates that minors can only log in to the game during a specified period of time every day, which has aroused widespread social attention and discussion. This notice means that minors will only be able to play for 1 hour a day for a limited number of days in the coming days. This measure aims to guide minors to use their time wisely and protect their physical and mental health, but it has also sparked controversy among all parties.

Tencent Games issued a notice of restrictions on minors on May Day, which aroused social concern

Tencent Games is one of the largest game development and operation companies in China, and its products cover the interests of a wide range of players. However, in recent years, with the popularization of the Internet and the vigorous development of the game industry, the problem of minors' addiction to online games and excessive use has become the focus of social attention. In order to curb this phenomenon, Tencent Games has taken a series of measures, and restricting the gaming time of minors has become one of the important measures.

In this restriction notice, Tencent Games clearly stipulates specific dates and time periods, such as April 26-27, May 1-5, and May 10 and 12 from 20:00 to 21:00 every day, which will be the only time when minors can log in to the game. This limited-time measure is considered an attempt to balance the gaming needs of minors with their physical and mental health. However, this move has also sparked controversy.

Tencent Games issued a notice of restrictions on minors on May Day, which aroused social concern

Proponents believe that this no-play notice will help guide minors to develop good gaming habits and prevent them from becoming addicted to games and neglecting their studies and social interactions. They believe that the restriction of playtime allows minors to focus more on studying, develop other hobbies, and reduce game-related quarrels and family conflicts. In addition, they believe that it is also a kind of supervision and regulation of the gaming industry, which helps to protect the rights and interests of minors.

Opponents, however, argue that such restrictions are too strict and deprive minors of their right to free choice. They argue that parents and guardians should play a greater role in the management of minors' gaming time, rather than relying on restrictions imposed by gaming companies. They fear that this restriction may lead minors to pursue the forbidden fruit of gaming even more, which in turn exacerbates their obsession with gaming.

In the face of this controversy, we need to think about how to find a balance. Game companies, parents, and all sectors of society should work together to develop more scientific and effective measures to guide minors to play healthily. Game companies can strengthen the censorship of game content and reduce the inducement and dependence design of minors. Parents should strengthen the management and guidance of their children's playtime, and establish a good communication and trust relationship with their children. All sectors of society should also increase publicity and education on the problem of minors' games, and raise the public's awareness of game addiction and prevention.

Tencent Games issued a notice of restrictions on minors on May Day, which aroused social concern

Limiting the amount of time minors spend gaming is an important initiative, but it's not the only way to solve the problem. We need to fundamentally pay attention to the growth environment and education of minors, provide more diversified cultural and entertainment options, and cultivate their all-round development ability. Only in this way can we truly solve the problem of underage game addiction and let them find a balance between happiness and growth in the gaming world.

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