India wants to "hunt down and kill across the border", but it names Pakistan, and Modi's important purpose is only one

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Recently, a piece of news refreshed the Internet: "Intelligence officials have revealed that the Indian government is ordering a hunt in Pakistan". India's Ministry of External Affairs immediately denied this and gave an interview to CNN, pointing out that India wants to establish healthy relations with its neighbors, but once someone tries to carry out terrorist acts in India, even if they enter Pakistan, they will spare no effort to pursue them to the end. However, people do not believe the rhetoric of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As early as last year, in order to suppress Sikhism, the Indian government did not hesitate to go overseas and assassinate the leader of the Canadian Sikh religion, which led to the escalation of the diplomatic war between the two countries, and the incident caused a vigorous incident. Now, India still wants to deny that it will not hunt down overseas, but it is estimated that everyone does not believe it.

India wants to "hunt down and kill across the border", but it names Pakistan, and Modi's important purpose is only one

In fact, in order to eliminate "terrorists" living abroad, the Indian government has used particularly "ruthless" methods. According to intelligence officers, India had assassinated about 20 people in Pakistan, and the reason why it was believed that there was no "official connection" to India at that time was because they had been packaged layer by layer, and India secretly set up a hidden organization, then hired criminals, and then carried out assassinations, so that even if the matter was exposed, there was no evidence that India was the mastermind.

Although the Indian Ministry of External Affairs did not name the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the interview, we all understood that this was both a warning to Pakistan and an attempt to stir up the sentiments of the Indian nation. In the face of India's "dirty water", the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs is of course not to be outdone, and directly criticized the Indian government, "You always use hate speech to incite emotions, condone ultra-nationalism, and use such speech to obtain electoral benefits."

With India's general election approaching, Modi has only one important purpose, in order to win re-election, he has repeatedly taken the initiative to provoke and create incidents, frantically inciting nationalist sentiments, and catering to India's low-level fanatics to win votes for themselves, making India's nationalism more and more crazy. Internationally, he has also resorted to a variety of indiscriminate tactics, expanding his sphere of influence on many occasions, comparing the Indian Ocean to his own backyard and China as a "sworn enemy," constantly encroaching on the land along the Sino-Indian border, and aggravating tensions among neighboring countries.

India wants to "hunt down and kill across the border", but it names Pakistan, and Modi's important purpose is only one

In fact, India's rampant behavior is entirely the result of the connivance of the United States and the West. India has always looked down on China, and with the tension between China and the United States, the United States has begun to instigate India and repeatedly make trouble on the Sino-Indian border. In order to show the sincerity of the United States, the United States also made erroneous remarks that "southern Tibet is part of India", pointing out that opposing others' actions of changing the Line of Actual Control and expanding its territory has added "a fire" to the border tensions, all of which are to build momentum for Modi's election.

With the support of the United States, Modi's attitude has gradually become arrogant, openly deploying 10,000 soldiers on the Sino-Indian border in an attempt to deter China. It can be seen that Modi has launched an all-round offensive for this election. Diplomatically, it has also adopted a strategy of "taking it all at both ends", following the United States on the one hand, wanting to join the AUKUS agreement and find a sense of presence in front of the West, and on the other hand, joining the BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and cooperating with China and other developing countries to seek benefits. Both sides are on the side, and in the end they will "earn", and India's "shameless" behavior is innumerable.

India wants to "hunt down and kill across the border", but it names Pakistan, and Modi's important purpose is only one

In the face of China, India's emotions have always been very complicated, and it is not accustomed to seeing us, but it cannot get rid of us, so under the stimulation of the United States, it has repeatedly launched provocations against us. As for the act of assassination, seeing that a large-scale geopolitical turmoil is imminent, India is still going all out to suppress the most combative Sikh religion in the country, and is careful to shoot itself in the foot.

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