"Wang Xiaohao" co-branded "Huluwa" to crack the new gameplay of national comic marketing

author:Shoshu of the Food Department

Recently, Wang Xiaohao joined hands with Shanghai Art Film Studio's "National Boy Group" IP "Hulu Brothers" to launch a series of products jointly produced by Wang Xiaohao and "Hulu Brothers", and released a joint creative video at the same time.

This time, Wang Xiaohao and Shanghai Art Film Studio's classic IP "Hulu Brothers" launched a joint product, and at the same time released a creative video with "Hulu Baby, Great Ability" as the starting point to deliver the highlights of this joint name, this joint product tiger skin phoenix claw, in the packaging design retains the traditional elements of the original IP, the image of Hulu baby and tiger skin phoenix claw for interesting combination.

"Wang Xiaohao" co-branded "Huluwa" to crack the new gameplay of national comic marketing

At the same time, in order to allow consumers to get a more interesting consumption experience, Wang Xiaohao added mouse pads, frisbees, Huluwa creative stickers and other co-branded peripherals in the pre-sale, and consumers have the opportunity to get it when they participate in Tmall promotion activities.

In this joint cooperation, Wang Xiaohao bound the domestic classic animation IP with the marinated snacks, and used the national comic IP as the communication carrier to share the national marinated taste with more consumers.


The combination of "National Phoenix Claw" with the top national boy band

With the continuous development of the leisure snack market and the changes in consumer demand, the post-90s and post-00s have gradually become a new generation of mainstream consumer groups.

They prefer to buy products that have personality, attitude, and represent their unique taste and value.

Therefore, whether the brand's positioning is in line with their own personality is one of the important factors for the younger generation to judge whether purchase behavior has occurred.

Co-branded products help to break the inherent brand positioning of the brand in the minds of consumers and create a new brand image, thereby attracting the attention of young consumers.

"Wang Xiaohao" co-branded "Huluwa" to crack the new gameplay of national comic marketing

The best Guochao + Guoman marketing is not to use "Guochao" as a pure marketing means, but to use Guochao IP as a carrier to convey corporate attitudes to more consumers, and at the same time integrate "Guochao" into the brand's lasting growth strategy.

As a childhood memory of generations of people, Huluwa has accompanied the growth of generations. "Huluwa, big skills" is also one of the familiar lyrics, Wang Xiaohao used this as an entry point to convey the message of sufficient product weight and strong activity discounts, and used this to deepen the brand's youthful image and enter the consumer group.

And the combination of "National Phoenix Claw" and the top national boy band made the product cause a lot of heat as soon as it was launched.

In the product plan, the original Chinese style elements of IP are preserved, and the Huluwa IP image and phoenix claws are interestingly combined, and the brand tonality of Wang Xiaohao is perfectly integrated with the national trend attributes of "Hulu Brothers", which brings consumers the double happiness of "memory killing" and "full expectations".

In the short film launched, the seven gourd babies turned into seven-color stone mountains, Wang Xiaohao's tiger skin phoenix claws jumped out from the seven-color mountains, "The ability of the gourd baby is big, just like Wang Xiaohao's tiger skin phoenix claws", the plot uses exaggerated techniques to show the selling points of Wang Xiaohao's tiger skin phoenix claws, even the snake essence and scorpion essence want to eat phoenix claws, and the seven gourd babies actually suck all the phoenix claws into the gourd...

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What's more ingenious is that each gourd baby represents a different tiger skin phoenix claw taste, and this wave of Wang Xiaohao really plays the childhood memory gourd baby.

Offline Wang Xiaohao has deeply cooperated with Hema to create an immersive experience scene, and launched the first launch of the new product jointly branded by Wang Xiaohao and "Hulu Brothers", which is also the first time that Hema has cooperated for new consumer meat snacks.

