Status of the 17 hosts of Mango Channel: Xie Na became a cooking woman, Tian Yuan went to the cave, and Weijia Qian Feng disappeared

Odie and Wang Han took a photo and rushed directly to the hot search, and there were shocks about the reconciliation of the brothers in the comments, and sighs of "long time no see".

Not only Odie, but also those hosts who "disappeared" on Mango Channel, how are they doing now?

After Odie left the show "Every Day Up", his popularity plummeted, with 20 million fans on social platforms, while his daily comments were only in the double digits.

In 2021, Odie divorced his wife and started a single life. From sharing the news, it can be seen that his life is simple, and there are few jobs in Taiwan.

In order to make money, Odie occasionally participates in some variety shows in the mainland, and even starts live broadcasting, but the live broadcast debut is only watched by a few thousand people, which shows how low his popularity has fallen now.

The other hosts in the Tiantian brothers, except for Wang Han, who is still staying in Mango, have basically left, and some have even disappeared directly on the entire network.

Xiao Wu, who was not fluent in words before, left the mango stage and still stayed in China to develop. Over the years, his Mandarin has improved a lot, but he has never taken the host microphone again.

Last year, Xiao Wu held a wedding in China, and he finally achieved positive results with actress Zhang Meng, and then he himself followed his wife and husband and wife, and devoted himself to live broadcasting.

Koji Yano, who is also a foreign host and Chinese son-in-law, has also settled in China today.

Koji quit the hosting team of "Every Day Up" in 2012, returned to the stage in 2018 to briefly reunite with the Tian Tian brothers, connected online in 2020, and never returned since.

After developing abroad for several years, Koji decided to return to China and settle down. 2022 marks Koji's 20th anniversary of his association with the Chinese family, and he not only passed the Chinese proficiency exam:

Also on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, he announced and officially launched his Chinese name "Haoge", and seems to have regarded himself as a member of the Chinese family.

Compared with the hosts who naturally retreated, the hosts who were forced to disappear because of bad deeds have their own hardships.

Tian Yuan, who has experienced the cheating door, has a plummeting reputation. After he lost his iron rice bowl in Mango, he tried various methods to make money, participated in online complexes, offline cave walks, and live broadcast goods...

Tian Yuan, who tasted it in various ways, even began to sell miserably live, saying that he could only afford to wear 70 short sleeves:

As a result, it was picked up by netizens, and his current residence is a mansion of 200,000 square meters in Shenzhen. So even if he personally smashed his host job, his previous savings were enough to meet his rich life.

The nature of Qian Feng's molestation incident was even worse, and Qian Feng was completely banned within a week.

Now Qian Feng has lost his job at the Mango Terrace, the whole network has disappeared, and there is not even a chance encounter with passers-by.

In this way, Wang Han became the "Dumiao" host of "Every Day Up", and he was known as the first brother of Mango Tai to rise all the way up in Taiwan. But he also had fewer opportunities to appear in front of the stage, so that everyone was a little surprised to see his gray hair now.

Wang Han's wife Yang Lele was also a well-known host of Mango TV, but when she returned to the family, there was little news about her.

When she reappeared in the public eye, it was because of the news that she owed 145,300 in debt in 2021 and was enforced.

After that, Yang Lele didn't even share his daily life, trying to reduce his sense of existence. On the social account, her news for two consecutive years is only the birthday blog automatically sent by the system.

Speaking of the female host of Mango, I have to mention Li Xiang, the former sister of Mango Stage. Li Xiang is now divorced for the second time and went to England to accompany his daughter Wang Shiling.

Li Xiang, who accompanied the study, also lived very comfortably abroad, attending dinner parties at exhibitions and shows, and living a leisurely life as a rich wife. This year, she even spent New Year's and birthdays in the UK with her daughter, and it seems that she has plans to live in the UK for a long time.

After Li Xiang, the title of "First Sister of Mango Tai" fell to Xie Na. But I didn't expect that after the revision of "Happy Camp", Xie Na, who was in full swing, also came to a situation where she was about to disappear.

Xie Na left the "Fast Ben" stage and is still the host signed by Mango, but the workload is pitiful. In the past two years, she has only appeared on two variety shows, "Friends Please Listen" and "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves", and the results are not big.

Xie Na began to try various ways out other than hosting, such as showing her singing voice at the evening party on satellite TV:

For example, transform into a writer and write books for yourself. Her new 120,000-word book "Na Let's Go" was officially released in June 2022 and sold for nearly 60 yuan.

Although there is no exposure of "Fast Ben", Xie Na does not seem to be idle. On social platforms, she keeps sharing her daily life frequently, making biscuits and teaching sleep aids, and has become a full-fledged "housewife".

Of course, with Xie Na's assets, she naturally cannot become a nanny-level full-time mother, and making pastries and health tea is just her hobby. However, everyone should not have expected that Sister Na, who had been making trouble, also had a day to calm down and wash her hands and make soup.

