Hold one's head high! China's science and technology won 52 world firsts, and another national mobile phone brand went global

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Unconsciously, the direction of the world has changed, from the space exploration of the Shenzhou-1 spacecraft to the current domestic aircraft carrier Liaoning ship into the sea, from China's high-speed rail becoming the world's business card to the maiden voyage of domestic large aircraft C919, from the International Space Station to the deep-sea dragon, from Beidou navigation to 5G commercial technology, in just over 20 years, China's high-tech industry and advanced manufacturing field have continuously made new breakthroughs.

With the development of China's new energy manufacturing and high-tech industries, including the United States, Britain, France, Japan, Singapore, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Serbia, Pakistan, Myanmar and other national media found that even in the face of decades of technological blockade and industrial containment by the United States, China's economy and technology industry have not lagged behind, but the gap with the United States is getting smaller and smaller, and even in some core science and technology fields, they have begun to counter the United States, they are aware that China is leading the transformation and upgrading of global energy and technology manufacturing. A new round of scientific and technological revolution is coming.

Hold one's head high! China's science and technology won 52 world firsts, and another national mobile phone brand went global

The website of the American diplomat says China wants to become a global leader by 2049 in three strategic technologies that are critical to China's technological rise: aerospace, artificial intelligence, quantum communications and computing.

In the field of aerospace, from Chang'e moon landing to Mars exploration, China has gradually become a space power, and plans to establish a permanent base on the moon in 2036, and China is currently the only country with an independent low-Earth orbit space station, and has achieved a technological breakthrough in 100% regeneration of oxygen resources, solving the problem of sustainable energy supply of the International Space Station.

Artificial intelligence has also become a key technology and industry in China's manufacturing and innovation strategy, and China aims to become a global leader in artificial intelligence by 2030, and with the growth of artificial intelligence investment and research and development, Chinese intelligent technology will gradually catch up with the United States.

China launched the world's first quantum communication satellite, to the world to show China's leading position in the field of quantum communication, the British "Nature" and "The Economist" magazines have said that China is taking a big step towards unhackable quantum communication capabilities, to build a quantum communication network system, now China is undergoing rounds of industrial and technological upgrading, in the field of Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, communication technology, China has achieved development from zero to one, from once backward to now occupy a global leading position.

Hold one's head high! China's science and technology won 52 world firsts, and another national mobile phone brand went global

The French newspaper "Les Homío" reported that China has shown its new strength in front of the eyes of the world, especially in the high-tech field, which are rare earths, lithium batteries, renewable energy, supercomputers, space races, patent applications, artificial intelligence and information industry, etc., China's high-tech and new energy manufacturing is unstoppable.

Japan Economic News reported that global science and technology into the era of China and the United States, China's science and technology investment in 2013 has surpassed Japan, now R & D expenditure has been twice that of Japan, in 2014 China's scientific research expenditure reached 56% of the entire Europe, is second only to the United States of the world's science and technology investment power, whether it is the economy or the rise of science and technology, China is too fast, Japan can not keep up.

Singapore Asia News commented that China will become the next science and technology power, China has experienced rapid economic development in the past 50 years, and is ready to become a member of the world's largest economy, and China's strategic planning in urbanization and infrastructure construction has also begun to be widely studied by countries around the world, hoping to learn from China's economic and technological development model.

China continues to invest in technology, energy, environment and transportation, has become a global leader in green technology, green energy is the global leader, thereby enhancing global influence, and the next stage of growth is artificial intelligence, will accelerate China's modernization, the future China may redefine the future of the world, this impact is like the "British Industrial Revolution".

Hold one's head high! China's science and technology won 52 world firsts, and another national mobile phone brand went global

It has to be said that the vision of foreign media is very keen, although the European and American media are somewhat unable to accept the fact of China's rise of science and technology, but in the face of the global emerging economies' praise of China's high-tech high-speed and high-quality development, they cannot refute it.

China's science and technology has really risen, no longer the backward agricultural country without industrial technology, nor is it the low-end industrial country that follows the Western countries, learning technology and industrial model, now China in high-tech input and industrial product export trade, are beyond Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea, especially in the field of new energy manufacturing, the future science and technology industry market, will also be the home of China and the United States, competing for the development of digital economy and intelligent business.

