Yao Ming Foundation 10th Anniversary Celebration: Sports stars such as Fan Zhiyi, Chen Yibing and Shan Jingti appeared

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When light and fashion intertwine, sports and charity meet, the Galaxy Macau International Convention Centre on 16 September has become a special meeting place. And all this is due to one name - Yao Ming. The Yao Ming Foundation celebrates its tenth anniversary. What kind of event is this? Let's find out together.

Galaxy Macau International Convention Centre is brightly lit, and in the bustling crowd, Yao Ming and his wife Ye Li become the focus of attention. They were not only the focus of the evening's celebration, but also the best representation of the achievements of the Yao Ming Foundation over the past decade. Ten years of philanthropic road, countless supports and efforts, have paved the golden red carpet for this moment.

Yao Ming Foundation 10th Anniversary Celebration: Sports stars such as Fan Zhiyi, Chen Yibing and Shan Jingti appeared

Behind Yao Ming and Ye Li, like a river of stars descending into the mortal world, many Chinese sports stars appeared. On this night, they came not only for their own glory, but also for public welfare and charity. Every sports star present is a testimony to the continuous efforts of the Yao Ming Foundation and the best support for public welfare.

Ten years ago, when Yao announced the foundation, his goal was clear: to raise funds for disadvantaged areas of society through sporting events, so that more children could have access to and enjoy the fun and benefits of sports. Ten years on, the Yao Ming Foundation has successfully helped tens of thousands of children enter sports stadiums, igniting their passion for sports. And all this is inseparable from the support of these stars who have outstanding achievements in the field of sports.

The appearance of former NBA stars and current athletes such as Fan Zhiyi, Yi Jianlian and Chen Yibing brought the atmosphere of the celebration to a climax. They not only brought their own starlight, but also brought deep feelings for sports and public welfare. Every smile and handshake of their lives represents their deep support and expectation for the Yao Ming Foundation.

Yao Ming Foundation 10th Anniversary Celebration: Sports stars such as Fan Zhiyi, Chen Yibing and Shan Jingti appeared

What made the atmosphere even more enthusiastic were the sports superstars who had not yet retired and were winning glory for the country. Liu Haoyuan, Su Bingtian, Huang Zhiwei and other first-line sports stars, they are winning honor for the country and bringing pride to the Chinese people. At this moment, they chose to attend such public welfare activities, fully demonstrating their sense of social responsibility and enthusiasm for public welfare.

Of course, in addition to sports stars, this feast also attracts supporters from all walks of life. Well-known personalities and entrepreneurs in different fields have expressed their willingness to join hands with the Yao Ming Foundation to contribute to public welfare. Such a charity event not only shows the demeanor of sports stars, but also highlights the goodwill of the whole society.

The most touching are the children who have benefited from the Yao Ming Foundation. They walked onto the red carpet wearing basketball uniforms, holding basketballs and smiling brightly. Every child is a testimony to the ten years of hard work of the Yao Ming Foundation. Their smiles are the best reward for all the supporters of the past decade.

Ten years, for a foundation, may be just the beginning. But the results of this decade undoubtedly prove the determination and hard work of Yao Ming and his team. And tonight's starry light is the expectation and wish for more charity projects in the future.

In such celebrations, we have seen the goodness of Chinese society and the perfect combination of sports and public welfare. And all this stems from a superstar named Yao Ming, whose dreams and determination show us a model of public welfare.

Yao Ming Foundation 10th Anniversary Celebration: Sports stars such as Fan Zhiyi, Chen Yibing and Shan Jingti appeared

As night falls, Galaxy Macau International Convention Centre is lit up with the stars. Accompanied by a magnificent symphony, the red carpet in front of the door becomes bustling, and handsome and radiant sports stars appear one by one, each like the brightest star in the night sky.

First to appear is Yi Jianlian, a former NBA player who has retired but is still in the limelight. He is dressed in a classic black suit with a slightly open shirt neckline, exuding masculine sophistication. Then, his wife, walking gracefully beside him, wore a dark purple long dress, like a purple rose in the night, blooming quietly.

He was followed by the national football team's Kim left-footed Fan Zhiyi. He chose a silver-gray suit, which perfectly matched his cold temperament. The leather shoes under his feet shone brightly, complementing his demeanor on the pitch. Fan Zhiyi's every step seemed so steady, as if he was walking to another stadium, ready to win glory for the country again.