"Fast Ben" as a national variety show that has been on the air for more than 20 years, its suspension is still a big blow to the 5 people of the happy family. They gradually disappeared on the stage of the Mango Stage and were replaced by various newcomers.

After leaving Kuaiben, although Wu Xin and Du Haitao's exposure is much weaker, they barely have one or two programs hosting, Wu Xin on variety shows, Du Haitao weight loss, marriage, can still often be on the hot search.

The only one who really "disappeared" may be Vega. "Fast Ben" stopped broadcasting, just like cutting off Li Weijia's career, even in the Mango variety show, he was gone.

In the past two years, Weijia has no new job and new dynamics, and was officially terminated with Mango, and the footage that appeared before was also coded by Mango...

Until passers-by meet by chance, everyone can get a glimpse of the current situation of Vega. Weijia, who had disappeared for a long time, was met by chance in a bombardment hall in Changsha, Hunan Province, and he took a photo with everyone without any shelves.

Compared with the state in which he was once thin, Vega seems to have grown some meat and looks good. It seems that his retirement life after leaving the chairmanship early is doing well.

Not only the hosts in the two national variety shows "Fast Ben" and "Every Day Up", but also many familiar hosts on Mango Station silently left the hosting stage.

Li Ai, who used to be the young host of the program "Women of the World" with Yang Lan and Zhao Shouzhen, was also accepted by Yang Lan because she joined Mango because of this show. After that, Li Ai also served as the program "More and More Happy", and made high-frequency appearances and became a beautiful hostess familiar to the audience.

Li Ai, who is no longer hosting, has become a full-time anchor, and he continues to make money by broadcasting live every day, which can be regarded as playing a role in new fields.

Li Ai's mentor Yang Lan has now become a part of the live broadcast goods, but unfortunately, her live broadcast road is not smooth, and her reputation has deteriorated a lot. Some people said that they did not expect that she, a female rich woman worth more than 10 billion, would also choose to compete with the people for benefits.

There are still many people who have switched from hosting to anchoring, and Qu Ying, who was once known as the Three Tigers of Hunan with He Jiong and Wang Han, has also joined the live broadcast family.

Sure enough, it answered the sentence: the destination of stars is to bring goods. Even the moderator is not exempt from vulgarity.

Beautiful host Shu Gao, once one of the pillars of Mango Channel, she hosted two popular programs "Entertainment Without Limits" and "Music Continuous Singing Club", and the ratings at that time were not as popular as "Happy Base Camp".

But at the peak of her career, Shu Gao chose to get married, and then she suffered setbacks such as her husband's cheating and career trauma. After Shu Gao's divorce, he chose to leave this sad place and temporarily bid farewell to the screen to study abroad.

In 2012, Shu Gao remarried Michu, an artist who was more than a decade older than her, and also focused on family life.

So far, everyone has not seen her on TV, and an insider broke the news that Shu Gao changed from front of the stage to behind the scenes, mainly doing radio recordings, and she also established her own production company.

In 2019, some netizens photographed Shu Gao doing styling in a hairdressing shop in Hunan Province, who was 44 years old at the time and maintained it very well, and she was still a stunning beauty.

Sun Mingjie and Qiu Xiao, once veteran hosts of Hunan Satellite TV, are older than Wang Han and He Jiong's qualifications. The "Lucky 3721" they hosted that year can be described as the TV station's ratings password.

Qiu Xiao is known as the first beauty of Sanxiang, the first sister of Mango at that time, even Wang Han was discovered by her from the program assistant.

Rejected Wang Han's pursuit of Qiu Xiao, turned around and married into a wealthy family in 2004, she chose to quit the hosting industry during the rise of her career and return to her family.

Now in his fifties, Qiu Xiao is still ruddy and ruddy, and his child is 16 years old.

Sun Mingjie, who used to be a partner with Qiu Xiao, chose to jump jobs when he was at his hottest, and after moving to multiple TV stations, his fame and career were affected.

After several tosses, Sun Mingjie has now been reduced to no TV station hiring, he appeared in Mango again, actually in the "China's Strongest Voice" talent stage, as a contestant, he left the stage in just one round.

Sun Mingjie was no longer beautiful, and returned to his hometown to be a little wedding celebrant.

Two years ago, he was met by passers-by again and committed himself to singing K in a small restaurant. Unexpectedly, the former brother of Mango also fell to this point.

They were all well-known hosts, and after unloading the light, some people retreated behind the scenes and returned to the lives of ordinary people, some changed tracks to continue to make money, some people were down, and some even disappeared directly on the Internet.

Life has ups and downs, but in the past 20 years, the Mango hosting lineup has undergone many changes, who will be the next one who can be called Mango's brother and sister?

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