Group C and Group D determine the top 16 teams France loses to win the first place, Mexico wins and is still eliminated Mexico Argentina The head coach announced his resignation

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Group C and Group D determine the top 16 teams France loses to win the first place, Mexico wins and is still eliminated Mexico Argentina The head coach announced his resignation

In the final round of Group D of the Qatar World Cup in the early hours of December 1, Tunisia defeated France, who fielded non-main teams in the opening match, 1-0, but still finished third in the group and did not qualify from the group. Defending champions France remain at the top of the group to advance to the round of 16.

Ahead of the game, France, which have won two consecutive games, have qualified early, and coach Deschamps has made significant changes to the starting line-up, with a number of substitutes getting the starting opportunity, and core players such as Mbappe, Griezmann and captain Lowry are on the bench. In the 58th minute, Tunisian captain Wahebi Hazri burst into the box with the ball and headed it into the far corner before the goalkeeper blocked it.

Although Tunisia managed to secure the three points, Australia advanced to the round of 16 as a second place in the group thanks to Australia's 1-0 victory over Denmark in another group match played at the same time.

At the same time, the final group stage of Group C of the Qatar World Cup was cancelled. Although Messi missed a penalty at Doha 974, Argentina advanced to Group C with two second-half goals in a 2-0 win over Poland. Poland, who lost, finished second in the group on goal difference and reached the round of 16. While people were celebrating the takeoff of the "Pampas Eagles" again, in another stadium, the Mexican players collapsed on the lawn, and many fans in the stands wept.

Throughout the match, Mexico bombarded Saudi Arabia's goal, but the final 2-1 score failed to help them qualify: Mexico shared four points with Poland, but was eliminated with Saudi Arabia due to goal difference, and did not qualify from the group, which also ended their feat of qualifying for seven consecutive World Cup knockout rounds. After the match, Mexican head coach Martino, Argentinean Martino, announced his departure and became the first manager to leave class this World Cup.

After the match, Martino announced his departure at a press conference: "I can't say anything more. I will be responsible for the team's exit. It was our best game, we created a lot of chances but we lost. ”

In 2019, Martino began coaching the Mexican national team. In 2013, on the recommendation of his hometown Messi, Martino began to manage Barcelona, but his coaching career was full of pathos. In May 2014, Barça lost their La Liga title in a 1–1 draw with Atletico Madrid. Also at the post-match press conference, Martino announced the end of class. After leaving Barca, Martino became the manager of the Argentine national team, finishing twice in the Copa America runner-up, and he announced his departure after Argentina reached the last 16 of the World Cup in Russia in 2018. synthesis

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The Thirty-Six Days of Green Water Margin

Sky Storm Star Two-headed snake Leckie

A sword seals the throat


Orion Xie Zhen is not mediocre, and the bear-arm wolf waist is imposing.

Cutting thorns and thorns can subdue the tiger, and cross the mountains than the dragon.

The deceived party has earth-shattering ambitions to eradicate corrupt officials and establish peace.

Only when the crisis is in times can we see the courtiers, and only when the world is chaotic can we know the loyalty.

Although Leckie's form has declined, there are surprises at key moments.

A sword seals the throat to put out water and fire, and you can see all the Doha flowers in winter.

The stadium is like life, life is like the court, who knows who has the last laugh? And who knows what Providence will be, and whose head will achieve great things? That's exactly what happened on November 30.

On the same day, the Australian Kangaroo Country defeated the European Danish team 1-0, setting a cold beat, and took advantage of this to break into the top 16 of the World Keju Championship, the best result in the country in 16 years, and it was also the first team in Asia Minor to break into the last 16 of this tournament, which shocked the attention of spectators for a while.

There are already seven or eight of the top sixteen, why is Kangaroo Country so eye-catching? This country is different from other countries, and its origins are also bumpy. Insiders know the details of kangaroo country, although wearing Asiatic armor, but Anglo-Saxon, not Asian, it is from Oceania, only because there are few players in Oceania, in order to avoid setting up a unique quota to make the kangaroo family the largest, so the International Keju Federation only gives Oceania 0.5 indicators, and needs to compete with other Football Federation countries for the other half of the indicators. And kangaroo country thought, if into Europa and other continents, I am afraid that the strength is limited and can not qualify, the Asian Football Federation team crotch, and with 0.5 indicators, can compete with it, in order to directly qualify. Therefore, resolutely enter with the 0.5 indicator. In view of this, kangaroo country is again disgusted by good deeds: non-Asian countries into the Asia Football Federation? This type of bats is also not a bird or a beast, and eats the millet of Asia.

