Who sprinkled a handful of salt on the wounds of the poor students

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Who sprinkled a handful of salt on the wounds of the poor students

Zheng Feng

"11 students of Huazhong Agricultural University reported the tutor Huang Feiruo" The dust settled, and "15 graduate students of Beijing University of Posts and Posts reported the tutor Zheng Feng", what is the matter? Who has repeatedly sprinkled salt on the wounds of students and poor students?

Who sprinkled a handful of salt on the wounds of the poor students

I carefully read the news of "15 graduate students of BUPT jointly reported their supervisor Zheng Feng". In the more than 20-page report, the students listed various crimes of the tutors, including wanton oppression of students, academic inability to provide guidance, and deduction of student subsidies.

After reading the whole article, my back was sweating, and the undercurrent in my heart was surging, and I couldn't help but guess, are there any poor students among these I5 graduate students? If so, this Tutor Zheng is so pressed, it should really be cut with a thousand cuts!

Who sprinkled a handful of salt on the wounds of the poor students

In this world, some money can be taken, but some money must not be taken. Just like the bonuses and subsidies for students, they must not be deducted or withheld. The company paid them a salary of 5,000 yuan, but after your hands, it became 1,500 yuan.

To be able to go to graduate school, often 25 or 26 years old, such an old person still has to rely on family support, so these big children are even embarrassed to ask for an extra penny with their family, these subsidies, bonuses, wages are very likely to be their only source, without these funds, how do they live? How to eat? This has touched the bottom line of graduate students, no wonder they want to report angrily, there is really no other way, has reached the edge of survival!

Who sprinkled a handful of salt on the wounds of the poor students

Ordinary graduate students are still so financially difficult, if they are students from poor backgrounds, wouldn't it be even worse?

Be a man and leave a line, and see each other in the future, Mentor Zheng even has to deduct this kind of money, this is a forced blockade of the back road, and I don't plan to see each other in the future!

It is difficult for students to obtain academic qualifications, and they must not sprinkle salt on their wounds anymore!

This is the minimum conscience of being a human being!

Who sprinkled a handful of salt on the wounds of the poor students

11 students of Huazhong Agricultural University jointly reported their tutor Huang Feiruo's academic misconduct and academic fraud, and submitted the report materials at 8 a.m. on January 16, 2024, only three days later, and the report results were received on the 19th.

The report was successful, but Zhang Li, the leading brother of the 11 reported students, suffered huge risks and costs. For Zhang Li, who was born in a poor family, it makes people feel distressed and sigh deeply.

Zhang Li was born in a single-parent family, and his widowed mother raised him alone. The college entrance examination exceeded the Hubei first line by more than 50 points, and finally admitted to Huazhong Agricultural University. This aspiring young man who came out of the poor door, tried hard to change his fate through reading, and put in great effort and enthusiasm, however, at the end of the reading, he found out that it was actually a deception, only to find out that the doctoral dissertation of Qingming was regarded as a palace, and the tutor actually asked them to fabricate data and academic fraud to fool the audio-visual, such a huge fallacy, it actually appeared under the blue sky and white sun, and at the moment he thought about it, Zhang Li felt huge anger and disappointment.

What made Zhang Li even more angry and disappointed was that the brothers and sisters in the same research group were forced and demanded by their supervisor Huang Feiruo: if they do not falsify data, do not commit academic fraud, and do not complete academic papers, they will not be able to complete their studies at all.

Who sprinkled a handful of salt on the wounds of the poor students

Huang Feiruo

What kind of academic atmosphere and environment is this? False data and academic falsification are rampant, but they cannot finish their work by saying the truth, black and white are reversed, right and wrong are confused, justice has lost its color, and truth no longer shines.

There are interests involved behind the fraud.

Zhang Li and they don't want to leave their lives behind, don't leave their degree prospects, and together with all the teachers, they risk their lives, just to illuminate the way of future generations, just to return academics to a clear and clear sky!

Relying on false data and fabricated academic achievements, supervisor Huang Feiruo and related beneficiaries have obtained a large amount of scientific research funds and project grants, and have gained great academic reputation and academic status.

The young Zhang Li and his fellow brothers and sisters could not bear this kind of academic deception, and in order to wake up the later generations, so as not to let more people enter the pit, they stood up, they raised their arms, and they chose to report publicly on January 16, so that the students who have scored in the graduate school entrance examination can open their eyes when choosing colleges and universities to avoid falling into Huang Feiruo's pit.

Who sprinkled a handful of salt on the wounds of the poor students

Zhang Li

The fact that a child of a single-parent family has come to this point and is burdened with heavy social responsibilities and burdens makes people feel distressed, but fortunately, they succeeded, and finally made the tutor of academic fraud pay the price of disrepute.

