Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

Pay attention, this man is called Xiaoshuai Shengyang (played by Xiao Zhan).

Age 26, height 183.6, standard sunny cheerful big boy.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

Serious and responsible at work, good guy in the boss's heart, leader in the eyes of colleagues.

Life is gentle and considerate, emotionally stable, cooking is full of color and fragrance, and the sewer is hand-to-hand.

The more I look at it, the more I want to ask:

Who the hell is such a man talking about?!

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

It stands to reason that such a boy is loved by everyone and has no chance to circulate in the market.

But this time, this hospital did not expect at all——

When Sheng Yang opened a pair of big clear eyes, sincerely, sincerely, and firmly confessed to Sister Bai Yueguang...

Jian Bing (played by Bai Baihe): Politely refused.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

Ah this...

The male protagonist only confessed in episode 15, but he was cruelly rejected!

What heroine is so unusual? And what kind of drama is so not about the basic law of love?

"The Sun Accompanies Me": It's down!

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

Director Song Xiaofei, a photographer by training, his representative works include "A Generation of Grandmasters", "Thailand", "Beijing Love Story", "Love Saint"...

Screenwriter Li Xiao, winner of the Magnolia Best Screenplay Award, "Wrong Car", "Big Husband" and "Mr. Good" are all masterpieces of urban dramas.

Starring Xiao Zhan, Bai Baihe, Tian Yu, Zhu Zhu, Yang Haoyu, Wang Lin... Each person represents two hands.

Just looking at the lineup in front of and behind the scenes, the dean is full of expectations for "The Sun Accompanies Me". After it aired, it really didn't disappoint me.

All the way to the present, I often laugh and get poked in the center nest.

What struck me the most was that it did not harden the character and did not forcibly sprinkle sugar, but based on reality, so that women's long-neglected emotional needs could be seen and tapped.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

Sober and mature attractive woman

Jian Bing, an advertising director who has won numerous awards, is one of the founders of Simple Company.

The two titles are shining gold, enough to be among the domestic big heroine clubs.

But her strength is not in tearing customers or kicking scumbags, but in daring to face the cruel truth of life and not showing her sober reason.

In the face of her ex-husband who inertia messed with flowers, she quickly cut through the mess.

Xue Yiming and the young girl walked hand in arm.

Jian Bing pressed the horn and waved at the two and smiled sweetly.

Xue Yiming was so frightened that he squatted on the ground and pretended to tie his shoelaces.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

That night, I didn't cry or make trouble, and I didn't mention Mistress.

Instead, objectively analyze the right and wrong of the two in marriage, and then decisively file for divorce, which cannot be refused.

This attitude, this statement, I was fascinated by the sight of the screen.

It turns out that there is no need for "public execution", and divorce can be so cool!

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

In the face of Sheng Yang, a suitor with good feelings, Jian Bing also put rationality and restraint in front.

"How many girlfriends have you talked to?" "Ten years between us, right?" "We've only known each other for two months?"

The three consecutive blows directly approached Shengyang's psychological defense line, and did not even give the other party space to "struggle".

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

Jian Bing's calm and neat comes from a mature woman's control of emotions and life.

She has insight into the truth of marriage and understands that her ex-husband's cheating is only a symptom of their marriage failure.

Scattering and rolling will not solve the problem, it is better to talk about it, so that you can gather and scatter.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

She understands her situation better - if she endures, her life will fall into a quagmire.

She wants to protect the right to pursue ideals, romance and self.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me
Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

The most precious point of Jian Bing's character is that she is determined, does not forcibly endure, and does not live and suffocate.

She has always had a keen insight into her own needs, whether at work, in life, or emotionally.

Her logic for rejecting Shengyang is also very similar.

The barrier of reality and the gaze of the outside world are only surface factors, and a little hesitation in her heart is the key reason.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

Even if she had a good impression of Shengyang, she didn't want to rashly enter the marriage siege of blunt knives and pulling meat again.

What she wants to grasp at the moment is a sense of certainty, a total control of her life.

We have seen too many reasons why women reject men in film and television dramas - cheating, childishness, selfishness...

"The Sun Accompanies Me" dug a step deep and found the source:

The key to happiness should be in your own hands.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

The life script written by Jian Bing for herself always begins with "I".

