The wife abandoned by the famous director: Feng Xiaogang said sorry, Zhang Yimou said that it was never love

Some time ago, the news that actress Liang Jing and director husband Guan Hu had divorced was very popular, but neither party came forward to respond, only suspected Xiaosan Ding Yutong constantly brushed his presence on social platforms.

The wife abandoned by the famous director: Feng Xiaogang said sorry, Zhang Yimou said that it was never love

In fact, everyone knows that the entertainment industry is like a big dye vat, especially the life of the director's circle is very fancy: full of all kinds of unspoken stories of cheating and meddling.

Today, I will talk to you about the ex-wives who were abandoned by famous directors:

Some of them are pestering, others are unusually free.

1. Feng Xiaogang's ex-wife Zhang Di: Entangled for seven years and finally freed

Before Feng Xiaogang married Xu Fan, he had a 15-year marriage, and the woman's name was Zhang Di, a nurse with a beautiful face.

The two met in 1984, and through the introduction of colleagues in the unit, Feng Xiaogang was only an ordinary employee working as a publicity employee in the urban construction development company.

In the same year, after establishing a romantic relationship with Zhang Di, he began to work as an art assistant in the feature film "The Tree of Life and Death", and then officially entered the film and television industry.

It is said that Feng Xiaogang fell in love with Zhang Di, who had a beautiful face, at first sight, and in order to pursue her, he also drew several self-portraits for the other party, which moved the other party at once.

At that time, Zhang Di believed that Feng Xiaogang was a talented literary and artistic youth, and the two established a romantic relationship as soon as they came and went, but they were opposed by the woman's parents.

Father Zhang and Mother Zhang believe that Feng Xiaogang's appearance is too average, and his work is also unstable, and he is prone to problems in the entertainment industry.

Zhang Di was determined to marry Feng Xiaogang, and she didn't even listen to her parents' words - just like that, the two registered their marriage at the end of the year they met.

Two years later, they gave birth to their daughter, Feng Siyu, but the child suffered from a severe cleft lip and palate and urgently needed money for surgery.

At this time, it was Zhang Di who had been struggling to support the whole family, working hard and complaining, so that Feng Xiaogang had no worries to give it a go in the TV industry.

So there was the popular TV series "The Story of the Editorial Office", after which he became more and more busy with work, and began to ignore his wife.

Zhang Di devoted herself to taking care of her young daughter and paralyzed mother-in-law, and after a long time, the two had conflicts.

In the 8th year of marriage to Zhang Di, Feng Xiaogang met Xu Fan, who had just graduated from film school, because of the filming of the movie "Da Sajiang".

At that time, Xu Fan and her boyfriend Wang Zhiwen were in conflict, and it was Feng Xiaogang's appearance that gave her another choice in her love life, and years later she publicly said:

"It was Feng Xiaogang who adopted my soul, and he is my lifelong benefactor."

The following year, Feng Xiaogang's first TV series "Beijinger in New York" became popular overnight, and along with the popularity came a photo of him and Xu Fan holding hands.

In this regard, Zhang Di did not say a word, but she never mentioned divorce, but only dragged her husband and new love for 7 years.

During this period, Feng Xiaogang has been taking Xu Fan to attend various activities, as if he is already a husband and wife.

In the end, he returned home and left the house and savings to Zhang Di, and the two broke up regretfully.

After that, Zhang Di returned to a peaceful life, but although her ex-husband once publicly said: "I like the new and dislike the old", it cannot make up for the scars in her heart.

Later, the media once exposed Zhang Di's life photos, and it can be seen that she lives very comfortably, but there are no new emotional dynamics.

2. Zhang Yimou's ex-wife Xiao Hua: Gave up everything but was abandoned

In addition to Feng Xiaogang, the great director Zhang Yimou is also a "negative person" - in addition to the international superstar Gong Li, he also failed his amateur ex-wife Xiao Hua.

Xiao Hua and Zhang Yimou are junior high school classmates, and the two met in 1962, when they were both 12 or 3 years old.

Xiao Hua's family is good, although she is not very rich, but she has outstanding appearance, good academic performance, and was arranged by her parents to work in the city after graduation.

But at that time, Zhang Yimou was arranged to cut the queue in the countryside, and Xiao Hua followed the boy he wanted, and also chose to give up his job in the city to accompany Zhang Yimou to cut the queue.

The two warmed each other in a remote mountain village in rural Shaanxi and soon established a romantic relationship, while Xiao Hua had been taking care of Zhang Yimou's daily life and spending three years of hard life.

In 1971, the two were both transferred back to Xi'an to work, but not in the same factory, and it is said that although their work units are more than 20 kilometers away, Zhang Yimou visits his girlfriend every day after work.

Xiao Hua is outstanding in the factory and is favored by many single young men, and Zhang Yimou was once jealous and wrote a love letter of more than 40 pages to her.

A few years later, Xiao Hua was recommended to study at Shanghai Jiao Tong University because of his outstanding grades, but Zhang Yimou did not support it, he was afraid that his girlfriend would empathize with him in a new environment and would not look at himself.

In desperation, she chose to give up reading.

But unexpectedly, in 1978, Zhang Yimou wanted to go to Beijing to study photography.

This time, Xiao Hua was quite supportive, and also asked his brother-in-law to recommend it, so that the 28-year-old Zhang Yimou was admitted unexpectedly.

Before leaving, Zhang Yimou married Xiao Hua and then went to Beijing to study, during which his parents were both taken care of by their wives.

Zhang Yimou also once remembered Xiao Hua's dedication, and promised more than once: "I will let you live the happiest life." ”

In 1983, his daughter Zhang Mo was born, and the following year Zhang Yimou began to work as a cinematographer in the movie "One and Eight", officially starting his own path of directing.

