Zelensky's maternal love flooded and even demanded that Georgia release his friends

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In Georgia, a country of change, history has written a turbulent story. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Georgia bravely embarked on the road to independence, but the country's road to independence was full of ups and downs. Former President Saakashvili became a stark symbol of this history, and his experience in power was full of twists and turns, and he was eventually spurned by his own people. But his story did not end in Georgia, but found a new beginning in Ukraine.

Zelensky's maternal love flooded and even demanded that Georgia release his friends

Saakashvili's fate began with the presidential palace in Georgia, where he was the country's third president. However, his ruling style was unsatisfactory, his decisions were reckless, and he even provoked Russia, leading to the "Five-Day War". This war caused him to lose not only his territory, but also the respect and support of his countrymen. On the international political stage, he became a "lone ranger", moving between Eastern European countries in an attempt to find his position.

Zelensky's maternal love flooded and even demanded that Georgia release his friends

At the same time, an unprecedented political struggle is underway in Ukraine. Zelensky, a rising political star who was originally a comedian, ran for the presidency of Ukraine, winning the support of the people. During this campaign, Saakashvili became his adviser, and the two forged a deep friendship. Soon after, Saakashvili turned out to receive Ukrainian citizenship, and Zelensky handed him the right to rule a state.

Zelensky's maternal love flooded and even demanded that Georgia release his friends

But this decision did not bring good luck. The governorship is also a daunting task for someone who is not even up to the presidency. Saakashvili soon fell into trouble, feeling that Ukraine was not the place for his ambitions and eager to return to his native Georgia, in search of new development opportunities.

Zelensky's maternal love flooded and even demanded that Georgia release his friends

However, his road home was full of bumps. As soon as he set foot on Georgian soil, he was immediately arrested by order of the local authorities. He was thrown into custody and endured more than a year of torture. While in prison, he is said to have lost 42 kilograms and his face faded, but for the Georgian authorities, this was not enough to calm their anger. They insisted that Saakashvili was simply pretending to seek a chance to get out of prison on bail by self-harming.

It was at this critical moment that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky heard about the plight of his old friend. Despite the tension in the fighting in the Bahemute region of the country, hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers are killed every day, and a large number of Kiev citizens are still trapped in a difficult situation without electricity and drinking water. Zelensky issued an appeal to the Georgian authorities to show mercy to Saakashvili's men and hand him over to other countries such as Europe, the United States or Ukraine, as long as it spares him suffering in Georgia.

Zelensky's actions have attracted widespread attention, he seems to have forgotten his position, and in an extremely loud tone, he wants to be the master not only of Georgia, but also of European countries and the United States. However, Saakashvili himself would rather die in a domestic prison than go to Ukraine, because that would be tantamount to sending him to death, and most likely not even a complete body would remain. But in the eyes of the United States and Western countries, Saakashvili has long lost its use value.

Zelensky's appeal is a wake-up call, because this is precisely the fate of those who act as lackeys of the United States and the West. Saakashvili's story is a living example of how he may have forgotten that he was once an ambitious politician, but to the outside world, he was just an abandoned pawn.

In short, Georgia's history is full of twists and turns, and Saakashvili's fate is a vivid microcosm. This story not only tells the rise and fall of a politician, but also reflects the complex relationships in international politics. Perhaps Zelensky should learn from this, remember who he is, do not forget his original intentions, and not sell his principles for the sake of power and interests.

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