This is always in the logic of her actions, and it becomes fuller as various details are filled.

I really like one of Jian Bing's inertial actions after being frustrated - eating.

After divorcing Xue Yimingti, she ran to the restaurant to order a large table of dishes and ate happily.

If you are tired from work, you will reward yourself with a bowl of snail powder after the end.

These vivid moments suddenly pulled Jian Bing into the distance between us and us, and at the same time, they also externalized Jian Bing's belief that he would never lose his life.

PS: I also made me hungry for three pounds after dramas late at night...

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me
Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

Not only is Jian Bing's shaping novel and poignant, in "The Sun Accompanies Me", the hearts of women of different ages are delicately explored, bursting with charming sparks.

For example, Jian Bing's friend Liang Shanshan.

Every appearance brings a dashing, independent and bright atmosphere.

She is Jian Bing's good helper at work and a good girlfriend in life.

When Jian Bing divorced, she complained that Xue Yiming "pretended to be affectionate and melancholy" and who did she look good at? It's me!

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

With the emotional entanglement between Liang Shanshan and Xue Yiming, this character has also sparked a lot of discussion.

But I feel that a confession game just increases the thickness of Liang Shanshan's character.

Her independent dashing is actually a self-protection mechanism that no one can rely on.

Xue Yiming is willing to be her tablemate, and she has a secret crush on him for more than ten years; Jian Bing stood out for her, and she could bless them from the bottom of her heart to grow old.

Liang Shanshan, who started in the hell of her native family, is always doing her best to get rid of loneliness and cherish the love given by her friends.

Therefore, Xue Yiming and Jian Bing's care for her made her unreservedly good to them.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

Another example is Pan Rou, who has not graduated from college.

Women in the 30th generation want to become Jian Bing, and the women of the 20th generation must be able to understand Pan Rou.

At first sight, I thought that she was a pampered eldest lady, and the more I looked at it, the more I liked her chivalrous temperament.

Sheng Yang and Song Chen were framed and fired by their superiors, which had nothing to do with Pan Rou, but she refused to stand by coldly like other colleagues, preferring to bite to death.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

Cooperate with Song Chen, get the recording of the yin person behind the boss and send it directly to the company's large group, "killing in one move".

Rectify the workplace after 00, don't fool me!

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

Looking back at Pan Rou's growth line, it can represent the mentality of too many young girls.

Before they had much contact with society, the family arranged work and countless blind dates.

Live in the tight curse of "for your good" and live a step-by-step life with the social clock.

And Pan Rou's heart is extremely eager to contact the multifaceted and colorful world, even if the blood hits the head.

Such a vibrant girl makes people's hearts light up.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

There is also the impressive and extremely vivid Shengyang mother Luo Meijuan.

Everyone can see the shadow of mother, grandmother, grandmother from her: capable, nagging, a little bit of comparison...

Usually I want my husband to buy a skirt, but I received second-hand goods from my husband from a neighbor.

Luo Meijuan broke out, and her husband Sheng was puzzled - live a life, as for?

But it was this phrase "living a life" that trapped Luo Meijuan for too long and too long.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

Think about it, how many Luo Meijuan in reality, washing and washing for the family, saving food and thrift for a lifetime, wanting a skirt, has become "made" and "vanity"?

Does she care about this dress?

It is whether you deserve to be treated with care, and whether your unpaid labor has been recognized by your family.

The "anachronism" she talked about to her son is not the result of her own practice.

After living most of their lives, they are wives, mothers, daughters, but not themselves.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

Through Luo Meijuan's cry, the longing of countless middle-aged and elderly women to be seen can be expressed.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me
Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

I am also particularly glad to see a detail in the play:

Shengyang does not often call her mother, but affectionately calls her "Da Meijuan".

In the son's heart, the mother should not be trapped by the family, but an independent and beautiful individual.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

This little wonderful pen not only brings out the charm of Shengyang, but also points out the original intention and intention of the entire drama.

Several very different women make different voices, but we hear similar longing.

From them, we can take care of ourselves, and we can also see the charm that women should have bloomed but are always overlooked.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

Healthy love

In addition to the characters being built on a realistic background, the emotional line of "The Sun Accompanies Me" is also based on the characteristics of the characters, saying goodbye to suspension completely.