Huge fame and fortune also brought changes, and in 1987, Zhang Yimou met female student Gong Li because of directing his first film "Red Sorghum".

The two quickly fell in love with each other in the crew, and despite the difference of 15 years, Gong Li would still write affectionate love letters to Zhang Yimou after the finalization.

Xiao Hua "accidentally" found the letter in his trouser pocket when her husband came home to wash his clothes.

Not only that, Zhang Yimou even publicly stated in the media: "The 10-year love between me and Xiao Hua is actually just a misunderstanding. ”

The two quickly divorced in 1988.

Although Zhang Yimou has been financially sponsoring his ex-wife and co-raising children since then, Xiao Hua still can't let go.

In 1992, she published an autobiography called "The Past", which told how her marriage with Zhang Yimou came to an end due to Gong Li's intervention.

After that, Zhang Yimou did not marry Gong Li, but quietly fell in love with Chen Ting, a girl 30 years older than him, in 1999, and gave birth to three children.

Today's Xiao Hua is very low-key, it is said that he was photographed living in an ordinary community in Beijing before, and never told others that his ex-husband was Zhang Yimou.

3. Chen Kaige's ex-wife Hong Huang: Three marriages and three divorces are too dashing

Compared with the "love triangle" between Chen Kaige and Chen Hong and Ni Ping, his ex-wife Hong Huang is actually more worthy of attention.

As a "famous ruffian", Hong Huang went to the United States to study at the age of 12 and was very rebellious since she was a child.

In 1985, in order to get rid of the "female inheritance" arranged by her mother, she joined a German company, and in just a few years increased her annual salary to 180,000 US dollars.

During this period, she also married Andrew, an American lawyer, in order to stay in the United States for a long time in her junior year, but different cultural differences made the marriage last less than two years.

The following year, she became curious about director Chen Kaige because she watched the movie "Yellow Earth", and the two met through introduction in the same year, and naturally came together.

They then lived together in a high-profile manner, and so on for several years until Chen Kaige's visa in the United States expired and he faced the end of repatriation.

At this time, it was Hong Huang who proposed to marry the other party to extend the visa, but the marriage did not last long and broke down in 1991.

It is said that this year, Chen Kaige was shortlisted for the Cannes Film Festival for "Singing While Walking", so he had the first opportunity to sit on the extended Lincoln.

At that time, he said to Hong Huang excitedly: "Er Niu, from today onwards, we will be human beings. ”

After a long time, Hong Huang disclosed the reason for his divorce:

"A lot of women like him, I'm jealous, so jealous that I even have the desire to be a shrew, in order not to make me a shrew, so I have to break up."

Sure enough, after that, Chen Kaige immediately moved in with the popular actress Ni Ping, but 5 years later he fell in love with the younger Chen Hong.

Hong married a diplomat after the divorce, but the marriage soon fell apart.

Until later, she met a designer named Yang Xiaoping, and the two have been together until now, now gray-haired, but plain and natural.

4. Jiang Wen's ex-wife Sandrin: Intellectually sober and returned to friends

Jiang Wen, who is now 15 years younger than him, "wife" Zhou Yun, "husband sings and sings with his wife", regrettably divorced in 2005.

Before the divorce, the scandal between him and actress Zhou Yun was already raging.

In 1995, at a gathering of cultural celebrities in Beijing, Jiang Wen was attracted to a French beauty - she was Sandrine Schenive, a doctor of anthropology.

Sandrine was studying for a PhD at the University of Paris at the time, and came to China in 1990 to work with some French universities and research centers on philosophy and Taoism.

Both of his parents graduated from the Versailles Academy of Fine Arts and are both romantic and Kochi beings.

Sandrine has lived in the romantic south of France since she was a child, with green woods next to her home, and she and her brother read and practice in the woods as soon as school is over.

Like Liu Xiaoqing, Sandrine is also a woman who dares to love and hate and is very sassy, although she is low-key, and the two gradually developed feelings in subsequent exchanges.

It is said that when they confessed to each other, Sandrine also used a Chinese phrase to express her feelings: "Hold the hand of the son, and grow old with the son." ”

In the fall of 1997, Jiang Wen and Sandrine went to France to register their marriage in a low-key manner, and then gave birth to a daughter.

After that, he protected his wife and daughter well, and did not bring them with him until 2000 at the Cannes Film Festival - this was the only time Sandrine appeared on the same stage with Jiang Wen.

However, after the two got married, there were often contradictions due to cultural and personality differences.

But Jiang Wen likes their daughter Ichiro very much, and even writes a diary for her to record her growth.

However, in July 2001, Jiang Wen was specially invited to participate in the filming of the movie "Heroes of Heaven and Earth", during which he met the 23-year-old girl Zhou Yun.

At that time, Sandrine insisted on taking her daughter because she wanted to return to the University of Paris to teach.

It is said that Jiang Wensi was very heartfelt, and then went to France to persuade Sandrine to return to China with him, but eventually returned alone.

Later, Zhou Yun has been accompanying Jiang Wen, and after the scandal between the two, Jiang Wen also responded forward, saying that he had always "regarded Zhou Yun as a daughter".

But soon after, he dissolved his marriage with Sandrine and married Zhou Yun in the same year.

At the same time, Jiang Wen also maintained a good friendship with his ex-wife Sandrine, and even helped contact the publishing house and paid the fee when the publication of her own research results was blocked.

Perhaps there are many kinds of love: there is a momentary passion, and there is also a deep affection of youth.

But obviously, the above 4 big directors are not "good people" who can hold hands with the woman who has been growing up with him all his life, and the other half who has been abandoned has made different choices in the coming years.

Some people envy Hong Huang's free-spiritedness, and some people feel sorry for Xiao Hua's wrong payment, but in any case, only by letting go of the past can we laugh at the future.

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