The most popular among the audience is undoubtedly the gold medalist Chen Yibing of the national gymnastics team. He chose a dark blue suit that complemented his skin and looked particularly handsome. Especially when he smiled slightly, the breath of sunlight directly overflowed the screen, making people's hearts beat faster.

Liu Haoyuan and Huang Zhiwei chose relatively low-key colors. Liu Haoyuan wore a dark green suit, and the gold embellishments of his tie were particularly eye-catching; Huang Zhiwei, on the other hand, chose a classic black and white color scheme, which looks solemn and vibrant. The two walked the red carpet one after another, seemingly quietly sending a message: Although dressed to attend, they still have a passion for sports at heart.

Women's badminton world champion Wang Shiyan walked lightly onto the red carpet like a fresh breeze. She chose a long white dress with a skirt fluttering in the wind and rippling like water ripples. That natural and elegant beauty makes people can't help but look at it a few times.

Yao Ming Foundation 10th Anniversary Celebration: Sports stars such as Fan Zhiyi, Chen Yibing and Shan Jingti appeared

But if the above sports stars are bright stars in the starry sky, then the next she is undoubtedly the sky of Haoyue. Zhang Jingchu, the captain of the national women's volleyball team, is tall and tall, and she exudes an invincible aura between her steps. Wearing a long golden dress, she descended to the world like a Greek goddess, every shot was firmly captured by her, and countless flashes left her the most beautiful moments.

The red carpet ended with a team of young athletes preparing for the competition. They may not be as dazzling as the stars in front of them, but the youthful atmosphere and tenacious fighting spirit they exude are the most touching. They tell everyone in their own way: the charm of sports is not only in the starlight, but also in the countless silent days and nights behind it.

On this night, sports stars added a lot of brilliance to the Yao Ming Foundation's 10th anniversary celebration in their own way. They not only demonstrated their outstanding achievements in the field of sports, but also demonstrated their support and passion for public welfare. All this makes people deeply feel that sports can not only ignite passion, but also warm people's hearts.

Ten years is a cycle and a symbol. For Yao Ming Foundation, this decade has not only witnessed the rapid development of its transformation from a start-up organization to today's national public welfare organization, but also witnessed its deep commitment and unremitting pursuit of social welfare.

Since its inception, the Yao Ming Foundation has set a clear and firm goal: to create a better living environment for the vulnerable groups in society, especially children. This is a noble and challenging mission, but it is this mission that inspires every member of the Foundation to work hard towards this goal.

Over the past decade, the Yao Ming Foundation has initiated a number of key public welfare projects. First of all, it is the most well-known "Hope Primary School" construction project. In many impoverished mountainous areas of China, many children do not have access to basic education due to both geographical and economic constraints. In response to this situation, the foundation has raised huge funds and worked with the local government to build one hope primary school after another in these areas. These schools not only provide a place to learn, but also provide a window into the outside world for children, giving them a new future.

In addition to education, the Yao Ming Foundation has also been involved in various fields such as health care, environmental protection and wildlife conservation. In the medical field, the Foundation cooperates with major hospitals to provide free medical services and drug assistance to patients in poor areas; In the field of environmental protection, the Foundation actively promotes green travel, energy conservation and emission reduction to improve public awareness and participation in environmental protection. In the field of wildlife protection, Yao Ming himself is a staunch advocate, he has repeatedly publicly called for a boycott of wildlife products and the concept of harmonious coexistence.

Over the past ten years, every work and project of the Foundation has fully embodied its core concept of "helping others to help themselves and build harmony together". It is not only to provide material assistance, but more importantly, to awaken people's sense of social responsibility through various forms of public welfare activities, so that more people can participate in public welfare undertakings.

The ten years of the Yao Ming Foundation are also the ten years of China's public welfare undertakings. With the rapid development of the economy, China's awareness of social responsibility and public welfare is also constantly improving. From governments to enterprises, from celebrities to ordinary people, more and more people are involved in this great cause. The Yao Ming Foundation is the leader in this great cause, and with its practical actions and achievements, it has set a shining example for China's public welfare undertakings.

Times are changing, the world is changing, but the truth, goodness and beauty of the world will never change. The Yao Ming Foundation has been around for a decade, but this is just the beginning. The positive energy and hope it transmits will continue to infect and encourage more people to contribute their own strength to social welfare undertakings. As Einstein said, "Only if life is dedicated to a moral goal is a worthy life." "Everyone involved is a shining star in this starry sky.

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