I know you must want to ask—

Why would a reasonable person like Jian Bing be attracted to Shengyang within two months?

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

Because she felt wholehearted respect and recognition from Shengyang.

Shengyang is not a label-type passionate little dog, only a love that has nowhere to release.

On the contrary, he does things with a particularly boundary-oriented sense and is super emotionally stable.

I finally made a mooncake packaging design, asked Jian Bing to comment, and got three words "first draft".

He was uncomfortable but did not break his defense, but thought that Jian Bing had a point, and immediately began to conceive new ideas.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

After being rejected by Jian Bing, he was still able to maintain a friend relationship with Jian Bing.

When there was a problem in Jian Bing's project, he did not deliberately avoid suspicion and took over the work of advertising special effects.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

How will two mentally mature people fall in love?

Dare to believe it? Their token of love is...


Get to know each other from the beginning of work.

When Shengyang was in school, a public service advertisement shot by Jian Bing gave him a new understanding of his father's occupation as a sanitation worker.

Therefore, Shengyang has always regarded Jian Bing as white moonlight, and after acquaintance, he attached great importance to Jian Bing's opinion.

Sheng Yang made a move on the boss who insulted his parents and Jian Bing, and Jian Bing played well for a second: Good fight!

Before Shengyang could react, another bucket of cold water was poured on his head: but you need to take responsibility for your actions.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

At this time, Shengyang saw Jian Bing, who was very rational and mature.

The closer the distance, the more Shengyang was captivated by Jian Bing's mature and confident charm.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

It is also from work to appreciate each other.

The miniature model that Jian Bing was going to shoot the next day was damaged, and Shengyang offered to help repair it.

Remembering that Shengyang had to stay up all night without dinner, Jian Bing bought coffee and a box lunch.

Sheng Yang was immersed in work, and he answered with his mouth, but he didn't raise his head.

Jian Bing, who was "snubbed", couldn't take his eyes off him because of Shengyang's workaholic attributes.

Perhaps, this boy is really not the love brain she imagined.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

Finally, in terms of work attitude, it was found that the two were essentially the same,

Jian Bing and Sheng Yang have both been evaluated as "not worldly enough".

For the picky Party A, Jian Bing would rather grievance herself to make one more film and persuade the other party with her work, rather than make a fuss with the customer.

Sheng Yang is obviously full of talent, just because he will not come and does not know how to compliment, he was targeted by his top boss, and he has not been promoted and raised for three years.

They are all people who believe that justice will come and that strength determines everything and strive to pursue their careers.

Even if he hits a wall again and again, he is unwilling to compromise with reality, insists on his original intention, and stubbornly stubbornly stumbles to the end on one road.

Finally, at the same pace, I ran on the same track, sweated together, and became the sun of each other.

This is also Jian Bing's love concept: the same frequency.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me
Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

The two didn't even have much verbal communication when they were alone-

The same space, two corners, doing unfinished work separately.

The two people who are extremely rational slowly rise in their hearts, and similar souls resonate closely.

The blazing heat of sensibility melts the ice of reason little by little, and the rechargeable love that goes hand in hand has the power to dare to look forward to the future.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

No excessive physical contact, intense arguments, excessive hormones.

I have been immersed in the urban love atmosphere woven by light and shadow by director Song Xiaofei countless times.

Different from the extreme writing and aesthetics of "A Generation of Grandmasters", the pictures in "The Sun Accompany Me" are exquisite and neat.

It seems ordinary, but if you look closely, it is all doorways——

In the office late at night, the shimmer projected on Sheng Yang's face illuminated his tough heart.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

The neon lights swayed and shone, reflecting Jian Bing's lonely but persistent heart.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

Found it?

Whether it is the care of women's inner needs or the creation of intimate relationships, "The Sun Accompanies Me" has a rich perspective and delicate brushstrokes.

Insightful, more imaginative.

With moving love and life fireworks, let us believe -

Above the ordinary material life, there is also the fascinating spiritual world.

We can all set aside the dust and guard the sun in our hearts.

Beautiful and sassy, these women confused me

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