Night economy: China's consumption has opened a new "night" state

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Tianjin, June 1, 2023, Xinhua News Agency - The "night economy" is giving birth to a new "night" state of Chinese consumption. At the "5th National Night Market" in the south of Tianjin's social mountain to the city's national theme block, young professionals flock to coffee stalls, refreshment shops and "office snack areas" after work to taste food, decompress and relax. This night market changes its theme regularly and has recently attracted many tourists by focusing on workplace consumption.

Night economy: China's consumption has opened a new "night" state

This year's Summer Night Market continues to innovate, with the theme of "food, tourism, shopping, entertainment, sports, exhibitions and performances", injecting new vitality into China's cultural tourism consumer market. Han Xu, Marketing Director of Society Mountain Cultural Tourism Port, said: "The night market stalls, stage interpretations, game interactions, etc. will change according to the theme of the night market, so tourists can always experience freshness at different times. Since the opening of the night market during May Day this year, more than 200,000 tourists have been visited, and the sales of the entire neighborhood have exceeded 4 million yuan. ”

Night economy: China's consumption has opened a new "night" state

Yuxiang Jiangnan Social Mountain Store settled in the neighborhood a year and a half ago, and the owner Chen Xueqing clearly felt the night market's promotion of business. "Every evening, the restaurant comes alive and the turnover rate continues to increase." Chen Xueqing said.

The "night economy" not only extends consumption time and expands consumption space, but also creates rich and diverse consumption scenarios. According to a survey report by China's Ministry of Commerce, 60% of residents' consumption occurs at night. Today, more and more Chinese consumers are looking for a life "outside the eight hours" of excellent quality.

Night economy: China's consumption has opened a new "night" state

At the Tianjin Impression City Old Wharf Restaurant, the drama "Old Wharf, Inside and Outside the Play" staged after nightfall attracted many diners. The scenery, props and actor costumes of the restaurant perfectly restore the city atmosphere of Tianjin Wei Wharf in the old days. Before entering, each diner will randomly select a character identity from the "Character Blind Box" to become a "person in the play" in the official performance, interact with professional actors, and taste authentic Tianjin cuisine.

Wang Jing, project manager of the Business (Cultural Tourism) Development Center of Tianjin North Performing Arts Group, said: "We tell about Tianjin's food culture through drama, and many audiences are looking forward to tasting the food during the play. At the same time, by 'racing' with the actors, diners can be immersed in the scene and enjoy the perfect fusion of sight, sound and taste. ”

Xiao You, a post-90s audience member who participated in the play, said: "This is not just a meal, but a new consumption experience. The entire process of acting is recorded by camera, just like a real movie set. After the meal, Xiao You took away the "micro-movie" he participated in, leaving a unique memory.

Liang Feng, associate professor of the Business School of Nankai University, believes that the night economy has developed from a simple "taste economy" to an "audiovisual economy" and "experience economy", and immersive, interactive and artistic-style night economy models are constantly emerging, which has become a key factor in promoting consumption and boosting the economy in many places in China.

With the advent of summer, Hefei launched the night economy consumption season, launching more than 100 special activities such as "Night Appreciation Luzhou Month"; The Tianjie Night Tour created by Jinggangshan combines digitalization and red culture; The Beijing Consumption Season Night Beijing Event will link more than 40 business districts, more than 200 brands and tens of thousands of stores in the city to carry out more than 100 themed activities to promote night consumption; Tianjin, on the other hand, has launched a "night performance list" such as crosstalk, song and dance and drama.

On a larger scale, the 2023 Cultural and Tourism Consumption Promotion Campaign hosted by China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism has been launched. This event will focus on the summer vacation, hold the "China Night" cultural and tourism consumption carnival, promote the summer cultural and tourism consumption season of "wonderful night, the better", activate the night economy, and lead consumption growth.

Meituan data shows that since May this year, the number of takeaway orders from supermarkets at night (18 o'clock to 6 o'clock the next day) in China has increased by 71% year-on-year, fruit take-out orders have increased by 62% year-on-year, and the number of clothing shoes and hats takeaway orders has increased by more than 200% year-on-year.

The recovery and expansion of nighttime consumption cannot be separated from the support of policies. In the "Opinions on Further Stimulating the Potential of Cultural and Tourism Consumption" and "On Accelerating the Development of Circulation and Promoting Commercial Consumption"

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