Zhang Li's report is full of sadness and tragedy, although the balance of justice finally tilts in their favor, however, it also makes the hearts of the Chinese people with a conscience feel a faint pain, why is it so difficult to study hard?

Who sprinkled a handful of salt on the wounds of the poor students

I carefully read The Paper's report on Dr. Huang Guoping, who "acknowledged the paper and became popular": I want to see the world more transparently.

In the report, Dr. Huang, as a poor student who came out of Yilong, Sichuan, had a rough life and a difficult situation, and received the help of countless well-wishers along the way, so that he could succeed in his studies, and lived a life of a full moon as a doctor of engineering and a researcher at Tencent.

Who sprinkled a handful of salt on the wounds of the poor students

While lamenting that it is not easy to become a talent from a poor family, we, like all the kind people in the world, are full of gratitude to the helpful friends and mentors who have helped, guided and guided this poor student, who let us see light and electricity, and see the role models and pioneers:

Mr. and Mrs. Qiu Hao, a computer teacher who helped Huang Guoping in high school;

the secretary surnamed Liang, who helped him pay his tuition fees in college;

an anonymous policymaker who waivers tuition fees for students in the disaster area;

Zong Qingcheng, a postdoctoral tutor at USTC.

Their stories, their personalities, and their character have spread all over the world like their names, and they will always remain in the hearts of the people of the world.

Reminiscing about the bumpy study path of Huang Guoping, a noble son from a poor family:

Huang Guoping is young and lonely, his mother is unbearable because of his poor family background, and he left, and his father has been working for many years, because he has no education, no technology and no expertise, he can only earn a meager salary, and he is struggling to support this stormy family.

Even so, fate has no pity for this family, nor the slightest favor, when Huang Guoping was in high school, his father was in a car accident and died, and a year later, his grandmother, who had been taking care of Huang Guoping, also passed away, leaving him alone in the world.

After that, Huang Guoping fished, caught Huang Yi, earned some change, and maintained his own life.

Huang Guoping repeated his studies at Mianyang Nanshan Middle School in 2007, entered Southwest University in 2008, and entered the State Key Laboratory of Pattern Recognition, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2012 under the supervision of researcher Zong Chengqing.

Who sprinkled a handful of salt on the wounds of the poor students

When he was in high school, his and wife gave him meticulous care and guidance from his computer teacher, which ignited his interest in computers. Huang Guoping failed in the college entrance examination in his first year, and when he was admitted to Normal University, Qiu Hao gave him courage and supported and encouraged him to repeat his studies for a year and re-enter the computer science major of Southwest University. During his college years, Huang Guoping continued to participate in competitions, relying on scholarships and grants, relying on competition bonuses, and completed four years of college.

He has won a national scholarship for two years, participated in 9 mathematical modeling competitions, and a series of chaotic competitions such as "big and small" competitions. The most satisfying result was the first prize in the American Mathematical Contest in Modeling. With excellent results, he was admitted to USTC.

When I was studying at the University of Science and Technology of China, I did not enter the Loongson group of the Institute of Computing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which I liked, but finally entered the Pattern Recognition National Laboratory of the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. After listening to Huang Guoping's narration, the mentor Zong Qingcheng said emotionally:

"You have suffered so much, when you get here, you don't have to suffer the hardships of life anymore!"

After that, Huang Guoping successfully completed his studies under the guidance of Mr. Zong, graduated in July 2017, and then joined Tencent as a senior researcher at Tencent AI Lab and the head of Tencent Translation Technology.

You look at Huang Guoping's study path, along the way, he met all good people, from Mr. Qiu Hao to Tutor Zong Qingcheng, they are doing their best to help him, which is why Huang Guoping, a doctor of engineering, and Huang Guoping, a senior researcher at Tengxun.

Huang Guoping came from a poor background, but eventually became a great weapon, all the way to the help and guidance of well-wishers, if during his graduate and doctoral studies, he met Huang Feiruo and other "pseudo-tutors dressed in academic clothing," or met Zheng Feng and others who "saw small profits and forgot the great righteousness", then, what kind of growth would Huang Guoping become? Can he be successful? Can he get to Tengxun? It can only be left to outsiders to reverie!

Isn't it the responsibility of every member of society to let students study quietly, study for a graduate school, and study for a doctorate, so that they can become great and become the pillars of the future?

Don't sprinkle salt on the wounds of students and students from poor families, this is the conscience and bottom line of a society! To guard him is to guard the door of civilization! To guard the ladder of progress!