Gree ushered in a new chairman!

Gree ushered in a new chairman!

Recently, Gree Group ushered in a new chairman! Kang Hong has officially been appointed as Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Gree Group. On February 19, related topics once rushed to the top of the hot search, causing heated discussions among netizens.

Born in 1976, Kang Hong is a native of Peng'an, Sichuan, graduated from Sun Yat-sen University, and later stayed in Guangzhou, where he worked in the Guangzhou Overseas Students Pioneer Park in the early stage.

In 2003, Kang Hong entered the construction headquarters of Guangzhou University Town, and successively engaged in secretarial, youth league working committee, administration and other work.

Gree ushered in a new chairman!

In 2010, Kang Hong was transferred to Hengqin District as the deputy director of the overall development committee, and later served as the deputy director of the Development and Reform Bureau, the director of the bureau, the director of the Commerce Bureau, and the deputy director of the Hengqin New Area Management Committee.

In October 2021, Kang Hong was transferred to the deputy secretary-general of the Zhuhai Municipal Government, this time to Gree Group.

Dong Mingzhu has always been synonymous with Gree. Many netizens expressed their doubts on social platforms, "The new chairman of Gree has changed, so where did Dong Mingzhu go?"

In fact, Dong Mingzhu is the chairman of Gree Electric Appliances, and Gree Group is a state-owned enterprise in Zhuhai. Previously, Gree Group was the controlling shareholder of Gree Electric Appliances, a listed company.

Gree ushered in a new chairman!

Since 2006, Gree Group has gradually reduced its shareholding in Gree Electric Appliances. After a series of equity transfers, the shareholding ratio decreased from the initial absolute holding of 50.28% to 18.22% in 2019.

In 2019, Gree Electric Appliances underwent a mixed reform that lasted for half a year, and Zhuhai Mingjun, a subsidiary of Hillhouse Capital, spent 41.66 billion yuan to acquire 15% of the equity of Gree Electric Appliances from Gree Group, becoming the new major shareholder of Gree Electric Appliances.

After the mixed reform, Gree Electric has become an enterprise without a controlling shareholder and actual controller. As of the end of the third quarter of 2023, Gree Group held 3.44% of the equity of Gree Electric Appliances, becoming the fourth largest shareholder of the listed company.

After the reduction, Gree Electric is now a private enterprise. The change of leadership of Gree Group has nothing to do with Gree Electric Appliances, and Dong Mingzhu, who is over the age of old, is still the owner of Gree Electric Appliances.

Gree ushered in a new chairman!

While serving as the chairman of Gree Electric Appliances, Dong Mingzhu also served as the chairman of Gree Group for 4 years.

In 2016, Dong Mingzhu stepped down as chairman of Gree Group and was replaced by Zhou Lewei, then deputy head of Jinwan District, and she also withdrew from Gree Group.

Since taking the helm of Gree, the confrontation between Dong Mingzhu and the Zhuhai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the major shareholder of Gree Group, has been open. Dong Mingzhu once publicly complained about the Zhuhai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, "If there is an interest, it will reach out, and it can only fight with him." ”

As a representative entrepreneur of China's traditional industry, Dong Mingzhu is not only a star in public topics, but also a pioneer in chasing the outlet.

In 2016, the wind of car manufacturing was blowing in China, and cross-border car manufacturing became a trend. At that time, Dong Mingzhu, who had not yet understood the mobile phone, set his sights on making a car again.

Gree ushered in a new chairman!

At that time, Dong Mingzhu was very optimistic about Yinlong's strength, especially his lithium titanate battery technology, believing that it could compete with BYD and Tesla.

Dong Mingzhu not only took out 1 billion yuan to invest in Zhuhai Yinlong, but also pulled Wang Jianlin, Liu Qiangdong and others to join forces, investing a total of 3 billion yuan and winning 22.388% of Zhuhai Yinlong's equity.

Dong Mingzhu did a good job of building the roadway. It's a pity that it backfired, and Dong Mingzhu, a "layman" who made a car, was more like a "liar". Zhuhai Yinlong has become an eternal pain in Dong Mingzhu's heart.

Gree ushered in a new chairman!

A few more words

From mobile phones to car manufacturing, Dong Mingzhu's Gree has been looking for diversification for many years, but has always had little success.

Dong Mingzhu has been very active on the Internet in recent years, and the self-media has made a lot of noise, but netizens have mixed reviews of her, and some people have called for her to retire early.

I've seen it all, like it!

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