According to the reports of the Chinese Academy of Sciences' "2022 R&D Frontier" and "2022 R&D Frontier Index", nearly 80% of the cutting-edge science and technology in China and the United States ranked first, of which China has won 52 global firsts in 110 hot frontier emerging cutting-edge science and technology fields that are currently active and developing rapidly, second only to the United States, while Germany has only 5, the United Kingdom has only 8, and France has none.

Such news makes the Chinese people raise their eyebrows, China's high-tech products and technologies are constantly moving to the world stage, Chinese brands have also begun to enter the international market, and brand influence has been greatly improved.

Among China's many domestic brands going overseas, the influence of new energy manufacturing and smart phone industry is the largest, such as CATL, BYD, Huawei, Realme mobile phone and so on.

CATL occupies the leading position in the global lithium battery industry, BYD's new energy vehicles are also leading in the world, everyone is more familiar, and Huawei has lost the global mobile phone market because of the US chip blockade, but this does not mean that China has lost the global smartphone market, because after Huawei, China has emerged a large number of smart phone brands with outstanding strength and technology, among which the real me mobile phone is the most representative, and it is also the world's well-known smartphone brand that surprises consumers.

Hold one's head high! China's science and technology won 52 world firsts, and another national mobile phone brand went global

Realme mobile phone was established in 2018, in just three years, to achieve mobile phone sales of more than 100 million, not only Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States market hot selling smart phone brand, but also Chinese young people love smart phone trendy brand, mobile phone products cover 61 markets around the world, won the world's sixth market position, successfully ranked among the world's mainstream smartphone brands.

Realme mobile phone can rise rapidly in the competitive global mobile phone market, related to its own brand attitude, realme with a brand attitude that dares to leapfrog the level, constantly optimize the performance and design of mobile phones, improve the quality and service of mobile phones, so that young people can have a leapfrog performance and trend design of smart phone products in a reasonable price range.

realme's smartphones such as Realme GT Neo5 SE, Realme GT Neo5, Realme 11Pro+, Realme BudsAir5Pro and other core series products meet the needs of young users for fashion trends and product leapfrog experience.

Among them, the real GT Neo5 SE is the best in the leapfrog experience, this mobile phone belongs to the flagship mobile phone of the tide gaming e-sports, designed for gaming enthusiasts, the product life and performance experience are excellent.

Hold one's head high! China's science and technology won 52 world firsts, and another national mobile phone brand went global

In terms of charging endurance and performance experience, 5000mAh ultra-large battery and 100W light-speed second charging function are the two highlights of the real me GT Neo5 SE, which solves the battery life and charging anxiety of mobile phone users, in addition, it is also equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 7+ flagship core processor with super computing power, which adopts 4nm advanced process technology, powerful core, and greatly improves the smoothness of mobile phones, creating a sense of leapfrog experience of mobile phone applications.

Realme GT Neo5 SE is equipped with a 144Hz 1.5K flagship straight screen, allowing you to feel the best picture quality and immersive vision, its 1.07 billion rich color display range, can bring a leapfrog color experience, support 2160Hz high-frequency PWM dimming.

In the mobile phone photo function that young people use frequently, the Realme GT Neo5 SE is equipped with a 64 million pixel three-camera combination to meet the photo needs of mobile phone users. #真我GT Neo5 SE##真我GT Neo5##真我11Pro+##真我Buds Air5 #

Hold one's head high! China's science and technology won 52 world firsts, and another national mobile phone brand went global

In the new era of Sino-US science and technology, China's rise of science and technology will inevitably face the crazy siege of the United States, and new energy vehicles and smart phones closely related to intelligent business and digital economy will also be the core areas of scientific and technological competition, and China wants to surpass the United States and become a scientific and technological power, more and more domestic technology brands like real mobile phones with global vision, dare to leapfrog challenges, and focus on scientific and technological innovation are supported.

In the 618 grass festival is coming, realme's full line of products has also launched a series of preferential activities, including the real me GT Neo5 SE, 618 surprise price from 2099 yuan, no leapfrogging and no carnival, real me 618 full price guarantee, holy white phantom model pre-sale up to 300 yuan, save money and lock in gifts, interested can understand.

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