And this kangaroo country team, also known by its countrymen as "the weakest kangaroo country team in history", compared with the team led by Hiddink in 2006, can be described as mud, only two of the team played in the European high-level league, and stumbled along the way - the Asian round of 12, was forced by our men's football team 1:1, and lost to Hi no Marukuni, only third in the group to participate in the play-offs; After that, he defeated the traditional Asian team United Arab Emirates to win the final 0.5 places, and beat Peru in the continental play-offs to stumble into the World Cup finals. Qatar lost 4-1 to France in the first match, and narrowly defeated Tunisia 1-0.

Danes, Europe's veteran powerhouse, also ranked in the top ten in the world, last year's Europa Cup top four, because of this, this battle, everyone in the audience thought that they could easily knock out Kangaroo Country, and its coach Yulemann was also full of confidence, "I have won the battle, please all the soldiers to fight hard, I will definitely humiliate the kangaroos by a big score, and then drink the ears after winning the game." However, the world is unpredictable, in the 60th minute, a big general flashed in the Kangaroos, wearing the No. 7 shirt, running for a long distance, swaying left and right, flashing the Danish defender stumbling, giving way to a gap, the general will suddenly cast a cold arrow, hit the ball into a dead corner, a sword to seal the throat, 1:0! The Kangaroos thus beat Denmark and created a new fairy tale on the fairy tale country. In the case of Qatar and Persian iron horses one after another, it left a glimmer of light for Asia Qiju. Who expected this outcome? The Asian hero was actually created by a pseudo-Asian team. There are also spectators and jokes, the sister-in-law does not give strength, all rely on the head of the son, and the real creation is tricky.

And the No. 7 general is Kangaroo Country veteran Matthew Leckie. Leckie, born in Melbourne in February 1991, is one meter eighty meters tall, has been counted into the national team, and has participated in the World Championship several times, but because of his age, his form has been declining day by day, living in his home league, everyone thought that he would spend the last time of his career, but unexpectedly, this battle was hammered down, making people sigh, some Bundesliga fans called it "double-headed snake", all asked why it was so powerful at this time and the Bundesliga performance was mediocre?

According to anecdotal legends, Lecki once went to Germany Ingolstadt team gilded, but was accused of "parallel goods", Gai's performance was very poor - when he first arrived in Germany, the coach was quite important, and he scored only two goals in 62 appearances, and then transferred to Hertha Berlin, scoring only seven goals in 5 seasons, of which only two goals in the last four seasons, there was an uproar among the fans, and the coach was angry and sent him to the second team of Herta, and angrily said: "Ru doesn't play hard today, try to find a ball tomorrow, don't blame me for being vicious." "Lecky became half professional, half working, half playing. Germany has been mixed for many years, but it ended up like this, not only did not return home, but fell to live, Lecky was angry, got up and returned home, borrowed to live in Melbourne City, and wanted to choose this city to die. This trip to Qatar, everyone was on Leki's last chance, unexpectedly scored a goal at a key moment, returned to the peak of life, and there were many interviewers for a while. Talking about his feelings, Lecky was excited: "This is the most important goal in my life, and it is also the most important goal in the history of Kangaroo Country. However, when asked about the questions of the Bundesliga fans, Lecki pondered for a moment, saying: "I have been fighting in many places, I have suffered honors and disgraces, I know the world, I like Eastern philosophy, there is a saying, 'There is nothing outside the heart, idle watch the flowers blossom and fall in front of the court; Go and stay unintentional, wander with the clouds outside the sky'. I am a mortal, it is enough to be myself, cultivate in leisure time, never let go when the opportunity comes, the mentality is so indifferent, should it be conducive to playing? ”

However, fans who bet on Denmark the day before yesterday were rumored that the "weakest kangaroo national team in history" entered the round of 16, and the inconsistent striker scored a key goal, how similar are the two? Wouldn't this be my own? Who can fight against Providence? Football is hard to guess, hard to go to the sky, woohoo! Written by/Li Zhen Painting/Zhang Yongwen

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