Nourish your stomach in spring, hurry up and take a look at these tips

author:Su Qing Classic Class

Spring mood, easy to run away;

The stomach in spring, too, can easily get out of control ...

Why do you say that?

Our stomach is like a blender, which can accept food, grind it initially, digest it, upgrade it by the spleen, and finally turn it into nutrients/water valley subtly transport it to the whole body.

Not only that, but the stomach and intestine are the second brain of human beings, and our stomach is an emotional organ.

There's an earthy saying, "My stomach likes you too."

Eating with people you like and in a pleasing environment is in a good mood and appetite.

There is a word called "bad appetite", which is a metaphor for the boredom of things, which affects appetite.

In modern society, "ten people and nine stomachs", stomach flatulence, stomach pain, indigestion and other problems abound.

Gastrointestinal disorders are closely related to mood.

When the mental pressure is high, the work is tense, and it is easy to have problems such as bloating, abdominal pain, and inability to eat.

When the mood is impatient and the liver is hot, the gastrointestinal peristalsis slows down, and the digestion and absorption deteriorate. This is also what our Chinese medicine calls "liver fire against the stomach", the stomach's qi machine is running abnormally, prone to indigestion, stomach fullness and even pain, hiccups, vomiting, noisy acid swallowing, etc.

Nourish your stomach in spring, hurry up and take a look at these tips

Therefore, spring should not only nourish the liver, regulate liver qi, relieve liver depression; It is also necessary to nourish the stomach and improve the body's ability to cope with changes.

The stomach loves a slow pace

If you want to nourish your stomach, you must first learn to control your emotions and give your stomach a relaxed and slow pace.

The pace of eating should be slowed down: do not eat too fast, chew slowly, let the food in the mouth and the liquid fully contact, improve the efficiency of initial digestion, which can reduce the burden on the stomach and intestines.

"Subtract" the stomach

To enhance gastric motility, we have to do subtraction to reduce the burden on the stomach.

1. "Less oil and salt"

Salt is metabolized by some and produces nitrite. Long-term consumption of high-oil and high-salt foods increases gastric irritation, hinders spleen and stomach mobilization, leads to chronic damage to the stomach, and even more serious problems.

2. "Less alcohol"

Drink pleasantly, indulge in alcohol and hurt your body. Long-term excessive alcohol has obvious damage to the digestive tract, and long-term chronic stimulation of the stomach by alcohol will also occur atrophy intestinalization, which will cause tumors in severe cases.

3. "Three meals rule"

Eat less raw cold, cold, spicy and stimulating things, eat three regular meals, eat seven or eight minutes full at each meal, and do not eat before going to bed, which can relieve the burden on the stomach to a certain extent.

Control the amount of meat, "fish for fire, meat for phlegm", phlegm fire blocks menstrual qi, eat too much meat, stomach is uncomfortable.

4. "Don't abuse drugs"

Usually, we may hear that medication will increase the burden on the liver and kidneys, but in fact, many drugs damage the stomach. People who usually have a bad stomach will feel stomach discomfort just after taking medicine, such as painkillers, antihypertensive drugs, calcium supplementation preparations, glucocorticoids, bitter cold Chinese medicine, etc.

So do not abuse drugs, use drugs correctly under the guidance of a doctor.

Eat stomach-nourishing Sanbao porridge "to the appetite"

If you often have bloating and a bad appetite, this is already a distress signal sent by the stomach to us.

Be sure to nourish your stomach and eat more things that are right for your appetite, such as porridge.

Spring is a good season to drink porridge, and the medicine king Sun Simiao's "Thousand Golden Formulas" mentioned that "porridge should be eaten in spring", which can replenish the spleen and nourish the stomach, and remove turbidity and clarity.

There is also a saying among the people that "drinking porridge in spring is better than tonics".

Rice porridge is warm to the stomach and very nourishing.

If the stomach is not good, the seriously ill has no appetite, the rice porridge can generally be drunk, and while drinking, there may be a turning point.

Xiaosu highly recommends our "stomach-nourishing three treasures porridge".

Its composition is also very simple: millet, lentils, whole wheat kernels.

Nourish your stomach in spring, hurry up and take a look at these tips


Traditional Chinese medicine believes that millet is sweet, salty, flat, slightly cold, can strengthen the spleen and stomach, replenish kidney qi, clear deficiency and heat, facilitate urine, and strengthen the brain and help sleep.

Many mothers have a tradition of drinking millet porridge to nourish their bodies during postpartum confinement, which is also called "confinement rice".

Li Shizhen said that millet "boiled porridge to benefit the dantian, replenish deficiency, and open the stomach", which can replenish deficiency, strengthen the spleen, and stomach, and sleep peacefully.

Millet porridge can be consumed and replenished, and it is also very suitable for the elderly and children.

Nourish your stomach in spring, hurry up and take a look at these tips

Wheat kernels

Wheat is "the most expensive grain". Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it can soften the liver and stomach, nourish the mind and calm the mind, and eliminate irritability.

Wheat kernels are no exception, spring wheat kernels, simple physical milling, stripped of gluten wheat will leave a very tough wheat kernel, less loss of nutrients, can replenish deficiency, thick stomach, strong strength.

Nourish your stomach in spring, hurry up and take a look at these tips


Lentils are sweet and flat, into the spleen and stomach meridians, very suitable for spleen deficiency and fatigue, lack of food and loose stools, limb edema, regurgitation, etc. caused by spleen and stomach deficiency.

Lentils are quite rich in nutrients, providing protein and soluble fiber that can lower cholesterol, and are also rich in folate.

"It's very simple":

1. Match the appropriate amount of three ingredients, simply rinse and set aside;

2. Put whole wheat kernels and lentils in a pot together, boil over high heat and add millet;

3. Simmer over low heat until millet is soft and glutinous, lentils turn into bean paste, and whole wheat kernels bloom. If you like a sticky texture, cook it a little longer.

【Health Review】: Lentils add the soft and smooth taste of the whole porridge, the whole wheat kernels are vigorous and springy, the mellow aroma of millet and the rich aroma of wheat kernels are integrated, and the soft glutinous and Q elastic collide between the teeth, full of toughness in the delicate and gentle, adding flavor to this health porridge.

The three are cooked together, not only good taste, more nutritious, appetizing, sleeping, and digesting.

"Every morning when you get up and eat a large bowl of porridge, your stomach is weak on an empty stomach, and the valley gas is cooked."

Without the push of the qi machine, what you eat cannot be eliminated, and it will naturally be blocked in the stomach and will have stomach bloating. The stomach bloated for a long time, and slowly even the desire to eat disappeared.

A bowl of stomach porridge, promote the growth of qi, the power of rice porridge directly to the gastric mucosa, give the stomach a power to repair its own damage and meridian blockage, very suitable for the elderly, children, especially female friends daily consumption, relieve stomach bloating, loss of appetite problems.

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