Wang Xiaohao's joint name with "Hulu Brothers" this time is equivalent to uniting a high-frequency product with a topic that can be popularized, so this operation cuts into not only the minds of young consumers, but also through joint names, leading exchanges, seeking increments, and rising to the acquisition of the minds of the whole people.

In this joint cooperation, Wang Xiaohao creatively linked the Chinese classic animation IP and marinated snacks, using classic animation as a communication carrier to share the national marinated taste with more consumers, and achieve a double harvest of brand voice and traffic.


Two-dimensional marketing

The benefits of cross-border marketing lie in the superposition of traffic effects and the reshaping of existing attention groups. The difficulty lies in how two originally independent and cut brands can form an overflow of attention and cognition through the complementarity of brand carriers in the cross-border process, and avoid dilution and erosion of brand cognition.

In this Shangshu's view, the cross-border between strong brands, if only replaced with existing traffic resources, energy efficiency is extremely limited, because traffic is open and decentralized, and let traffic produce brand communication energy efficiency, there are two basic demands, one is traffic attention, the other is the relevance of brand recognition.

Nowadays, the two-dimensional culture represented by national comics is breaking the circle and gradually entering the public's vision. With the rise of the national comic industry, its strong traffic and eye-catching ability have allowed major brands to see this huge cake.

Whether it is the previous "Ancestor of the Magic Road" × cute, "Full-time Master"× McDonald's, or "Nezha", "Jiang Ziya" X Mengniu, all show the strong charm and market of national comic IP in marketing. Huluwa, as our 8090 childhood memories, can be said to be a huge cultural IP.

"Wang Xiaohao" co-branded "Huluwa" to crack the new gameplay of national comic marketing

"Two-dimensional marketing" has become an inescapable topic when brands attack the young market——

Especially after experiencing communication difficulties such as routine desensitization, screen failure, and social exhaustion, more and more brands have shifted their attention to new marketing paths, wanting to establish emotional links with their target audiences through younger and more appropriate communication methods. Cross-border cooperation with national comic IP is one of the hottest ways at present.

For brands, if they want to talk to young people, it is completely impossible to have an "interesting and young" brand image, so many brands hope to use national comic IP marketing to create a young brand image, play with young people, inject vitality into the brand, and seize mainstream consumers.

"Hulu Brothers", as a classic Chinese comic, is everyone's childhood memories, accompanied by the growth of several generations, and has a solid mass foundation.

"Wang Xiaohao" co-branded "Huluwa" to crack the new gameplay of national comic marketing

Wang Xiaohao uses the people-friendly national chao IP as the carrier to share the national brine taste with more consumers, and presents the dual happiness of childhood memories and deliciousness to consumers.

And the joint name with "Hulu Brothers" such as national animation, the purpose is actually to be able to allow brand power to penetrate into more circles, the surface seems to produce the joint power of the two brands, but in fact, the two brands have broken through their own limitations, thereby extending to a deeper consumption scene.

From the perspective of the market, the consumption scenarios expanded by these joint power, as well as the mental share occupied, will eventually become part of the brand equity, so the product power or the joint power of the two brands are all indispensable parts of this halogen position war.

Cross-border cooperation "Hulu Brothers" is not an experiment of Wang Xiaohao in cross-border co-branding, before Wang Xiaohao and Peace Elite launched the Dajidali New Year limited gift box, the product and citizen games wonderful contact, with the natural attributes of products and casual games, so that the brand quickly closes and integrates into young consumers, becoming its earliest brand in the context of "eating chicken", victoriously crossing the threshold of consumers' minds.

"Wang Xiaohao" co-branded "Huluwa" to crack the new gameplay of national comic marketing

The cross-border co-branding of Wang Xiaohao and "Hulu Brothers" is to deeply bind the classic Chinese animation IP with the marinated snacks, which not only makes the brand more recognizable, but also enables the brand to establish an emotional connection with consumers of different ages, and realize the national IP to arouse the attention and love of users of all ages to Wang Xiaohao.

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